Friday, December 30, 2005

Lazing around..

I am free and very lazy these days...I get up at 5:30 and Ma gets the shock of her life so she gives me a 'arre, beta so jao'look . But no, I read my Hindu (mera Hindu, woh sirf mera hai :D...gosh i am going crazy , so now i am crazy and lazy!!! ), sometimes reread some articles as well, if i like them ...wander around the house, make tea for Ma, have a nice chat with Mum and Dad on the bed only.
Then they leave for their respective morning walks and gym .They insist that i should join them but i am feeling way too lazy to do any kind of exercise so i generally refuse.
I then go back to my room, the house is quiet, sometimes i check my mail, sometimes i check my blog as well, sometimes i check others blogs as well...and then my eyes fall on my's still not made. So either i can make it or get back into and go off to sleep. I generally choose the latter.
Then i wake up and its a lazy afternoon. I spend most of my time reading.
I am reading Anna Karenina right now..its a thick classic.Thats exactly what i wanted to read.A thick book that has nothing racy. I finsihed Sidney Sheldonz'NOTHING EVER..' day before yesterday..its a typical Sheldon...too quick and racy for my quiet tastes, but i read it nevertheless.
I am also reading a P.G.Wodehouse( yess , two buks at a time!!! ) its way too nice...just love it even though its an ancient copy and i know the buk word by word but i still adore it.
Afternoon melts into evening . Sometimes friends call up, sometimes i go over to some friends place, sometimes i go to this book shop nearby and take a fancy lowchair and sit and read a book( yess, that makes it 3 books at a time!!! ).Am about to finsh 'Diary of Adrian Mole ' this way only ;D Those ppl might throw me out before i actually end up finishing it !.
Other than that...i have been catching up with friends online, sisters living in far off lands, mamaz and mamiz techno enuf to know wat chatting is all about...Its way too cold these days and i wander from this room to that in cotton PJs and cotton shirts ..go to Ma and tell her its sooooo cold!!! You should see her face then.Its worth a million dollars or even rupess or even roubles...
Have started reading business mags as well...they are not as bad, you know...
I am also doing a considerable amount of cooking.I like to cook.Ma and Dad had gone out this one afternoon. By the time they came back i had the whole lunch ready for them.Evrything, right down to the salad!!It doesnt take much time to cook ,neither does it take much effort or anything but still Ma was sooo happy..:)The smile on her face was worth the Kohinoor..They had had their lunch but Dad still ate all i had made! :)
I like such girlie things :( I mean like i am a girl so like i should like girlie things, but apparently its fashionable to say that you cant even make Maggie or boil water for that matter..*deep sigh!* maybe someday i will think cool and say cool things as well. :D
Well, i have written rubbish. If you think so then, wow, welcome to the club! :D
Other than this i have no more rubbish to share with you. I sleep early. So its time for bed now.
and sweet dreams.:)
A tale of many dacturrs....

I am as 'farjee' an engineer in the making as one can possibly be.I simply don't have an aptitude for all this gibberish (engineers please don't mind). I come across people around me who are doing BTech as well and i can see the difference . Some of them are passionate about electrodes ,some about making websites and yours truly about none. If i do well , once in a while, its just because i can't stop studying till i am satisfied with how my preparation is shaping up.Anyone who studies half as much as i do can do ten times better than like obviously, academic performance is not a criterion to gauge how passionate i am about my work, not atleast in my case.
I come from a family of Doctors..and all of them are so passionate about their work that i cant help but feel very impressed.
My Dad - he takes only a days vacation in the entire year. And unless we bug him too much he works 364 days a year . When he drives me to college in the morning you will find us discussing either the mileage of his car or some patient of his....He loooves is work!!!

Tau ji--Gosh, i don't even know where to begin from ...He is the Head of the Neurology one of the biggest hospitals in my State , he leaves for work at 7 in the morning comes back at 9 in the night and then with a mug of coffee in his hand studies till 2or 3 in the morning...

Baba--This 22nd we celebrated his 81st budday:) ,He drives himself to the clinic, each day, without fail (TW).He treats patients at dirt cheap rates now, so like ,at times even if there are just a few patients for my Dad many many more are there for him! At times Dad has to manage Babaz patients to help him out. A couple of years ago, Baba fell ill, he had to be operated upon and it was a very complicated surgery with substantial chance of him not surviving the operation.Both tauji and Dad were there with him at the hospital just before he went for the operation . Seeing both of them there baba looked at my Dad sternly and said"Sir( all three of them call each other that) if you are planning to stay here who will be at the clinic?The Clinic shall not remain closed for the day."
Dad was seeing patients when Baba was being operated upon .

With people like this around , till this day i can't bring myself to tell my Dad that i don't want to go to college coz I am not feeling well....i mean ,obviously they don't let me go if I am not well but I don't say it myself.

So, I grew up surrounded with Doctors and their small little stories... I have sensed the deep gratitude in an unknown voice on the other side of the phone which on realizing that I am my Dad's daughter has showered me with blessings...I have sensed the despair in Dad's voice as he discusses a hopeless case with Tauji..
I have sensed the triumph in their voices as these three men talk about how they saved someone's life...Saving a life....I mean ,what can be bigger than this...At times when I have my Dad's cell with me some one calls.His brother has a bilirubin count of 27( my heart skips a beat coz normally it should be within 1) .He asks me what he should do, I tell him i don't know, He insists , nahiin, aap please kutch bataiye...kya ye thek ho jayenge? I know enuf about body counts now to know that obviously this guys case is way beyond any doctor now but how do I say it?I don't have to coz I am not a doctor but doctors will have to tell him...That's the flip side of this work.
Last night , I made dinner(no, my family is till alive, thank you ).While I was in the kitchen Dad was on the phone talking softly and gently to someone who was obviously crying.He trying to say the last words any father would have liked to hear. Yes, the reports are in.*pause* haan....cancer hai ek aankh will have to remove the eye as soon as dont think that way..i have many patients who are doing just fine.nahiin shaadi hi sab kutch nahi hoti hai.Your girl will be healthy...but immediate surgery is,please odnt cry, its important that we came to know of it in time......
I was wundering what the girls mother must be going through. The girl is two years old and she will go in for operation 4 days from today...Hell must have broken loose in her house....

This is why the two letters 'D' and 'r' are not before my name and shall never be. I always wanted to become a doctor, i know I would have cleared the entrance tests, but I can't bear to see someone die. I know that I'll feel worse than the closest kin of the patient in case anything went wrong .I know this work is not for me although I think I would have made a passionate doctor...Anyways, My brother is going to become a doctor. He is the cool sorts, he is calm he will make a good doctor..infact I think he will cure half of his patients with his phunny oneliners.
Bhai and me on the fone.
Me: oye, u coming home in Jan???
bhai: naah kahan yaar!!!, btw, kisne bola?
Me(perplexed) :arre, Ma ne bola...
bhai(thoughtfully) : aa jaoonga.
So heres wishing the two would be doctors i am very fond of Bhai and Latika, all the best!!! I'm sure both of you are going to rock as dacturrs.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Sometimes, we think that the decision that we have made is well thought of and well judged. Things happening around say that to us in a loud and clear voice. We feel that it is time to bring in a few changes.

Sometimes , when we are doing what we had decided ,a tiny voice in our head tells us that this might just not be the rightest thing to do.

Sometimes, we just ignore that tiny little voice.

Sometimes, there is so much negativity around us and such a tremendous feeling of helplessness engulfs us that we misdirect our anger and frustrations on something which although is not the reason for these feelings, is in our control.

Sometimes, some people people try to make us see sense.We refuse to see sense, but the tiny voice is not so tiny now.

Sometimes, someone decides to , in his own nice way, do something about our inane decisions.

Sometimes, others chip in.

Sometimes,people whom we have never met, people whom we will probably never meet end up doing the sweetest things for us. Things ,which make us feel nice and warm even though it might be 5 degrees outside. Things , which ensure that that voice is nothing less than an angry bellow.

Sometimes,it is very easy to admit that our decision was incorrect.

Sometimes ,admitting that our decision was incorrect seems to be the most obvious thing to do.

Sometimes, it is nice to be back.

This time,it is one of those 'sometimes'

You all are way too sweet :)

Sunday, December 25, 2005


Well..she was one helluva fascinating gurl i met . We used to attend the same Physics coaching for JEE.I had joined a bit late and the classes were weird. The batch used to consist of about 600 students and sir used to teach , with the mike in one hand and pen in the other. Now ,one thing famous about this gentleman was, apart from the fact that he was obviously very good, was that he was the laziest person around.He hated solving sums on board and would invariably have a favourite student in class who would do the sum solving.Gradually,i started getting warning messages from friends telling me that they were sure that the next person to be called to the board was going to be me which ,ofcourse , ensured a couple of nervous breakdowns etc etc. The major problem here was the fact that we had now moved from H.C Verma to books like Irodov and i could hardly make head or tail of the questions leave alone solve them on the board in front of 550 boys.
Then i got to hear about Ankita...The girls used to occupy the front two very long rows, i used to sit at one end of the row and Ankita at the other.News soon travelled to me about what a mini genius Ankita was. Apparently she was moving way ahead of class, had solved most of the Irodov problems and she was pretty much Sir's pet.But surprsingly , she was never called to the board.Well , with the danger of being asked to solve Irodov sums looming large over my pretty much empty head, i went up to her for some help.
Help was promised, she would give me her register where she had solved sums and i could ask her whatever i wished to, but....
But.. could i please sit next to her during the classes? Well, i said yes, coz i had no problems with that.
The next day i sat next to her. Now, Sir had this reputation of asking the tuffest qusetions in class and if you answered him incorrectly, well...then you better be ready for the worst.So, that day early in the morning, Ankita came to me and told me her sob story. Well ,last night had been very bad, and she had had 103 degress body temperature and it had been with tremendous difficulty that she had come for class that day . I got ultra concerned , and told her that she should have taken a days rest . To which she repied that Studies was so very important to her. Although she hardly looked as if she had had 103 degress body temperature , i gave her a 'what noble thoughts!!!' look.Well...she looked a bit uncomfortable as she asked me this:
Ruchi, yaar...if Sir asks me something, plz answer bata dena...
I was only too happy to help her out. So that day Sir asked her a question.It was ridiculously simple, but she stood up and started giving funny answers...Aaah she needs my help, i said to myself, and whispered the correct answer. Sir saw me doing this and was like" arre, Junglee( he used to call me 'junglee'!!!! )tu usse bata rahi hai, chal board par aa"
So, began my tryst with the board ....Finally after screwing up many times, i decided to take Ankitaz help. I had been refering to her register which had everything neatly solved and now finally asked her to lend it to me for a day. While i was studying it , the next day , i saw something very strange.Question no 14 , solved in her register had the follwong statement:
According to figure no. 4.2, we can see that....
and you know what...
there was no damn figure in her copy!

