Thursday, February 25, 2010

Manager. Writer. Artist.(Yeaaaahhhhhhhhh!!! *Victory Dance*)

So, I have been job hunting. I have given one interview and they have been taking ages to get back to me. This is really funny. It can be ‘No’ which is fine atleast that way I know that one thing is done with.

Apart from that I have another interview on the 4th of March and then the PhD thing on the 8th of March. So well… things are happening and still in a limbo.
So anyways, rather than sitting and fretting about it which I do once in a while, I have decided to learn some skills on my own.

So the first thing that I wanted to learn was ----Tadda! Painting with water colors.

I dunno why I was hell bent on water colors. Maybe it is that hideous painting in my living room here. I am sure it is the copy of some great artist with a complicated French name but it is down right hideous.

I look at it often and think that I can def do a better job of it.

Anyways so today I spent a lot of time trying to figure out where in London I can get water colors. Most areas were too far off and in parts of London I have not been to before. Plus I was feeling a little down today with a bad throat and all. So I just set out of my home. Just like that. Looking around for paints. Aasking people where I can find them.

So that led me to the local post office. And there I found my paints and my paint brushes and some paper. I must say they are not of the best quality but I did not wish to invest in something I was trying out for the first time.

So well, I came home with all my stuff and got down to painting my first water color in ages.

I made 3 today. The 1st two are unfortunately only a little less hideous than the painting in my living room but I like the third one.

I have cheap bad brushes and few cheap colours but I still enjoyed the experience as I tried to copy what the video showed me ( I youtube-ed for water color landscape tutorials and such like).

So the following are the links of the stuff I have tried to copy followed with some pics for you guys to enjoy.

The purple flower
Youtube Link:

I don’t like this too much but then if you see the video it is a close match with what the lady has been drawing in the video. So I guess purpose served.

The weeping willow
Youtube Link :

Okay. Here I am quite happy with the background but I think the tree looks a little weird. As if some one has titled it to one side. The colors are too pale. Not too good but I guess do-able for the second attempt.

The African tree
Youtube Link: I am sorry I cannot find the link for this one I have just used. Thats unfortunate. Tch. Tch.

This is my favourite and I like this one quite a bit. It is simple, was easy to make and most importantly made me feel good! Yeaaayyyy!

As I was telling Sid, although right now I am not working … ok wait…I technically am working since I have not resigned from my previous job…and I have started writing short stories again my current designation/ designations is/are

1. Assistant Manager at a company I don’t work at
2. Writer
3. Artist
How cool is that!!!



Friday, February 19, 2010

This feels like London

I forget that I am in London. Okay. That came out wrong. The Brits try so hard to preserve all that is ancient and cultural that most places look very quaint and you hardly feel like you are living in one of the biggest cities of the world at the moment.

I live by the Thames. My house has an absolutely glorious view of the river.

Each time I go out and peep to my left I get to see what has now become my favourite view of the city. The way it should look. Powerful and Big. Don't get me wrong, I love the quaint bits to bits. Its just that I love seeing something in London look big. Evrything here including houses, rooms, ceiling, beds is just so tiny!!

Here is the view for you to look at :)

By the day

When the Sun sets

At night.(This pic does not even come close to 10% of the actual thing looks..but still..)

Are not these pretty ? :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Conversations with the nurse

There is something called the NHS. UK provides you with health services free of cost (ofcrourse they take away 40-50 % of your salary as tax so they had better !) Sid and I had to register for the same. We wanted appointments together we got a slot 14 days later!

So anyways, we went on time and all. I was a little nervous when a shabby looking nurse called my name. she was wearing a crumpled looking shirt from under which I could easily see her huge belly hanging south wards!

So anyways, I went it. The first thing she says is “ In case you do not understand what I say ask me to repeat it and I will do so”. I smiled to myself and nodded a yes.

In some time she realized that I do understand the English she speaks so we kinda struck up a conversation.

“So, what do you do?”
“I am an MBA”, I said.
“What is an MBA?” she asked much to my horror.

“You become a manager”, I said.
She nodded her head. I was not sure that she got what I said.
“What will you do here?”
“I am looking for jobs and looking at PhD”
“What is a phd?”, she asked.

“You become a doctor with a phd , I said.
She shrugged her shoulders.

She took my BP and I was a little doubtful about the numbers so I asked her to repeat the diastolic and systolic figures ( when someone takes your bp they will give you 2 numbers. The above are medical names for the same).

The nurse who had just taken my BP, my pulse rate, my height, my weight and recommended me for another test, said “ I am sorry I do not know what that is”

OMG! OMG! Totally OMG! I feel so funny about NHS now!

And for those of you who are in India, enjoy the medical facilities there! Trust me you will miss them when you are out of india!


P.S Sid went in next and the nurse figured that we are husband and wife.
“ You must be very scared of her,”, she asked my husband.
“ Why would that be”, asked Sid.
“She is soo clever!”, replied the nurse.

Short List

Those of you who have been following my posts for some time would know that I have been spending a lot of time working on my phd application.

The first thing I did when I finished B school was to get on with GMAT prep. GMAT prep was a blessing in disguise for me. I had just started work and was about to get married. So all the anxiety which in retrospect is natural for a bride to be would vanish the moment I would open my GMAT book. Plus it gave me a goal to work on which is one thing that always helps.

I gave TOEFL nine days before my wedding. When I came back from my honeymoon many office hours were spent trying to figure out a topic for the phd proposal and the one week I spent with my in laws was spent in penning down the two essays and changing most part of them and re writing them.

In the wee hours of 8th Jan, with my flight to London due in a couple of hours, I finished my essays and submitted my lone application for PhD.

So yes, it has been eventful. But fruitful as well. A fews days ago, I got a mail from the school telling me that I have been short listed for the interview.

I get to spend one whole day with some of the best profs in the marketing domain, get interviewed by them and hopefully meet some more students willing to get into the academic career.

I am excited about this opportunity and am looking forward to 8th of march which is when the interview should happen.

Wish me luck 

Till then,