Saturday, April 13, 2013

Breakfast in London, lunch in France and dinner in Belgium!

This year, so far, I have only travelled to the Canary Islands in Spain. We went there for my 16th birthday.  Okay i turned 16 many years ago...lets just say I am a twenty something who does not like to share her actual age!

We have travelled less this year mainly because of two reasons.

First it has been very very cold in this part of the world and second, Sid has  been extremely busy with work for the last couple of months.

Anyway, coming to today. We are finally travelling again and  I am sitting snug in my room in Hotel Navarra ( good, but not great- more on that later sometime), Brugge, Belgium as i type this.

Highlights of the day so far:

  • The most interesting thing about today was that we had all three meals in different countries. Breakfast in London, lunch in France and dinner in Brugge, Belgium.
  • Today has been a looong day. Got up at 6 in the morning because we had not even started packing. The cab came at 8:20 and we were downstairs before that. In the meanwhile, we had not only done our packing, taken baths and gotten ourselves ready, we had also managed to do dishes, clean the house, throw the garbage etc etc....
  • First we took the Eurostar from St Pancras International station that took us to Lille in France. A quick break in France which included a nice lunch, then another train to the middle of no where and then another train to Brugge, our final destination.
  • The Eurostar we boarded was headed towards Disneyland, Paris and a lot of our fellow passengers were families with excited kids.
  • No one at Lille Station spoke English! It was so funny. We barely managed to get by with the limited French we can manage
  • There was this very kind station manager at the Lille Station who actually took us all the way to the right platform because he could not quite explain to us the way!
  • At first glance, Brugge is quiet, sleepy and pretty- exactly the kind of place we were looking for for the weekend
  • We were both so tired by the time we reached the hotel (which by the way was built in the 16th century and is a historical monument) that we did not have the energy to venture out.
  • Sid slept and i watched a movie.
  • Later in the evening, we finally managed to go out for dinner, pretty much exactly when it started to rain again. Our luck!
  • We walked to the square and discussed how Brugge reminded us of both Prague and Salzbourg.
  • Sid had a three course, luxurious meal. I shared his desert and though i am hardly a person with a sweet tooth, i must say it was superlative!
  • As we had dinner, i realised that it was after so long that both of us were having a relaxed meal together. Sid has been so busy of late that even meal times in London have been intercepted by phone calls/ emails!
  • Dinner was also good because we discussed many things. Made sid laugh at some silly jokes and recounted bits from 'Dictator' a movie that Sid has also seen!
  • On the way back, we wandered around the main market place...looked hard for a place that sold bottled water and whooped with joy when we managed to find one...
  • Finally back in the room by 10:30 and with that the day ended...

I leave you with a picture I clicked before we sat down for dinner. Brugge, Belgium :)

Over and out! I need some precious sleep now!


Tuesday, April 09, 2013

A piece of lego.

This guy who sits next to me at work can be really funny. A few days back he told me about this friend of his, a lady and her rather strange tale.

So for the longest time ever, this lady thought that she was deaf in one ear. At age 18 she went to a doctor to get that ear checked.
And can you even guess what happened at the doctor’s?
The doctor pulled out a piece of lego stuck inside her ear.
She vaguely recalled her brother putting something inside her ear when they were very little.

The lady, free from the piece of lego lodged neatly inside her ear for the longest time ever could hear perfectly then onwards.

This story really really cracked me up. No one else ( and I have repeated this to many people) has found it funny. I, however, cannot stop laughing even now. When I heard it first, I actually laughed till I cried. In office. No, I am not kidding.

I am not sure why I am putting it here…oh well…