That fascinated me beyond anything. So i called up this friend who had the solutions to Irodov written by Sir, and asked her to turn to Kinetic Energy waala chapter,Question no.14 and asked her to tell me which figure was being referd to. M looked up her copy of solutions and said ..well.... figure 4.2 ko refer kiya hai.why ????

Coz i have just found the biggest cheat on this planet, thats why!!!

But i continued to sit next to her for some more time. Well, she had to treat me coz her Dad had bought a Corsa.I was like, let it be, Ankita, treat me when you buy one ( i can't really stand that my-Daddy-richest crap! ). But no, no, no, i had to come.
On the way a shinning black Mitsubushi Lancer passed us.
Ankita: SEE!!! Thats the car my Dad has bought.
Me:Thats a Mitsubushi???!!
Ankita: haan toh?? My Dad has bought a Mitsubushi Corsa. ahem

Another time, there were tales about how she had got a rank of eleven hundred in JEE last time and how depressed she was when the doctor told her that she could not write the Mains.
Me (concerned): arre, Ankita, doc ne mana kyoon kiya????
Ankita: arre, yaar..mere pair mein fracture ho gaya tha, thats why.
Me: aah...i should have guessed.

Soon, i had had enough of her rubbish, so i just stopped even going near her. One day i was talking to Sir and somehow we started talking about the mental state of students preparing for JEE, when he said this:

ab uss bechaari Ankita ko dekh lo. Itana disturbed rehati hai, padhai ko le kar. Class mein kutch poochon to itana ghabra jaati hai ki bechari answer hi nahi kar paati hai.Baad mein yahan aa kar roti hai.Usse kabhi samjhana, itani hard working ladaki- uska future toh achcha hi hona chahiye
Ankita, a girl with the dubious distiction of probably not even knowing basics like F=ma, had a man who had been teaching students for 15 years considering her to be some sort of a next-after-Newton.
I didnt know whether to laugh or to scream??!!!Gosh that gurl had even made a fool of Sir!!!!!Totally impressive!!!!

The icing on the cake , however, was a conversation with the gatekeeper.One day, after class i was waiting outside for my Dad to pick me up, when i picked up a conversation with the gatekeeper. I had noticed that he and the others used to give special attention to Ankita. She was not made to wait in the line;a chair would be brought out for her, in case she had to etc etc.
Gatekeeper jee had this to say about Ankita.
Kitani bahadur ladaki, Ankita. Kya pata hai aapko, unhe tumour hai. Deemaag ka.Unhone khud batya hume. Kabhi-kabhi toh bahut tej sir dard hota hai. thursday ki class ke baad rickshaw leti hai aur khud ko admit kara leti hai Hospital mein.Fir MOnday ki subah, wapis rickshaw leti hai aur 7 baje ki class ke liye aa jati hai. bahut bahadur hai!

Well, needless to add, Ankita did her JEE equally well that year also (inspite of the brain tumour).She ,according to herself, got a rank of 600 in the prelimnary exam.But,alas ,destiny had something else for her. These IIT ppl,as ineffecient as we all know them to be, messed up her Mains result.She had, according ot herself,done the Mains paper brilliantly.Poor girl, so totally deserving , is spending 4 yrs at some unknown engg. college in some unknown city. When bad things happen to nice and honest people , my heart bleeds for them....I'm sure yours does too.....*sad ,distant look*

Saturday, December 24, 2005

I was tagged a long time back by Shreyansh..My exams , atleast the theory , is finally over and I shall now honor the tag.I wanted to complete the tag when Shreyansh was around but its been a long time since I saw him around, so I shall proceed anyways now.

15 things I wish to do before I turn 40.

1. Start dance once again. You know, I used to be pretty good at it and my Guru ji used to tell me to take it up as a profession. But as the pressure of padhai increased , I stopped dancing, so much so, that I never used to shake a leg during family functions where everyone else was going crazy dancing..but of late , i have been thinking how (un)wise a decision this has been....So, i genuinenly hope to start Bharatnatyam once again.Amen.

2.Live for a month at a stretch in Nainitial. I am crazy about mountains. I am. I am i-should-be-at-a-mental-asylum crazy about mountains.Infact i was telling a friend once that i am the true daughter of the mountains. My father proceeded to give me such a weird look that i had to shut up then....but i am crazy about them. I would love to spend time in Nainital particularly, especially after the rains. Its gorgeous!!! Rent a room somewhere out of the main city,laze around, read, take walks, trek, roam should be atleast a month long stay.I hope i do it.

3. Learn to cook atleast 3-4 different types of cuisines. If you see me , i wont look like a foodie to you. Not at all. Infact you might come up to me and tell me to eat more else i shall vanish sorts..but the fact remains that i am a lover of food. I might not like to eat it so much, but i love to cook food. I just love it! Would love to learn how to make the food that i like to spend a thousand buks on eating at various joints.

4.Visit Leh. I am sorry i should rightfully be mentioning cities like NY city, Paris etc etc..but those places just dont attract me.

5. Have a good job.I have worked too hard on my padhai uptill now and have no intention to slack after this, so I do hope that I have a good job in hand.

hope to have gotten over this major phobia I have of bikes(phatphatiyaz as I call them ). Bhai and NIvindya are the only two ppl whose driving skills I trust and dun feel scared while they drive their phatphatiyaz. No ,not even Dad. He should just drive either of his cars and I shall happily sit in the car...but naah..not on a phatphatiya with him.

7. Have a crush someday and have the guts to go upto that guy and tell him that I do.( okay ,this sounds improbable even a I type it! )

8. Like muujeek. yeah right, go ahead , faint. I dont like music at all!! Pink floyd might as well be a shade of pink for me. But I do understand how nice it wud be to like music. I hope I can begin to like it someday. Right now, I just cant stand it..and I dont even know if I have winamp on my pC or no.

9.Get a real cool hairstyle. By real cool, I mean real COOL!!!!

10. Get married, if I have to ,that is..coz like after 40 toh silly ho jayega!

11. Have kids , if I have to, that is...coz like after 40 toh major med probs ho jayengi.

12. No, I dont want to bungee jump, I dont want to travel around the world, I dont want to ride an ostrich, I dont want to take an exclusive cruise, gosh....I just dont want that many things!!!!

13. I would like to be as much in contact with NIvindya and Latika as I am today. They and their families shall be my extended family. Would like to be very very fond of Bhaiz kids( gosh its just toooo cute to even think about them..if they just look thoda sa bhi like bhai there are gonna be real good looking ones! )

14. Okay this came to my mind first but I saved it for last. I would like to adopt a kid.I don't say I will, coz I dont just want to give the child a mother, but a complete family...if that is not possible I would be happy seing her ( I use 'her' coz like if I adopt, its surely without a doubt going to be a girl!I'll dress her up totally in pink!! pink frocks, pink pom pomz,pink socks,everything PINK!!!!)taken away by some one else who will give her the love of an entire family.The love and care that the dadiz and babaz and naniz and nanaz shower on a child is so impotant for the all round development of a child.

15. If I dont adopt a girl I hope I shall be able to finance the padhaee of some kids who cant afford it.
I so totally hope I can do it.
And no,14 and 15 were not answers I had prepared for some pathetic local beauty competition question round.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Disclaimer : This is not another pathetic attempt at humor..This is just some stuff about something that happened in December a couple of years ago. I shall strongly advice you against reading this.

It is December once again...and once again similar thoughts have begun to plague me ....There was this girl who was part of my extended group of friends in class 12, lets call her M . One day, late in the afternoon, Latika called me up. I still remember the exact words she said to me.
" Ruchi, pata hai kya hua???!!!! M lost her mother yesterday!!! " . I recall Latika's voice, her exact words, where i was at that point of time...what i had been doing ..everything . It was the first time any of this was happening to someone i knew personally.M's mom had been hospitalized for some time in AIMS and she had died that morning coz her aorta had burst..
M had not been coming to school , for one or two days...For sometime she had been making her own lunch and I remember we used to taste it and give our expert comments..I had no idea that her mom was unwell! NO IDEA!!!!! SHE WAS MY FRIEND AND I HAD NO IDEA THAT HER MUM WAS DYING IN A HOSPITAL!!!
I don't remember the rest of the conversation I had with Latika, but then I called up Nivindya , her sister told me that she was sleeping, I told her to wake her up. I could not believe my ears as I gave Nivindya the terrible news. I was just so numb. I don't remember anything of the conversation that I had with NIvindya. But suddenly the Boards were not at the top of my priority list . Gosh , I so totally remember that feeling I had when I heard that news.
I mustered up enough courage to call up M late in the evening. It was so weird. What was I supposed to say ? I had no idea.I just wanted to talk to her . I don't recall ,much of that conversation either but i do remember crying very bad on the phone. I was crying and M was telling me that its alright , everything will be alright...Even then some part of me was wondering at the absurdity of the situation...shouldnt it have ben the other way round? So i kept crying and she kept consoling me.
Gosh, I never knew that she could be so strong . Or as a matter of fact any one could be so strong.I even asked her why she was not crying, she said that she had to be strong for her brother and Dad.
The next day in school was the weirdest of the 14 X 365 days i spent there.I used to study in a Girls' Convent. Christmas was round the corner. The carol the choir sang during assembly that day was:
Joy to the world, the Lord has come.
Let Earth receive her King.
Joy to the world...

