Tuesday, June 09, 2009

OP aka The Official Plan

So, now I have another target for myself. And like all those before this one, this too has to be shared with my fellow bloggers.


And for Phd, GMAT has to be given. Now I feel that academics is the line for me, only thing is there is not enough money for me there. But I guess for once I shall let my heart do the thinking. I know that almost everyone who can is applying for a doctorate so competition this year is going to be very tough but well when have things been easy ?

So I have been working on and off for GMAT over the last 2 months. And these are the important points noted:
· According to the Powerprep S/W tests [ which are supposed to be the most accurate ones around] taken I should get a score of 700/800. This score is good, but LBS/Oxford/ Cambridge( I don’t remember which) says that although they would consider any score above 600 , anything above 700 would add a lot of weight . And boy I need as much weight as I can get !
· So, I need to up my score by 60-70 points. I know that is a harsh target, one that is difficult to achieve. However when were things easy?
· 760, if achieved would be phenomenal. Targets need to just that little bit phenomenal. And I am NOT going to be negative this time. I refuse to be that.

So, the next question is how do I do it?

· To start with, I have not practiced a single Data sufficiency question. Not a single one. So there is ample scope of learning there- some points that can be gained from DS
· I have not solved a single PS question (except the ones which I have done for the Power prep s/w)Again scope for points.
· Kaplan 800 might help. Even if it increases my score by 10 points
· Maintain a mistake log book

And the time table
With work beginning soon, how do I manage to fit in GMAT? This is how! Tadaaaa

· I am not starting at zero level. So that helps
· One hr of GMAT in the morning
· One hr after coming back from work
· Weekends are going to be off. So 4-5 hours each weekend.
· There are 5 sections in all. So one week for each section. Plus one week for practice/ anything else mebbe I feel like taking a break. So I will keep a one week buffer
· So a total of 6 weeks
· 18 hours in a week for 6 weeks=108 hours of GMAT work
· Officially will start from 2 week of work. So another one buffer week.

So that is the plan. Will try and update blog each day/ alternate day. Will bug you guys with GMAT now!!!
Over and Out.
End of OP

Gud night, sleep tight

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Zidd karo, aur usse poora karo!

So, finally work begins for me in a few days from now! It will be the first time I shall start working full time. But as luck would have it, I have had to start job hunt before joining my company, which we shall call X from now on.

There are times when I don’t want to look for a new job, I want to just sit back and relax and enjoy having a job that pays me well and allows me to do the kind of work I want to do. But that is not to happen and I know I am being silly in thinking so.

As some of the regulars here know, Sid works on a different continent and post the wedding I shall have to join him. Now the entire continent in question is facing the worst of the economic crisis! As fate would have it, it is there that I have to job hunt. That too with almost no work experience.

As I started panicking yesterday when a senior told me grand tales about what an opportunity of a life time X is, Mum had to once again don the cap of my shrink! :P

So, yesterday I cribbed and threw tantrums about why I have to keep fighting ALL the time, Mum told me to remember this-

Zidd karo aur usko poori karo!

I hope I do keep this in mind.

So, finally I am at peace with myself. I am writing this in hope that whenever next I feel weird about what a fight life continuously is I shall remember what mum had to sayJ

You know, today I was watching an episode of Celebrity Apprentice in which one guy feeling very sorry for himself very angrily asks Donald Trump,” Do you have to get up every morning and fight?!!”

“Yes, and I do that every single day, for the entire day and have been doing that my entire life. My entire life has been a fight. One big fight! ”, replied Mr. Trump

In that one sentence ( ok ok ok for the puritans, 2) Mr. Trump rose a couple of thousand feet in my eyes. Not that what I think of him changes anything for him..but who knows…may be one day it might!