Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Okay, i just have one small thing to say....Nivindya has got a place in a university she really wanted ! Shes real happy and so am i.
So, herz a big big big CONGRATULATIONS to her...Keep up the good work.
Totally proud of you!

Sunday, August 28, 2005


" Friends are like melons,
Shall i tell you why...
To find one good ,
You must a hundred try!"

Everone in his/her lifetime subconsciously tries a lot of people as friends( almost like the hundreds of pairs of jeans that one has to try to find that perfect fit!).Well you know that she/he is a real good friend when the two of you-

1. Jab jab jab and jab!!!!
2. Agree to disagree.
3. be okay about not in the least liking the others romantic interest . ( wink, wink, wink)
4. Share laughter (nothing like being able to laugh together.)
5. Giggle non stop.
6. Finish each others sentences.
7. Say the same things at the same time.
8. Then root for telepathy.
9. Always have something to talk about ( even after years and years of knowing each other)
10. feel lighter after having told each other about the endless mundane problems that have to be braved.
11. Feel nice and warm after a long conversation.
12. Can discuss anything( read anything!!)
13. Calling the whole thing off is never even an option.
14. Know what irritates the other.
15. feel that the other one is family.

Thank God for friends!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Its quite funny ( in a certain way...) these supposed news channels... They are supposed to keep you updated with everyhting thats going on around you. And i am getting exceedingly suspicious that they have taken 'everything' at face value. And more often than not i find my self extremely amused at the antics of these news starved reporters...
Take for example Aaj Tak( sabse tez...) or maybe it was NDTV (what difference does it make any ways..) .Well sometime back Govinda and his family were hurt in the car accident and the news starved reporters clapped and cheered coz they finally had something to make reports about.
You should have seen the news piece on that to believe it! The camera was inside the hospital and they were interviewing Govinda's son. The boy was asked where it hurt him the most, simple 'chota sa' boy that he is , he gave the simple chota sa reply, " kahiin nahi ", without ofcourse realising how badly dissapointed the reporter would be. But the reporter was very smart and chose not to relent. He had already decided on the next line and irrespective of what the boy said he WAS going to say it. So he concluded," As is quite obvious , the boy who is in extreme pain ...."
( The boy in the aforementioned ( and non existant) extreme pain lay on the bed in the background surely skeptical about the reporters sanity)
The rest of the peice basically included Govinda's wife insisting that the kids are both out of danger and the reporter insiting that they were in bad shape...
Now coming to Aamir Khan , he apparently has another son mothered by a firangan Jessica-something. Entry , our close friend who does all that he can to make us aware, the news starved reporter.These people actually made a half an hour documentary on that! It was creatively divided into segments called'kalam ki kamai'( Jessica is a writer and hence the name of this segement), 'Jaan ka naam'( the boys name is jaan..) etc etc....(I was actually flabbergasted .The Ekta kapoor soaps show the same stuff , right ? And moreover they dont pretend to be ultra arcane, abstruse etc etc... atleast they do not have subtitles like 'Smart news for Smart People..!!!!! )
Now , finally , coming to Sahara Samay.Apparently if a manhole cover on your street is missing, chances are that Sahara Samaya is sweating all over trying to get that exclusive interview of the man residing in the house just infront of the manhole. SS people are like real amzing! See i think the time is not far off when if a dead pig is found dead on some unnamed street in Unnav, A news reader in the news room will importantly say," And now before we discuss the Budget , we are joined by Dr. Ram Lakhan, Vetenary doctor, Unnav who was in the vicinity when the pig (fondly called piknu by his owners son) died. So, doc sa'ab, what exactly do you think was going on in the mind of Pinku when he breathed his last?"

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

It does come to mind ( often at that too) what life has in store for me. I mean there are loads of things i know here is no use thinking about coz i know thinkung wont help in the least but i cant help but wonder.
Like what would i be like in say exactly 10 years. I would be 31 at that time and some very important decisions would have been made by then( hopefully).Would i be fat or remain slim? Would i have started looking real jaded and thorougly bored with life?
Would i be doing a typical and regular 9 to 5 job or i would have found my true calling( i really have no idea even now what my calling would be like!!) And so on and so forth..Would be realtively healthy...Which city would i be in? Would i have good friends?..and so and so forth....
I have started feeling( i now i degress here ..) very strongly about CAT, though i do realise that this is what i have to do, but then i want to know why? You know the worst part is that i dont even want the money! Money is essential but not worth the hell that i will have to go through to get througha good b- school...I have no idea.. the funniest part is that i dont even like the concept of a 9 to 5 job. Every thing that a real good B school so faithfully promises is low on my priority list.. then WHY????
But then i think i like the concept of studying further. Btech from here shall NOT suffice, i need another degree. However a M.Tech is not even an option because i simply hate technology ( i mean i dont hate using it, i just hate learing it and making it and so on..) GRE does not point in going abroad when your parents are earning money in rupees. So, there i am without any more options ... sO I guess i will do an MBA no matter how much useless i find it:)

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

I have been feeling so terribly depressed of late that i cannot even begin to fathom the reason behind it. My chuttiz have been dragging too long - that could be one valid reason. Another could be the fact that i am sans extremely close friends now.... I mean the ones that i'm lke really close to are either not in the city or have their colleges going on.... moreover i think it would be nice to hang out here and there but that is not happening. Maybe that is the price one has to pay for being too choosy about friends. I , however cannot help it if i do not want to be ' best- friends' with every other person i know. And i also think that i'm being very reasonable when i do the aforementioned......
This , i hope is a passing phase and once when college opens i shall be happy and busy as a bee....!!!!