I was the Vice Captain of my House which meant that i was not supposed to stand with my class during assembly, instead me plus all the other prefects were supposed to stand next to one junior class assigned to them.I went to class 8-C , told them in a quiet voice that my classmate had lost her mum and i wanted to be with my friends at that morning and would they please be quiet and not attract any teacher's attention during the assembly.By the time i reached where my class was standing for the assembly i could see almost all the prefects standing in line. Almost all heads were bent. The faces that i managed to catch a glimpse of had tears running down their faces as the entire school joined in singing joy to the world
I truly felt that that was the worst sing joy to the world....its such an enthusiatic full of not for that day.As the school dispersed , i had to stand near the walkway while class after class piled to their class rooms and make sure that order was maintained. I just stood there, numb. It was a pain to even open my mouth to tell some rowdy girl to kindly maintain silence. I was dreading class 8-C's arrival there...coz they were a rowdy lot and since i was friendly with them, they hardly used to listen to me.I knew ,that day, that i could not trust myself to speak more than two sentences without bursting into tears. Class 8-C came. For the firt time each and every girl was in line. For the first time not single girl was talking. For the first time i saw them so somber.
I so totally fell in love with you, girls,in those few minutes.Specially S, when i saw u hit that girl in front of you and hiss a 'Cant you not talk??!!' at her. Thank you for understanding me.Thank you,8-C.I was not trying to be funny when i told you on my last day in school that i really liked you all!
That day was weird.We did not have our practicals...Ms. Kalra our maths teacher did not teach...All three of us went to M's house a few days later. She was calm and composed. Her hair was neatly combed.But it just was not fair!! Her mum was her best friend! She ,apparently, herself had no idea about the seriousness of her mothers illness. You know, mothers are so important. I know they are important for boys, but somehow a girl needs her mother much more. And like loosing your mum and your best friend in one go, just does not seem fair .
The Boards came and went. I dont know M managed it, but she got a 75+% . M was never amongst my close friends, but she was a good friend. However even though we are in the same city we did not keep in touch. After school i have met her just once,at Latika's sister's wedding. It was just so nice to see her all dressed up wearing a i-dunno-know-how-many-crores-worth bindi :). It was nice to see that she was doing okay...
I think of M and her Mum very often these days..maybe it is because it was in December that all this happened. I dunno. All through my exams M has been sauntering in my mind. It's kind of inexplicable. I was talking to Latika this other day and i told her this. And she immediately asked me if i want her number to call her up.
I refused. No ,there is nothing i have to say to M . I just wish her well. I think of her so often and each time all of it seems more unfair. Someday something very nice will happen to you, M. It sure will.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Aao bachchon tumhe sunaye....

Naah! Dont get all charged and excited and tell me that you want to hear a story that has a King and a Queen and a boy who is 6 inches tall. I wont tell you a story no matter how much you might prefer it. I'll tell you how i am doing these days( my exams are going on.) . I keep insisting that i am touched in the head. No one believed me except some ppl who have faith in my judgement. Today i shall tell you how i behave during my exams and you shall be forced to come to me, pat my back, and tell me what sound judgement i have. I know you will . I just know you will...I am having visions of bloggers rushing to me ,wanting my judgement on issues that concern them deeply..i know that will happen. This post is going to be a turning point in terms of how i am generally perceived to be.

I am midway thru my exams and as usual i have been messing them up with such regularity that it fascinates me. ( no pun intented) Totally fascinates me.
Well, lets not talk about that.... you see,some people learn from mistakes made in the past. Some people dont. Specially those who were dropped from the third floor by careless maids...i might have been very lucky to have maids who were too buzy flirting with the postman to pay any attention to me but i do behave like the afore mentioned, very respectable category of ppl .
My exams are so scheduled that i get a days break between each of them . So like each time i come out of the examination hall , having faithfully done my job of messing the paper real well..i tell myself : Ruchi, ghar pahunch aur padhai mein jut jaa. jaa ruchi. jaa.. aaj padhai zaroor achche se baar paper achcha karna hi hai.
So with these noble thoughts in my mind , i reach home all charged up. Now, aah...TV chal raha hai..lets watch it for some time and then totally padhai. After 3 hrs of tv, its like ...aah...well the exam is not tomm, so like, i guess i can sleep for half an hour and then toh fir only padhai ...with that noble view and golden visions of me studying late into the night in sight i do try to sleep..but alas sleep shall not even dream of coming near me..infact this one time i even pretended to sleep(my inane antics can only be attributed to the -ve 2 IQ points i sadly happen to be the proud owner of .) then , by this time its almost 5... i was supposed to have revised atleast 2 units by this time..but as the case head is now paining, padhai has not even begun and the exam is not tomm. So... like...hmmm...well...there is that DVD...mybe i should catch up with some movies...A little voice in my head says: Ruchi padh le, padh le...kal pareshan hogi, padh le...
But as you know, I have some problem with my ear..i sometimes dont hear stuff...i cant help it.. its a medical problem.
So, finally at ten after having watched tv, having talked with friends on the phone etc etc...i go to sleep...the alarm is set for 4:00 in the i wake up at around 7:30 . A friend calls at around 8 and says this:

Aaah..Ruchi..that last unit ,na...yaaar...i cant get that sum on page no 5678..yaar...baaki sab to easy tha par..this chapter , yaar...kaise hoga??? one whole chapter of half a page is untouched..bol na...kaise hoga..tension ho rahi hai.

By this time i am having trouble breathing....Everything around me appears to be moving in weird circles.Is it an earthquake or am i having an heart attack ?
So then i declare emergency.No, i declare an EMERGENCY.i do not take any more calls from anyone else who is tense coz one fourth of a page has not been revised for the two hundredth time.And i start studying.
Aaah...and then i go crazy ...i think that eating is a waste of time,the time taken in flipping the pages is a waste...i dont know wat TV means..i dont want anyone to speak to me...I dont want anyone to enter my the meantime i get a couple of heart attacks...i burst into panicky tears once in half a minute and i study as if my life depends on it...i take my first break at 5 in the evening ..and its a 35 second break...Then i study and i study some more and i study some more...and it goes on and on...till finally i am satisfied with how my preparation is. In the morning i go give my exam...err...sorry i go spoil my exam...and as i am coming out of the examination hall i tell myself this:
Ruchi, ghar pahunch aur padhai mein jut jaa. jaa ruchi. jaa.. aaj padhai zaroor achche se baar paper achcha karna hi hai.

Some pople just refuse to learn lessons that life sagely and wisely tries to teach them.

Thursday, December 08, 2005


I am at my happiest when i am working hard...
I wonder why i am so boringly hard working...
I think that there is something seriously wrong with my DNA or something.
I know that when i was in class 1 and my cuzn was in class 4 ..i used to go to the (now out of use ) servants quarter( my Dadiz house is like real huge sorts..) ..where all the 'kabad' used to be kept, fish for cuzns books...erase all the pencil marks and fill all the exercises on my own again....
I feel that if i was that way in class one dot dot dot.
I hate mosquito-nets.
I hate it when mum shouts at me coz i have not put it up...
I dun like it when Dad doesnt allow me put on ALL OUT/ GOOD NIGHT...
I loove cute pencilz....i just looooovvvvvveee them.
I hate it when my comp crashes , as it does atleast once a weak..i mean once a week.
I need to put on some ear rings or something..other wise....euuukkkksssss it'll pain like hell...
I love cute wollen caps.. even the ones that are in boring colours, even the one i have on right now..which is in brown and black.
I want to catch up on movies.
I want to catch up on reading.
I love P.G. Wodehouse.
I think i would have married Mr. wodehouse if i were born some 50 yrs pahle or Mr. Wodehouse was born 50 yrs later.
I might have married Albus Dumbledore if i were born 160 yrs pahle or Proff Dumbledore had been born 160 yrs later.
I see that my skin in dry..i can scratch D--R---Y on it ...but i will not.
I think my fringes make me look 13.
I did not feel nice when Varun forgot his steps in NACH BALIYE today..
I wish i were not so emotional.
I wish i had curly hair.
I wish i had dimples, most of the times i just have pimples.
I see its 11: 25.
I think i should sleep now.
I have to get up early to study, u see.
I shall say bye now.
I am Ruchi.
I am also brain dead.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Its almost 12 at night and my house is teeming with people and i am very very sick of it!!! I just want one full day when i can study as much as i want, get ultra tired and then sleep...but no , none of it is going that way...there are SO many guests at my place, some cousins hubby+ hubbyz bro +so many more people....and i had to help with loads of kitchen work also coz my mum was not at like i cud not study then either....and i am getting to hear loads of comments like:" arre Ruchi , itani help karayi tumne, hum Hyderabad se tumko khoob dher saara asheerwad bhejenge"
jee kaise bhejenge, courier ya post se?
"arre Ruchi, tumhare begair toh hum kutch nahin kar pate"
yeah...right, say that...when i have just washed so many utensils with cold water!!!
by the was good in in case i flunk in my exams and decide to forget about Btech...i think i'll make great bai! Great alternative career! I neva knew i had it in me! mami came just now..and she gave me a bear hug and said"arre Ruchi..itane saare log the , tumne toh moral support badha diya..i hope tumhara jyada loss nahi hua padhai ka"
okay..i'll stop my ramblings now....
my padhai is NOT going the way i want it to..and i think this sem i will not do half as well as i have been doing uptill now..:( but i have no one other than myself to blame.
p.s. had too much of IIM one point of time there were 4 ppl from various iims under my roof...!!
p.s okay..i'll stop acting weird about end sems!!simply coz they are end sems! just end sems.
p.s. in case ur bai doesnt turn up tomm morning dot dot dot.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Deviyon aur sajjano , kahiin jayega nahin--hum hazir honge ek chote se break ke baad! :)

Exams begin from the 12 of December and i should get down to heavy duty padhai-likhai now..hence and therefore a small break from blogging raises its chotu as head. See..if i keep posting even during the 2-3 weeks to come the posts will consist of only 2 things-
1. sob story of much i should ave studied, but did not.
2. sob story of how well i should have done in my exams but did not.

