Thursday, October 22, 2015

Now i know that

I have been a Mum for 3 months now ( already 3 months? where did the days fly?) and now i know that:

1) Formula is absolutely yummy. It is right up there with tiramisu and maggi
2)You can miss someone who is in the other room
3) post baby you laugh about a hundred times more and smile a million times more per day  than you did pre baby
4) you can clean someone's potty and not stop smiling while doing that
5) wearing heels is a big deal
6) sitting on the top deck of the London bus is a big deal
7) buses actually stop for you without you hailing them when you are with a buggy
8) random people will stop you and ask if they can look at the baby while you beam with pride
9) a little bit of baby vomit on your expensive top is okay
10) a messy room is okay
11) you can survive on little to no sleep
12) the blurry nights of feeding, burping, changing begin to become less so and then ( you crazy deranged, mad woman) you begin to miss them
13) you want the baby to grow up quickly but you want the moments to last just that little bit longer. you desparately cling to the good bits and try hard to stretch time. You know just know that very soon you will think wistfully about these exhausting, tiring days...and you wonder if you can bottle up the feeling of holding your 8 week baby so that you can revisit it later when you wish to.
14) there is nothing that is more beautiful than seeing your baby sleep peacefully ( and then wake up startled by their own fart which will make you double up with laughter- refer point 3)
15) you WILL shed a clandestine tear when you pack away the first set of baby gros
16) you will well up so much more often you did before you had your baby
17) you will be a million times stronger than before; you will be a million times more fragile than before
18) you will wonder what the hell did you do with all that time when there was no little person to keep alive
19) you will dance the silly dance to 'Ao dikhau ande ka fanda' to make the baby gurgle
20) meaningless coos are precious
21) tears of joy exist
22) people look at you differently, with err...more respect when they come to know that you are a Mum
23) you can bond with complete strangers just because you are both parents
24) you will tear up at a party listening to how unwell someone else's baby has been. And you wont be the only Mum tearing up.
25) most Mums will be interested in your birth story
26) you will feel a lot of gratitude
27) you will enjoy the toys as much as the baby will if not more
28) you will know very soon what your baby loves about you (mine cannot get enough of my hair. I am never getting it cut)
29) love can be very simple
30) baby fashion is a bigger industry than women's fashion
31) you can be sick with exhaustion
32) you can have proper melt down just because you are so exhausted
33) the hardest job in the world, is really the hardest job in the world
34) the smiles make it all worth it
35) you will show the baby leaves and sky and trees and houses for the first time (how absolutely precious is that?)
36) you will be able to make him laugh
37) nothing beats having your baby rest his head on your shoulders and go to sleep
38) you will need other new mums (thank God for NCT here in the UK)
39) you will wonder if the baby comes with a return receipt at some point - mostly when you have been up all night and after screaming for hours the baby wants play at 3:30 am- its okay.
40) just when you are about to throw either yourself or the baby out of the window, he will smile and the world will snap back to being rosy
41) a mother's heart is the most wondreous thing in the whole world
42) you can hold some one very very tightly and wonder if you could hold them a little bit tighter without...err...breaking them
43) your baby might just have turned 3 months but you will sit back after dinner and think about when he was 'little'
44) you will be very proud of every stretch mark on your body
45) you will be amazed at what your body can do and you will find great respect for it
46) you will become song writer, music composer and singer - our fav goes something like- shikhu is mummy's baby, mummy's baby, mummy's baby. Shikhu is daddy's baby, daddy's baby, daddy's baby. Tralalala.
47) you will get peed on
48) you will be surprised at how much love your heart can hold
49) you will wish you were a man married to a woman who was ready to have ten more children
50) they are right when they say that motherhood is the hardest thing you will ever do. it is hard and frustrating and exhausting. It is also the best thing in the world. For record, i highly recommend it. Says she before staying up all night with a fidgety 3 month old ;-)

PS Ignore the typos and grammar errors- i have not slept for 3 hours straight since i went into labour three months ago.