Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I am surrounded with people making decisions that will potentially change their lives. I know most of us are deciding something or the other every moment but this is different.

So of late, I find myself discussing Decision A with person A, then discussing decision 2 with person B and Decision C with person C and so on....they are all big decisions and a lot rides on them...

These people I refer to are worried and tense and that is making me feel the same too.... I wish they all decide what they need to decide quickly and more importantly, make the correct decisions.

All three decisions, however boil down to a simple choice. The heart versus the mind. The heart wills one and the mind dictates the other. What choice the three people will go with depends largely on the type of person they are..

And yes, this is birthday week! A year older and hopefully a year wiser :)


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bhag, Bhag!

London has taught me to love running. And it is a lesson I wish to not forget because I absolutely LOVE it!

When I came to London first, and was job hunting, I used spend the major part of my days sitting in the lobby by the window over looking the Thames. I would sit there with my lap top and spend many not so happy hours looking for the elusive job in recession hit London (and also writing TIB! Only then I did not know that i was penning down something that would one day get published). I loved sitting there. Someone or the other was always running and since i was alone at home most of the time, it was the only way i could see people around me.

I would observe the runners closely and wonder why anyone would want to  wear shorts and run in the snow in sub zero temperatures. It perplexed me and I did not quite get it.

Two years later, I can now safely say that I absolutely adore running.

I was never the athletic sorts while in India (and am not now either), and I was as surprised as anyone else, as I slowly started running. Before I knew it, I was in love with it.

I now try and run at least twice a week and love every bit of it.

For the most part, I run along the Thames up to Tower Bridge (the gorgeous, super gorgeous bridge) which is a known landmark of this remarkable city.

 Source: google

Running for me is me time. I run till I can run no further, do some stretches, if the sun is out- absorb the warmth, breathe in deep, think positive thoughts and come back fully refreshed. I go out for a run when I am stressed, when  I need to think something through and when I am feeling low. For me it is the cure for all ills :)

Today, we went to Hyde Park for a run. It was supposed to be sunny but, well apparently bbc is not too reliable when it comes to weather ;)

So there we were running as the rain lashed against our faces and the winds howled loud in our ears. But I absolutely totally and entirely loved it. I love to feel the wind in my hair, I love the all in compassing feeling of liberation, of being able to break free- it is just so exhilarating.

The picture you see below is interesting :P.

The dog owner, having put on special gloves is hunting for dog poop ( you can see the dog too)She spent so much time hunting for it that Sid and I doubled up laughing. Finally, the poor lady managed to find it and happily deposited it in the bin before sauntering off with her dog and child. This is one thing I like about the Brits. They follow rules even when no one is watching. The follow rules simply because they should be followed.

The bare trees and the lovely benches. Pic clicked while running,  not bad eh?

 Hyde Park smells heavenly in bits. Like this place where you can see purple Flowers (don't know which ones these are, unfortunately).

Pigeons and ducks in the Serpentine, my second most favourite part of Hyde Park. This is when it had just started drizzling
And finally a picture of yours truly. I had finished my run and was just staring at the green of the trees and the brown of the trunks and barrenness of the branches when Sid clicked this.

I am not sure that I believe in New Year resolutions but at the start of this year, I promised myself that I will try and run more. I love it, I enjoy it and i recommend it. Now, get off the couch and do some exercise! :D


PS: TIB continues to be on 'The Hindu's' Bestseller list even 4 months after its release. Those of you who have not bought a copy yet, here is the link:)