I really like most ppl who read my blog i shall not subject them to such extreme forms of torture...hence with the best interests of fellow bloggers in mind , i shall *tries to look brave* try to stay as away from blogging as is humanly possible . But yess if i take a dayz break from padhai( i know i shall be doing that) and if i am not depressed( kya aisa ho sakta hai question mark) then i SHALL put up a post..but elsewise mah blogz going to be a quiet place for some time now.
But, i shall hopefully continue reading the blogs i follow till i finish these senseless end semesters...its Adios time.
Be good, dont fight with adorable sisters, look before you cross the streets, dont rob anyone, dont murder anyone and please, please, please take good care of urselves . * i am going thru the i-love-KBC-phase*
Adios and miss me .

Monday, November 21, 2005

I dunno when this feeling will go....i dont want it to linger and gnaw at my insides.....i want it to go away..i have been feeling so many negative things these past few days and today was by far the worst....i dunno why but i am feeling very stressed..every thing went wrong today...right from 5:00 in the morning...through the stupid economics lecture ( this female who was taking the lecture got ultra impressed coz i knew that peter drucker died a coupla o days ago..she wanted to know my name and what i planned to do after BTech and silly things of that sort...which made the girls , who are sick of me getting the attention in class, exchange a couple of thousand looks) followed by the lunch break wherein inorder torevise the 4 chapters of IWT i stayed in the lecture theatre,all alone, in the process missingl lunch.... then the lecturer came..looks at me studying and shez like..."don't you know? the quiz has been postponed for tomm"
So there was poor me, studying jdbc when i should have been giving mah quiz...then there is X. No, i am not the lets-bitch-about-her types....but there are certain things i CANNOT tolerate and i can only wonder how long it will be before she gets a piece of my mind....These things include bossiness( i dont throw my weight around but i cant stand ppl who do..) ask her to get up at 7:30 to do the, she has to sleep...okay how about tomm evening..well ruchi, i stay in the hostel and humare pass kaam ho sakata hai shaam mein .okay how about morning 9:30...naah you cant expect me o be up by that time if i sleep at 3 come abi?
Im like , see i havent eaten anything lemme go eat something in the mean while you guys carry on..i'll join u ppl in half an hour...
shez like i dont have the time to explain the same thing to ten ppl ten times.
You know i wish i could retort..but i hate, HATE fights of any i just kept shut.. did nt speak a there were three of one else in bak turned towards the other 2, X facing in the opposite direction..and the 3rd girl( shez very very seedha saadha..and its partly coz of her that i'm not saying anything right now..coz i dun want her to ..i dunno...shez nice..) trying to diffuse the tension....My point is be civil guys!!! just atleast be civil .be decent, behave nicely!!!!!There is no need to be rude and difficult!!!! I mean its like if i go and speak to X she'll be gracious enough to speak to me but elsewise we'll be standing next to each other and not a word!! Gosh i simply hate it!!!! Shes not even a 'good friend' but like why this kind of a behaviour????
I answer in class...and she has become very quiet.
I am being made the ass- co of something and she'll tell me that the whole evnt is crap.
I get more marks than her in the midsems and she wont speak to me for 3 days.
It has been said that 2 girls who are equally good academically can neva be friends..but i beg to disagree...If Nivindya was first in class i was second, if i was first she was second....and if neither of was 1st (like in 11th and 12th) Latika like it was always one of us.... Marks were important to both of us....the net difference in the grand total used to be (more than once) a single mark!!!! one whole term..and difference of a single mark.... and we were+are+shall remain(tw) the bestest of friends........
Missing you loads.......come to India jaldi jaldi :( Tumm Btech kar lo na plzz mere colg se ....then i wont hafta bear all these ppl. .:(
So many more things on my mind..but i dont think i'll write them here..and i just studied for 3 hrs today :(
p.s. got 14.5(= 15)/15 in economics and 27/30 in IWT minor....
p.s. my neighbours sangeet today..i went there ...stood alone in the corner for 5 minutes looking at ppl going crazy dancing and felt so far from the madding crowd and left the place quiely...
p.s. excuse the bad grammar + spellings+long post

Sunday, November 20, 2005


Dunno where to begin from... past few days have been quite bad...i mean there was so much to do...exams begin on the 12 th of dec, before that i have to sit for one more set of minors + 2 projects( one in DBMS, which i have not even begun other than the ER diagram and one in Software engg which also has not even started)
There is just so much in Algorithms...and in DBMS but i worked pretty hard on both these subjects in the pst 3-4 days and now things are pretty much in control...
1. s/w engg - one unit is left but that will come in the minors so with that the entire course will finish.
2. Algorithms: outta the 32 chapers 4 are left now..but ofcourse heavy duty revision is required
3. DBMS--- okay i have done most of the calculus part and SQL and all those beginning waala, a lotta the stuff that i have done has not been taken up in class as of yet...and the proff is goin to take up Transactional analysis next turn onwards..which i have not like once they are done( which obvio will come for the minors) my course will officially be complete...but of course revision will remain and i'll hafta give loads o time to it.
4. OOPS-- v easy chapter left in data modelling+ one in the language part..and then OVER!!!
5. IWT----have a quiz on 4 chapters tomm and i shall do it properly and finish the theory part of the syllabus, JAVA is mostly done but beans and servelets+ lavatron etc has to be done..all in all post the quiz at most a days work to complete the syllabus but the obvio very very heavy duty revision!
6.Economics--i dunno and i dont care!
phew!!! the only solace these past few days has been my books.....otherwise i have been tense , my feet have been ice cold( right now also they are very cold) , i hav been spending entire days taking deep breaths..and my hair..gosh that is one whole depressed post all in itself!..dont even like the way my heart has been beating (!!! too loud actually )..there are so many things on my mind..and how can i not be botherd..but then i do understand what tremendous harm i am causing to my body... thats the only thing that makes be behave more normally...What am i going to get out of getting another 80+%( which apperas to be remote possibility but still ) ...i mean like what.. the 1st company that comes will take me? and then what..i'll slog 24X7 for a grand salary of 2.4 l p.a.??? ..but then too i shall slog and slog like a n idiot..+ Nani ....shez not keeping well ....:( okay this is not my diary and i shall not behave like the idiot that i am..).
I think i'll go and study for the IWT quiz now....

added later:
My maid, Meena ,(married with one husband and three kids) and the odd job guy, Waris( married with three wives and one kid) have been giving each other the proverbial 'looks'...they are so totally a disaster waiting to happen!!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Mummy to beta/beti : Chotu/Chutki, raat mein brush karna chahiye, subah one glass milk pina chahiye. Food finish karna chahiye.Chunnu chacha ki belly par lat nahi marni chahiye. Class mein teacher ko peetana nahi chahiye. Kisi ko Tag nahin karna chahiye.
Munnu has tagged me ..i have to write 20 (*gasps, shrieks, faints*) random things about myself and i cant think of two. But:
A) Munnu is a buddy.
B)Munnu is one of the nicest ppl i have come across since i started blogging. ( seriously, i mean it)
C) Munnu is my future Boss.
D) I believe in the all important 'chamchagiri'.
Hence and therefore i shall plod along and hope to reach # 20.

1. The first word i said ( at the ripe old age of 8 months ) was " phooooolll"; not fool, you fool, phool ; phool bole toh philawerr!

2. Gimme hot , steaming food and i'll squirm and make a face at it- gimme stale kal ka khana( that too without reheating ) and i'll eat like i have never eaten in my entire life. Infact, this one time, my maid was about to eat the day before food..and i kept stealing glances at her plate till she herself asked me " didi ji, aap bhi thoda lijiye na" Me and Meena babez shared a plate of rice that day:)

3.When i want to sleep; i generally dont sleep a wink and when i should not sleep at all , i sleep like a log.

4.I am the only girl in this branch of the family in the last 2 generations + most of my Mum's friends are women with 2/1 whatever no. of sons..So on most occasions if i'm at some gathering ten hands will be pushing strands of my hair behind my ears..Another 30 will be pulling my cheeks..another 50 will be trying to hug me..another 200 hundred will be telling me how they have known me since the good old days when i used to pee in their laps. ( applause!!!)Half an hour ago one aunt told me that I look like a chotu si gudiya. Pauses for a second thinks (question mark)and says...bolne aur hasane waali.

5.I hate arguments, taunts, acerbic and rude words on any and every kind.Shouting, screaming etc is not exactly the love of my life.

6.I am very academic , boringly hard working . I just counted this.. Out of fourteen years at school I have amassed 11 books , each given as a prize for General Proficiency , I topped the last sem+ the entire year also! :) ( this sem , however things are quite bleak:( )

7. I cry easily, speak loudly + rudely to me and chances are that I might start crying . A gives B her brand new pencil and I feel a lump in my throat ; Woman in Scandinavia freezes her dead hubby's sperms so that she can have his kids later and I have tears in my eyes; Veer- Zaara sceen one, act one and I am bawling my head off..My neighbor is getting married next week, God only knows what I'll do at the 'vidai'.

8. I had a very pretty Barbie when I was five; my brother stuck her, head first, into a lamp for half an hour and burnt her hair .

9.I hate being disturbed when I am reading a book.

10. I have trained for 5 years in Bharatnatyam and 2 yrs in Kathak...And no, I don't dance now, and no, I don't remember anything I had learnt.

11. I 'm the least techno person on this planet .
Person B : aah..U are studying information technology, 3rd year...
I nod my head dreading whats coming next.
B: my PC is a Pentium abc,whatever whatever, I had loaded sofware bcd, version def and fgh is not working on ghi.I nod my head sagely, excuse myself, run to my room, search madly for my cell, dial Bhai's number and say the following things in a hushed voice lest B hears : hey,umm...chod yaar no time for hi-shai; whats abc, loaded on def not working with mpd??
Oh btw, did i tell you; Bhai is in Medical School.

12. I am generally considered to be very responsible, sincere , nice, harmless etc etc ( all those boring things:D )

13. However only God can save you if you happen to cross my path when i'm angry...aahh..then u'll regret having known me in the first place!

14. My ideal man is handsome, filthy rich , ultra hi-fi, very good sense of humor ????.....naah!!!!! I have some sort of an aversion to good looking guys( dunno why! ), money does NOT matter, i mean like obviously a certain amount is essential...But then my priority will never be money ; I cant stand those-I'm-too-good-for-this-planet types, simple guys are my types ; sense of humor is good but not essential . The only thing that I feel strongly about is the character of the guy!!!Thats the single most important thing for me. Responsibility and sincerity are qualities i respect and cherish. A good brain is very welcom coz i have problems with dumb conversations!

15. I cant sing and something inside me trembles when i see a child being hit or slapped!.

16. I have more than 200 non padhaee waali books at home.

17. I cant see my Mum upset...According to legend when I was 6 months old, Ma was upset and was crying soflty with me in her lap...And lo and behold within 5 mins I was crying my head off.....But obviously I'm mature now..I don't start crying when she cries..I start crying the momet she starts looking upset :D.. Poor Dad..He's like: agar ek roti hai toh kya its essential that the other also cries??:D :D

18. I'm the first person in my family(out of all ppl who are either studying or working) whos not going to be a doctor.

19. I think a lot about CAT; i have things to prove to myself there..I hope I will not disappoint myself this time.

20. I don't give up easily...When everything is bleak then I suddenly become very strong..I'm like hey..everythings against me, so what?? I'll do it!!!! Am at # 20 now..It was easier than I had thought!:)

Who to tag...hmmm....
1. Nivindya--lets see how many things u write about urself that i don't already know , and hey...No cheating!!;)
2. Ranjan--- atleast one point about boarding school, puhleez!!!!!
3.Shreyansh--- cummon...go ahead write twenty random things about urself. the Catch???? NO QUOTES!!!!heheheh...karo..karo!!
4. Pradyot---tum bhi line mein lago..!!!!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

OF Dreamz.......
I am happy right now....again for a silly and juvenile reason..a midsem test scheduled for tomm has been postponed...and i am feeling light and without a care on this planet sorts:) but that is not what i intend to talk about here.
A couple of days ago after a bad day wherein loads of things went wrong ( including me shouting ,which since i am very soft spoken had till now been a technical impossibilty , at the top of my lungs at the bus conductor who spoke very very rudely to this old lady. I dont know why i reacted the way i reacted coz i really hate any confrontation of any sort..i hate ppl shouting, i hate fights, i hate angry words and my mum is correct when she tells me i'm not fit for existing on this planet! ) i had a bad night.
I had a dream.....i dreamt that my father is not well....and the dream was very very graphic, very real..i could feel so much in that was very scary..the dream continued to become more and more frightening and ( gosh.. the dream is so clear in my mind even now..i call recall so much of it as i type)therefore before things became very bad in the dream i woke up with a start...Now bad dreams is something that i guess runs in my family...mum is a sad victim and so i guess, am i..but i'm not those filmi types who wake up all huffing and puffing (whith perfect hair...God only knows how! )..i'm more like the calm ones ( so much like me to be calm when its okay to get hyper and be hyper when its only normal to be calm! )....i just calmy tell my self that the dream was a dream..and if i cant get back to sleep i just pick up some book which generally soothens me and i am asleep in some time. Worse comes to worst the novel does not work then i head towards my always faithful and ultra soporific book on Design and Analysis of Algos by Navathe -that always works!!!
But this tme it was different..i knew no book on this planet would sooth words will calm me i did not even try picking up a book...simply picked my pillow in one hand and my coverlet in the other and went to mum and Dads room...woke both of them up... Dad couldnt help but smile at me clasping my pillow to myself and dragging the coverlet on the floor with the other hand and said," burra dream aaya...??? ". I nodded a yes and told them i had seen Dad ill in the dream and that i cant sleep in my well, i slept once again after soooo many years between mum and dad , exactly the way i used to when i was very little , holding mums hand even as i slept.

Well, i digressed....that is not what i wish to write about....the point is...that since the dream was real, very real.. i coulf feel all that was happening....and i felt ( in the dream) how tremendous my responsibilty had become..i am the eldest child of my parents..i could feel the responsibilities....responsibilities that in reality do not exist(tw) but i did get a taste of my dream i was calculating how long it would be before i start working; things changed...i dont know how to express it......
And when i woke up...its like ..hey , all is the same..i can wadddle to mum and dads room and all that i am supposed to do is study , help mummy in the kitchen once in a while, dont become a 'daaku' or a terrorist, get my legs pulled by bhai, try and hit him twice if he hits me once,think of CAT ,worry about the end sems, nod my head and smile when people ask my mother how she brought me up coz they want their daughters to be like me,nod my head and smile when after a quiz a proff asks the entire class if anyone has studied as much as Ruchi has....but at the same time i was not comforted coz now i know how things can change in a split second....
I dont want anything bad to happen to anyone, not even the people i like the least, no one!
But then as i told Shreyansh ( btw i have been thinking about the MD guy ever since i read ur post) If God gives you a problem then he will give you the courage to face it . period.
May God Bless You All.....

Monday, November 07, 2005

Dear readers, you can see i have deleted the last post that i had put up....I had written the post in an extremely sad state of mind hoping that if i wrote about my feelings i would feel better. I did feel better, not just coz i wrote the post but also because so may of you actually tried to cheer me up......Thank you every one. You bolster my belief that people are basically good .
I removed the post as each time i would glance upon it; i would start rereading it and would immediately be transported to the same frame of mind as i was when i first wrote it... so i felt that it was best that i remove it....
Thank you all once again for being the nice people you all are :)

p.s. Diwali-Id chuttiz end today.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


I am warning everyone before hand that this post is only about guy bashing and i am in a very dangerous mood , in fact my mum and dad might as well hang this outside the house:
Beware of Ruchita..Guys not allowed!
.So you are most welcome to not read this post.

Well..i have to get this out of my system . In recent past a number of things have happened that make me question the integrity of this species called guys.You know i have heard stuff guys have to say about girls..and i always felt that its inane to typecast every girl on the basis of some girls that you know..but now i am going to do the same. I know of this case third hand , as in the girl (A) is a friend of a friend . Girl A was having an affair with this guy .My friend(B) finds her crying very bitterly one evening.The evening in question is A's budday evening and B gets worried and wants to know what has happened .Amidst sobs and tears the story comes out--- Its not a long story , simply put, the guy has not called her to wish her a Happy Budday and she has been waiting for his call since midnight.
B: achcha tell me ...did u speak to him on his budday??
B hopes that in case they did not then myb she can point out the fact that since you did not speak then , so like, you should not expect him to call now.
A: B......, we spoke for threee hrs on his budday........
B tells me that she so totally wanted to give A a hug then.

You know i have never been in a relationship but i could so easily feel the pain that A must have been feeling . Poor girl ! . Its so bad to realise that you are not as important to someone who is very important to you.
I have no idea why guys lead girls to believe that they are important to them when they ARE not!!!!! ( The guy in question here apparently made huge plans of their future together with A ) What pleasure does a guy get from telling a girl how he spends the entire day thinking of her when actually on seeing that the call is hers he winces ??!!! Why?? Why is it important to play with someones feeling..that to, when the girl is a simple girl who is simple and foolish enough to actually like you??
I feel that girls get involved where as guys can say stuff and not mean it.It is a fact , i know for a fact that i wont tell someone that i missed him/her if in reality i did not! The root of the problem lies in the fact that girls are emeotional and dont take things casually....aah...emotions...(deep sigh! )

Some time back i met this guy (D) whom i used to know earlier he is doing Btech from a pretty good college and is a very good luking and very tall( hes 6'3, i asked him! ) and we got talking. Now i am no longer Ruchi didi just ruch and the first thing he asks me is whether i have a boy friend( wink wink) or no.( I told him i did not and he asked me if guys in my college are blind )..well so even though i am not thinking very highly of him ,we have long talk. Okay so he has a girlfriend. Lets call her C.
me: like hows she..temme something about her...
D: her names C, she into reading , just like you,..hmmm...what else...shes good in padhai, pretty...and ..umm..yeah she has a sisiter.......u know what, the sis is like real pretty..and i give her tips on how to study(wink again) ....shes like real coool and wants to clear iit..and shes...( he goes on and on about the sister )
me( considerably surprised) : hey..i asked you about ur gf and u are giving me a detailed account of her sisiter?????
D: well...u.c...i kinda like the sister...
me: oh my gawd?? and C , have you told her this..
D( laughs out loud) : naah...let her think whatever she wants to ( another wink)....btw she has told her parents about me...dunno why girls have to tell their parents everything???
me( thats coz they are not morons! ) : well have you told ur parents about t her...
D( looks agast ): NO! if you think i should tell her to call the thing of f because she has a prettier sister how should i go about doing it.........tell me how should i tell her that nothing concrete can happen between the two of us..
D's friend(who has been laffing and smilimg all thru out while C is being talked about) : yaar..bol de na intercaste allowed nahi hai ghar par...
D: nahin yaar..shes my cast only just different state(sad face)
but then he brightens ....turns towards me.
D: ruchita tell me...usko bol doon interstate ghar mein allowed nahi hai!(starts laughing)
I politely told him that i am sicked by what he just said.Iamgine the girl, all serious about this guy, who no doubt makes her feel nice and special when he is with her, poor girl, has no idea what he really thinks.

See i have started believing that being in a relationship is a BAD idea and all you get out of it is tears, some more tears and some more tears ..naah you get all this only if you are the girl if you are a guy then u just laugh it all off!!! I dont know why guys behave the way they behave....first one girl, then u see a prettier one so you forget the first one and move on to the next one...and so the cycle continues. I hope very bad that when D marries ( whoever he marries) he turns a new leaf and stays loyal to his wife...coz i feel that building trust is very difficult but breaking it is very easy.
Okay accuse me of being dogmatic, stuck in some time zone as far away from present times as possible but i still hold that this concept of one relationship after the next after the next is positive crap , doesnt matter how cool it might be! No one has any right to play with the emotions of anyone( read anyone ) else.This just is not done.How can you purposely lead someone into thinking about a future together when in reality you could not care less about her. But then in life two never equals two. It might be three for some and one for some one else. the fact that i wont do something to someperson in no way means that that someone wont do the same to me!
If i am honest with some one does not mean that someone is going to be honest with me .
If some one is important to me does in no way mean that i am going to be equally important to him.
Im sure any sensible girl would understand the above line......But then guys have no right to make any girl believe elsewise. I just wish that guys who do this would stop doing this and be a bit more sincere. I do not know C, i dont even know A not today...but myb some day , some C, some A is going to be some one who is important to me, my friend, my sisiter..some one who i dont want hurt

But i shall try to be optimistic. May be all guys are not this way. I hope so . Come to think of it... i have brothers who are the kindest souls on this planet...i know of some guys who 'll do anything to help some person in need...Maybe these guys are not like C.
And i also hope very bad that my cousins, friends manage to find THESE guys only.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Ek abla naari ki kahani, usi ki zabani.............

So another week draws to a close now...... And what a week it has been......and now i begin to pen down (or rather type down ) the saga that these past few days have been...
I like to begin from the the end of the previous week we had a HUGE viva followed by another HUGE viva followed by another HUGE viva....and yours truly studied very very assiduously for each and every one of them. Then came the week end but i was pretty tired and evrything so i did not study...and voila! before i know it the mid sems are sir par! Well one day before the midsems began my friend in college gave me a belated friendship Day gift...a pathetic pathetic viral infection ( we share a lot of things at time including viral infections)!!!!!
So there i was when evryone one was like studying real hard i was down with 102-103 body temperature .Any one who has done or is doing engg knows that Btech mein padhai haapens just a day before midsems so like i had to study...And it was pathetic.
I cant study on the bed is where i sprawl and study.. there i was so totally wanting to just close my eyes and go off to sleep..but naah....that was not to be....
Second day of the midsems was real bad.Okay as you all know i am not Madhuri Dixit neither am i Urmilla a matter of fact i am not Prerna( of kasauti ...fame) nor am i Parvati bhabhi( of some other fame).See the common thing between these respectable ladies is that even when they wake up in the middle of the night ( obviously coz of some 'darawna' nightmare )their hair is parfectly combed and their lipstick is a shade that can only be achieved if you blend the right amounts of matte with shine...but alas as i said i'm not Madhuri/Urmila/prerna/Parvati bhabhi....... So like when i wake up... i'm more like some girl going for a fancy-dress party as the Wicked Witch of the East. So picture me that way.. so early in the morning that its still dark outside ..pretending to be a human island amidst a sea of books spread all over the bed ,rocking back and forth trying to mug up 10 chapters in Software engg....That was bad coz like i started feeling very very weak....very suddenly actually....and my temperature soared...(myb coz of studying like crazy when i should have legally rested for 34 hours per day).For some time i really felt i would not be able to go for my midsems that day.
You know , sometimes i get this funny feeling that i can make my body listen to my brain...its like i can fool my brain into believing that i am absolutely okay when i am absolutely not....
So there was yours truly, looking like the WWE , on the verge of fainting , muttering furiously to herself: i am okay..i am going to be okay...i am okay.!!!!
Believe me i can be very very stupid at times!
But my mum and Dad have more sense....they made me gobble up two HUGE chocolate pastries(they were yummmmmm..btw) +one HUGE parantha+one HUGE glass of milk .All this at 5 in the morning!!!
Well i did give all the minors...gave them the best i could....and moreover and imporatanly i do not think that i did any worse than i would have done sans fever....
But yes , i do feel that at times, it might have been nice if i werent so ultra responsible and sincere,
Yes , it does sound very cool to say" arrey yaar...meine toh kutch padha hi nahi" .
But as cool or as nice as it maybe it is not me.
Its not like i'm crazy about marks or anything but then i am not doing anything else at i have no reason why i should not do the one thing that i am doin , properly,(atleast properly by my standards). I am very okay with not getting success , God knows i have dealt with it..but i am not okay with not working hard enough .

Okay the medicines+ exams have affected my brain , infact damaged my brain...and i am writin i dont know what!!!!
The next post shall hopefully be more sane.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Chotu si me!!!!

Scene one:
I am at the dentist's clinic. The doctor apparently had taught my Dad in medical Dad is a bit quiet and wants to hurry evrything up ! He so totally wants to get out of this place..i can sense it and i smile to myself. Ha! Ha! Ha!.....You might have been someones student 30 years ago..but...but...Ha! Ha! Ha! (evil smirk followed by evil laughter!)
The doctor pokes and prods my teeth. You see, i am here simply because i , at times, like to humour my mother. She does not like the way my upper lip twitches when i smile this particular smile and she wants to know if by pulling out 5 teeth it can corrected or no. I have been to , i think , all the dentists on this planet, save this elderly gentleman who was dad's proff( i think my father deliberately avoided going to him..ahem....). No, none of them think its a good idea to pull out teeth uselessly...and no..they cant see where my upper lip twitches...and Yes mummy i AM smiling that smile only!
Dad's cell starts ringing.He looks so relievd.Positively joyous!
Dad to the dentist: well...sir..i think...excuse me.
Doc nods his head and Dad leaves
Doc( to me as i as i get up from the chair and we are proceeding to his desk) :Dekho..there is nothing wrong.
me(delighted) : not even when i smile like this.
I smile the smile.
Doc: ur smiling.....??? its more like you are grimacing...
both of us laugh.
Doc: see...u know its not a problem here....welll you do come to me in a couple of years..we have a good 5,6 years to do anything in case we wish ur what...15,16 years??
I grimace ..but hope that hes going to take that to be a smile.I was 15 six years ago!!!!!!

Scene 2:
A cousin is turning 7 today!!!! Wow! Amazing!!!!Its her budday party....and i am having a real good time...loads of little - little bachchas around to ask silly silly questions .(For eg: my favourite:
tum mummy ko jyada pyar karte ho ya papa ko? these days are stupid , when i was younger and some one used to ask me this i actually used to tell them--- i dont know who i love more but i sure do hate people who ask me this! but those were days when i used to be a firebrand of sorts! )
I am sitting in this one corner... when i notice this woman sitting next to me...She seems vaguely familiar..okay yeah she is related to my cousin some way..
I can see that she is thinking the same about me . So i think its best i start the conversation now.
Me: uhmm...Hello..
She: hello beta...i'm sorrie i did not recognise you..though i was just thinking that you look familiar...
So i proceed to give a detailed account of mum and dad....and then finally she gets me(yay!!!)
She: Arre..kis class mein pahuchi tum.. you have an elder sister who is doing her Btech

Moral of the story: i am my own elder sister!!!!!
The aforementioned lady is no longer in this world.....she passed away due to some complications during childbirth some months after this incident . For those of you interested...her son is a healthy boy who, i heard just turned one.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


I am peculiar for a no. of inexplicable reasons.Following is a list of some( mind you, just some ) things that i do that make me the quirky woman that i ( so proudly) am!
1. Right-o-phobia:
Most of my closest friends wont walk on your left.You wonder why...u think they are finicky..NO.NO.NO!!!!
Thats coz I am finicky!!!!! I can't walk on another persons left!!! I cant cant cant!!!!! So they have become so used to someone constantly on their left that they are labelled finnicky!!!! If you wish to entertain yourself go with me for a walk.Take a u-turn. Watch me criss-cross my way to land on your left.Take another u-turn.Watch. Smile to yourself while i go nuts crissing-crossing .And say to yourself--' aah...quirky woman!! '

Okay i have just returned from a shopping expedition. I put my shopping bags on the bed( which has a pink bed sheet) and i start pulling out stuff i have just bought so that i can admire it once again..pat myself yet again for being the wonderful shopper that i am. I pull out a tee...its baby pink...aah , i say to will go so well with the powder pink capris i am wearing rite now....i pull out a pink hand bag...aah.., i say to myself...this is the exact same shade of pink as my dark pink belt i have put on rite now...i pull out candies...aah, i say to myself, tehy are the exact same shade as my pink lip gloss.(!!!!! )
Help! I the worst case of pink-o-philia on this planet . Its definitely a mental disorder.
And you say to yourself....'aah...kinky woman!'

3.Cant-sleep-on-the-left-of-the-bed mental disorder:
I cant walk on anyones left and i cant sleep on the left side of my bed.( happily) 'how kinky is that!!!'
However i am made of steel..i decide i will will myself into normalcy. So i sleep on the left of the bed. I am soon asleep. The last thing i say to myself before i land in the land of fairies(wearing pink dresses ,flitting around pink trees ..watching a pink sun set amidst pink clouds...) is a a very proud-of-myself 'HAAH! '
Next thing i know is that i am wide awake and feeling really the freshest i have felt in ages. The only glitch is that its two in the morning .
I panic..i have to sleep....i have to get up at 5 in the morning to study...oh my gawd!!! I try reading my text book on Design and analysis of always has a a soporific effect on me.No, now that is not workin either. I go mad! Finally i sleep at 4 in the morning only to get up , at 5, bewilderd by the sound of the alarm.All groggy and sleepy ....i try to study..quirky i might be..but at times i can be quite what do i do...??i roll over to right of the bed and sleep soundly for the next 8 hrs!
And you say to yourself...'Aaah.....quirky woman!! '

4. Cant-wear-a-watch menatl disorder:
I am a bad case of the aforementioned potentially dangerous mental illness....I simply cant wear a watch..or as a matter of fact anything on the wrist. To think that there was once a time when i could not live a second with out a watch . Now i cant live a second with a one!!!
I wear this really cool pink watch to college. As some time passes....i get restless....hmm...something is bothering i know...i quietly remove the watch from my wrist and spend the next 100 minutes of the lecture asking my neighbour to tell me the time atleast 500 times.
me: (sweetly but in a whisper ) cud i have the time please.?
neighbour: ( if a guy the he'll redden a bit ): oh yeah..sure...9:30.
i smile a thank you.
its now surely been atleast 30 minutes into the lecture
me(sweetly, in a whisper ) cud i have the time please?
neighbour( if a guy then he'll answer, elswise i just get a dirty look): 9:32

its now def. another 30 miutes minimum into the lecture.
me( always as sweet) :cud i have the time please?
neighbour( if a guy then he'll redden a bit...with i guess irritation, elsewise i get a nice smart slap on my wrist):9:33:55seconds!!!!!!!!!!
you :Aaah....quirky woman!!!!

Monday, October 17, 2005


well..i wrote a nice long post titled..RENDEZVOUS WITH A DUDE...but then something happened and it is all lost now..:(( (btw in retrospect i feel that it was def the best post that i had ever written..lemme sob some more..)
Its is by far the most tragic thing that has happened to me since i started blogging....
In this fit of depression i might even go and watch the pirated CDof Koi aap sa! Infact i think i will....myb then i will realise that there are worse things that can happen to me other than loosing very nice n funny posts....

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

lets just say that i do not often say how i feel about things . And it freaks her out. I had a massive mail to mail argument with her this past week. I dont speak out for myself most of the times.Thre were some issues that she wished discussed .You know how it can be with people who do not vent out feelings often enough...they erupt..simply errupt, without any warning , at times at the slightest provoaction and sadly, the worst affected are people who should be least affected...
So, i get this quiet mail from her wishing to discuss some things and i errupt.I am totally belligerent/bellicose. I send her a very and totally out-of-character-ly heated reply. I use loads of capslock . I use loads of ' freaking crazy' . I am rude.I know thats not me...but for once i'm sick of being me... But yes..i speak. The only saving grace is that even in my moment of anger i dont ( hopefully )say anything that might hurt her.
The next day i get a reply. As i wait for the mail to open i'm still belligerent. Fuming. Angry. Okay. Fine.
For the next few minutes i just read and read ... and then reread and then rereread........
Its not a letter , its a big throbbing heart. Its so totally full overflowing with love that i am speechless for some time.Its about 10 million Gb of unadulterated friendship...Shes just glad that i am speaking about how i feel. No mention of how rude i have been...nothing . Sometimes people can shut you up by just simply being nice . Its easy to be nice to some when that person is being nice to u; but very difficult to be nice when the person infront is moving hell to become unbearably unbearable. I sit there happily, snugly ensconced in the wunderful feeling of having been indulged when i rightfully desrved censure.
Thats my best friend for you....I so totally proudly present her to you.Tadaaaa!!!!!
In a very close friendship spanning almost 15 yrs and a handfull of cities post leaving school and a couple of continents we have had our ups and downs. Both of us can irritate , bug, drive mad-to-suicide the other one in a matter of seconds . The dynamics have changed.Okay so now i dont know what she had for lunch yesterday...but shes the first one i think of when something happens. I tell her xyz told me i'm too thin..she tells me i am a delicate thing , I tell her i think i am stupid and idiotic, she tells me that i am ALWAYS wrong. I tell her i hate my teeth , she tells me her sister would die to have teeth like mine.Shes there...she has alwyas been there, and by alwyas i mean always( cud you please stop feeling guilty about that one stupid time??? ).
My family has 5 people.
Dad--hes the one i run to when a slimy caterpillar has just taken a leisurely walk across my neck, hes the one i wake up when i hear a cat in the kitchen at midnight....whats the use of bringing up a daughter who wont be the Damsel-in-distress once in a while and let u be the Knight-in-shinning-armour. :)) ( even though the area of expertise is restricted to flicking away innocous caterpillars and chasing away cats on nocturnal strolls...)
Ma--I dunno wat shes made of....maybe i do...take a cauldron add some potion of concentrated love..stirr...wait for the hissing sound...put some more love..add some more love ...some more...some more..a little more keep adding more till...voila!!! MUMEEEEEEE.
Bhai--he so totally shud not read this!. Hes the funny man...can make me laugh like crazy any(read ANY ) time. Pulls my leg real bad...can make me cry like crazy any (read ANY ) time. Hes going to become a doctor..people will put the lives of their loved ones in his hands..they'll trust my personal court jester to save the lives of people so important to them. He'll save lives.....He'll save lives..... That li'l thing without front teeth, who used to lisp-' i laab looo ' in reply to ma's 'i love you' will save lives. ALL the very best Bhai.
my friend--if i can be half as good a friend to her as she is to me...i would rate myself as a very very very good friend!
I wonder if these people are just plain silly to surround me with such unquestioned, unconditional, unadulterated,unyielding love..or am i just plain lucky....I think its the latter...i so totally think its the latter.

Sunday, October 09, 2005


Deep sigh!

(Well i just sighed coz ppl in love are apparently supposed to sigh a lot..) dont jump to hasty conclusions..let conjectures remain conjectures.....
Yes i am in doubt about it....i have all the symptoms i should have...the diagnosis is totally correct.
But lest you jump to hasty conclusions( against which i have already warned you.) let me clarify certain things.
I am in love with this pencil case you see on your right. It is so totally the object of my affections...has been for some time now and shall be for eternity ( thats true love for you ppl! )
*Btw i am sorry for the bad quality of the pic which certainly is unable to do any justice to my beautiful but u c, my web cam is actually a free gift that i got with this PC. Hence and therefore dot dot dot.

* Btw (again) case you are wondering that is my hand

Get yourself a nice mug of coffee , wrap a light shawl around your shoulders( plz do not do any of the aforementioned things in case u live in the Sahara Desert ) .WHY??? you innocently (? )ask..... Well coz i am going to tell you my loooovvveeee story.

It was, as they say , love at first sight..( and in keeping with the latest trends in the lovers community another deep sigh! )
It was late in the evening...I had been strolling around in the market place with a friend for sometime when i spotted Archies Gallery.... I had nothing to buy but loads of time to vile away and also destiny i as if hypnotised enterd the shop..... Everything is spik and span..loads of soft toys all around ...soft music is cards....nothing of interest for me there....i keep moving along......then i stop at the stationery section...a little girl is looking at crayons....and i am momentarily transported to the age and era, which was trillionz of years ago, when i too used to use crayons....i shirk off the nostalgia....i look at the li'l girl ...shes wearing white shorts and a pink spaghetti..and is looking very very cute...then i start feeling jealous of her and then i have to shut my self up coz like the girlz like 3 and i'm 500 yrs old. I swear i can probably feel jealous of a hippopatamus or some similar pachyderm.
Trust me!
And then it happens.........the music shuts itself up...the girl conviniently disappears(good riddance to bad rubbish...hey i'm not saying anything i'm just quoting shakepeare, okay ?)..the world stands still (hackneyed/banal/cliched but true nevertheless)...What? What?What? you ask me.... eyes have just fallen on a pencil case that has itself fallen on the floor (as they say 'you fall in love' infact its more like ' everything falls in love'! )
i slowly bend down and pick up the pencil case. Its PINK(!!!!!!!! i'm crazy about pink!!!!!! crazy ! crazy! crazy! i-should-be-in-a-mental-asylum crazy!) and denimn blue.....Its has two very cute pockets(one with a button and the other with a zip) and i have just fallen in love.....
Iquickly note the date and time...u never know in the future...the media might want know about my frist love and i should have the details...only i'll replace the pink pencil case with a handsome doctor/astonaut.
but what??? you ask....
but there is a villain in my love story as well......i so totally immediately wanted to buy the pencil case. But:
a) i had no money.
b) the pencil case was for .... :( .....M.R.P.Rs 150. hopes crashed...i had hoped that the case would be for something like Rs. 10 or something and i could borrow money from the beggar outside and buy it...but ALAS! That was not to be. Broken hearted i had to leave my love in the shop and leave the place empti handed.(i hid the p. case, ofcourse)
then ensued 3 days of separation. I would lie on my bed..books open...face cupped in my hands...eyes staring in the void ( No1. on the list of fave passtime of lovers! )..and think of the pencil case..and think some more and then think some more.... I was feeling that splurging 150 bucks on a pencil case is unheard of...i have neva done anyhting of this sort....but then i reasoned i have neva been in love either...
so that was it....
decision made....I had some money the nanis and the dadis and the chachis(okay i dont have a chachi....i mean like i dont have a chacha either ) had given me...and off i went to the market.The Gods smiled in all their resplendent glory of fake gold and white fake beards and fake magenta lotuses..and threw rose petals at us( me and as i paid the surly cashier and bought!
So now i am totally and my pencil case...we study loads together :)

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Religious Rucheetah

okay..maybe its the wrong time of the year to say this but i come from a very very non-puja-vuja -waali family . The only pooja that happens in our house is on Diwali and i have to confess it is a miserable affair..the only saving grace is ma who manages to make it (if nothing else ) atleast look like a pooja...( and by the way we do not burst crackers so after the aforementioned pooja, i sit with sum neighbour who tells me ( read bores me dead ) about her latest crush while i moodily munch on mithai thinking about Shah Rukh Khan) .
I was watching the news yesterday.....gujarat is gyrating to the garba, kolkata is all festivity...mumbai is also garba....people in the colony are going hyper about navratra( hey that was not in the news! ) know i like all this pooja-vooja stuff..i genuinely sum time bak on janmashtami these neighbours were going to have a small family pooja to celebtare the occasion and since Auntie knows that inspite of genetics i like all this so she invited me over...
The entire family had gathered there and a lot of good natured badinage was going on..i sat in one corner of the room and was quietly observing everything that was going on around me...the temple was beautifully decorated ( i hate those tiny tiny chinese lights but here sumhow they were loking so pretty...) I felt that there were atleast 5,6 krishnajis in the temple ..but then i ws later corrected and the names of all the Gods and Goddesses were told to though i was feeling a bit lost i was having a good time...They were singing some bhajans some of which i knew ( and i sang with them...) etc etc...then...then.... came the time for the aarti...the pooja ki thaal was being passed around and i wished so bad that i belonged to the age of the dianosaur ( there would be more probabilty galloping around and swallowing me up)..u see i have, other than once, neva performed the aarati( yeah..yeah ...go ahead , faint! ) i tried to memorize whatever everyone else was doing .....then the dreaded thaali was( as if in slow motion) passed to me. I picked up the heavy thaali and looked nervously around....moved slowly towards the temple....beads of perspration apperaed on my forehead....I circled the thaali twice and feeling very relieved that nothing untoward had happened was about to pass it on to some one else.. when a voice spoke.
Dadiji: aare baar nahiin karte.
i promptly( not wanting to displease anyone ..) do a third round...
Dadiji goes pale and appears to be having trouble breathing..
Dadi ji: teen baar to ashubh hota hai !!!!!!
i get all nervous and start perspiring...i tell myself to stay calm...i have done scarier things Automata paper-2 being one!
i do a couple of more rounds and look around helplessly..
dadiji: bus! paanch bahut hai...
i feel extremely relieved as i sit down again...Phew!!!What an experience yaar....and absentmidedly i raise my hand ( which clutches a few ,by now, crushed petals.) towards my nose to smell them.
Dadiji( whos now keeping a very close eye on me): NAHIIN!!!!!!!!
dunno abt dadiji..but i almost definitely go into cardiac arrest..What happened ?????
Dadiji: phool smell mat karo...joothe ho jaate hai!!!!!!!!
Dadiji( very primly): isse naye phool do.
well... dejectedly i lower my now everyone is putting teeka on the foreheads of the various i'm like geeting real nervous....what if i do something wrong...okay just stay calm...take deep breaths....
I extend my hand ...alls well... and i'm just about to apply the teeka.......i , as a precautionary measure, look at dadiji( for approval..)
Dadiji has gone white.
I'm so sure i'm goin to be the death of this woman.
Dadiji(in a trembling voice ): teeka baayen haath se nahiin .....daaye haath se lagate hai!!!!!!!! nahin to ashubh hota hai!!!!
I hastily do as i'm told. After that i'm not supposed to do the rest of the pooja passes of smoothly . However i do keep on cheking on Dadiji who is still recovering from the many shocks that i have given her. She, however seems to be recuperating well.
So that was it..... i did have a good time and it was real decent of those people to have me over. They tried to involve me in everything and i'm truly grateful to them for that. I do wish i knew more of how what is done though. But i did wonder : if i had put the teeka with my left hand i scarcely think that a volcano would have erupted on the road leading to my these details..???i dont know...maybe sumday, sum time i will know.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Dunno wat the title of this post could possibly suggestions,ne one?
mood for the moment: very very depressed.
Theres a word in the english language spelt as 'ennui' (if i am not mistaken..i mite be though.) that largely means general boredom. Thats the word to descibe how i'm feeling at this moment. Ma and Dad have gone to watch some play...and the house is painfully quiet, therz no cable rite now, my eyes are hurting and i am jumping at small sounds! Its not like i dont have work to do( that s the reason why i did not go for the play- had to study etc etc) --loads of assignments to finsh, chapters and chapters to study or rather mug up, have not as of yet read todays Hindu( yeah rite you cant faint as much as you wish to ) a book to finish so much to do... but i just dont fel like doing any of it....
This past week just flew was indeed very hectic....though some nice things happened..(yeah myb if i think of nice things depressing thoughts will be washed away...)

1. Some reults of the now famous minors trickled in( the fact that i mention this in the'good-things-that-happened' section says a lot ;) )

2. In the web tech test there were 3 questions and i got (hear this!!!! ) 3 'excellents'!!!!!!!!!!!!
i was soooooooooo happy though i do believe that it might be considered juvenile to react this way..but still ,somehow , a good test copy always brightens me!

3. got 29/30 in web tech , 14/15 in DBMS, 12/15 ( the highest was 12.5) in s/w/ uptill now its been good.

4. Surprising no of people( not a single girl amongst them ;) ) continue to ask me to treat them for topping the last sem...i'm like -let me get thru a gud b school and then i'll give u the treat of your life!!!
At times performing well scares to explain how i feel better ,take the example of my neighbour who is goin to get married soon.... so the two of them keep talking endlessly on the fone etc etc...she tells me that all these nice things scare her...shes scared that they might stop happening..what then....hmmm...since i'm having an affair with marks ( not Marks but marks, sadly , hehehe) i feel the same about them...i know i know..i'm just being stupid and idiotic .... but then i can only work hard and hope for the best .
gosh..... i'm the Drama Queen!!!!!
okay... like i said i am all alone and imagining sounds....but( meaningfull pause) i was NOT imagining them!!! i had heard a thumping sound some time back in the back yard..and then i felt real stupid as i felt that it was just my imagination....but (another menaingful pause) it was NOT. For a few seconds later ,just after i thought i had finished the post, from the corner of my eye i saw sumthing moving ( this post , one might easily say is not for the weak hearted ) All senses alert i stealthily moved from my room into the lobby...all was quiet and still in the dimly lit room... and then i sensed movement near my feet.... displaying tremendous alacrity/ celerity i turned in flash to catch a glimpse of a HUGE black scary , hairy CAT!!! ( not C.A.T but cat) And that was signal enough for me to start shrieking like crazy n jumping up and down!!!!! ( that must have scared the cat ,betcha! )
And then wat wud Ms. Department topper-scared -about-being-the-topper do????? I madly searched for my cell and called Dad!!!!!!! and hes like' but beta, mein yahan se kya karoon agar room mein billi hai???!!!!"
me: ' kya karoon ??? (incredulous pause as if sum1 cud actually ask me that)arre use bhagaiye aap'
sound of stifled laughter and i get very very hurt.
Well the cat after roaming around my house ( i watched from behind the almost closed door of my room ..) and obviously not liking it went back from where she came.
'oh dear...please get me some smelling salts, they are in my boudoir..'(hehehhe)
Am feeling much happier now....
Moral of this true life account: It takes nothing less than a cat to cheer up Ruchita!

Saturday, October 01, 2005


BOOK 1: To Sir With Love.
After a long time i have come across a book i enjoyed to the core. Its not like you cant put it down sorts but certainly u do feel like picking it up. It a class room dramaans the whole story revolves around this black teacher all set to teach a very crass gropu of students in a school situated in a very poor area prone to violence. Its a nice heart warming story.

BOOK 2: The room with a view.
Also after a long i came across a nice pleasant classic. Its a romance in a vague sort of a way... its totally my type of a book.Set in europe its about this girl called Lucia who though is engaged to marry the very correct Cecil finds herself falling in love with George , a not so correct guy.
I am just about to finish the book...I spent a nice couple of hours with it :)
Mera blog no. one kyoon hai????
isiliyea hai coz only one person reads it!!! (hehehehhe) moving on...since i do know that my absence from the blogging world should be accounted for( if only for that one person ..) i shall give you a detailed explanation.
First and foremost in a style true only to my college authorities we had our mid sems on a two day notice. All six minors to be prepared in 2 days!!!! Imagine my shock and horror at finding out that! Well since i am boringly hard working most of it was prepared ( for any eventuality of this precise nature) but since it was a real bad shock for everyone else i raised a huge hue and and cry over it at home. Ma almost gave me up for adoption and dad tried to appear brave but sad about it! Bro in all probabilty threw a party-sharty for friends in medical school!
Well so three days went in those horrid horrid ( dunno why but i somehow feel better if i repeat words twice..) minors. Giving two tests in a day isNOT human!!!!! Ii so totally wanted to fall sick( as in ill ) after the tests..i was sooo exhausted ( thats the word..i pat my back!) really i was enervated...felt very weak and made the mistake of telling ma about it. So that was the green signal for ma to run after me with ten trillion 'kelas' in one hand, twenty glasses of milk in the other, two-three million b-complex and multivitamin tablets in the other( hey wait a sec, my maths in not that gud but one+one+one=3 and i know for a fact that ma only has 2 hands...well neva mind we'll leave the details of anatomy for some other time). So i spent a lot of time evading glasses of milk and bowls fruits and ( oh gawd i hate them)multi-vitamins! Ma started to 'surprise' me with food( lo and behold!) hoping that in a state of surprise i might eat more than i normally would..well since she had my best interests in mind i must add that i truly appreciate all her fretting over how much how zinc+magnesium+vitamin a,b,c,d---j,h,---z reaches me. If i were my daughter i would have just smacked my(i mean the daughter's) head and stuffed as many apples as i wished to in my( again a reference to me as a daughter) gaping mouth. i'm sure that would have worked a teeny bit better.
Well the weekend went smoothly by, with me finally finding some quantity( i hate the bull- shit about quality time) time with my beloved beloved books! I even managed to voluntarily eat a couple of fruits.
typical conversation between me and ma.
ma: beta chalo jaldi se yeh bees glass doodh finish kar do....
me: hello..... i just had 300 glasses of fruit juice!!! no,no, NO!!!
ma: is that a 'no'?
me: seems like one to me!
ma: ( thoughfully) i think you have anorexia. chalo joote pahno, doctor ke paas chalna hai.
i pick up one glass of milk, gulp it, quickly pick up the next, then the next.....
sorry...i digressed there but the temptation was a bit too much. Well my pc was not working i could not blog(my beloved beloved blog!! sniff,sniff..all alone....sniff)... so now ( for the time being atleast) my pc is happy and healthy and i am happily blogging...
oh gosh-i have been posting for the past 20 minutes , i have a software engg viva in the first two lectures tomorrow morning so i had better go back to my books( deep sigh! )
lots more to tell u...but will do that in subsequent posts.
till then

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

why i shud marry at age 21.

Now i am not saying that i should marry at this age but i do have a lot of people around me who do point out the blessed virtues of an early marriage ( mainly aunties who should rightfully be sent to mental asylums , no pun intended. )
1. You get loads of new clothes---- hello.....????? new clothes, new clothes???? spoil my life for new clothes!!!!! I can get loads of new clothes at some pathetic sale at Ganna sansthan as well , why marry for it ???
2. If you marry young you have a better chance of getting a good guy----- see, if i'm a buddhi when i decide to marry, i'll marry a buddha! whats the big deal, huh? 'girte-padte' complete the pheraz, trembling voice mein say whatever has to said, take out fake teeth from thier saline solution when pics have to be taken, invite only 'buddhas' for the wedding , begin a new life at a brand new old age home.Seems fine to me...what say??
3. Its difficult to find guys for higly educated girls----( this ofcourse was said by this one aunty who was discouraging me from aiming for CAT.), Btech in any case is too much i guess . THis one is like real stupid... so girls should not study ( a very indignant ) hello????? The aunty concerned is kindly requested to return from 3rd century B.C wherein she seems to take pride in reposing,to good old 21st century A.D.
4. Coz this other cousin has gotten married---- now...she has gotten married, thats allright, its her life, but how can you ignore the fact that shes 32!!!!
( I am only in 3rd year right now....and have had to face a considerable number of aunties in full form...God only can give them strength to see me do my MBA, and marry real late, if at all !!!! However thank God for sensible parents who keep me away from the shadee -wadee ka chakkar!)