Monday, February 26, 2007

Post # 150!!

Random things about today:

*Had a midsem from 10; started padhai at 8.
Not good!

*From 7 to 8 in the morning watched the Oscars and jogged in front of the TV.

*Neembu paani is very very very good for the skin.

*It was soooo hot by the time I was returing from college; that I actually wore my duppatta the way a new bride wears her 'pallu' over the head and infront of it till the duppatta almost reached my chin.Imagine a girl w/o an umbrella walking , with a bright yellow duppatta all over her face to escape the sun!
That was me at 11 today!

*Now, two of my first cousins are getting married.

*Got a call from a friend telling me that tomorrows mid sem has been postponed!
Very nice.
May God Bless the faculty concerned.

*There is this 3 yr old boy in my neighbourhood.He is fair, tall for his age and has dimples!
I had forced him , on V Day to wish me.He bawled his head out that day but would not say the 3 words.Huh!
So today ,I caught hold of him ,looked threateningly at him and his blue cycle with wheels for support and told him that I have a HUGE gun.
He said," Mere pass boht kaam hai, mein chalta hu!"


*I love watching Oprah , apart from which I watch nothing on TV these days.

*Lalu P Yadav is a very entertaining guy.If he could turn around the condition of the Inidan Railways, then why cannot /could not he do something about the situation in Bihar?

*I think water is the bestest drink EVAAAHHH! Simply lurrvvveee it!

*Random guy in college told me today that my eyes were looking red and puffy ,have I been studying too much?

*Did the tailor ka hisab, did the newspaper guy ka hisaab and almost single handedly lifted the HUGE dinning table in the lobby!

*I generally brush my teeth 5 to 6 times a day.

Thursday, February 22, 2007


So now I am as free as they come.
Yesterday , as I walked out of the Indian Social Institute, New Delhi after participating in one GD and 2 personal interviews[yess, they interviewd me twice, wanted to interview me once more but that, thankfully , did not happen!:P ] I mentally yelled a 'yeayyyy!' coz with that the gruelling 7-8 month stint at trying to get through a bskul came to an end for me!

From tomorrow onwards NO Economics Times.
NO Hindu!!!
And back to pyaar sa, tabaloid type TOI....full of who broke up with whom and who is going out with whom.
*dreamy look*

No more sitting in front of ancinet people and saying globe like '*intelligent, introspective luk*, well Sir, I am an individual in my own right and I will never do anything just because my father , grand father and brother are all doing it. I never wanted to become a doctor, Sirr, I can only do things I am passionate about because only if I have passion for the particular thing can I excel at it'

Yeah right!
How about Mummy being too concerned about me turning 30 by the time I finish MD whihc would lead to very few good marriage proposals?

Enough of WTO!!!
Enough of what ails the Software sector.
Enough of multilateral trade as opposed to bilateral trade.
Enough of sitting in front of the TV, watching some ancient man on NDTV and frantically jotting down anything of importance that he utters into my diary!
And yess!!
Enough of the green diary!

Now this is the dairy which was the most imporatnt assest for me during the whole prep.It had been divided into sections like 'world economics', 'indian economics','internal afairs'
etc etc
And as I read stuff, whether on the net or through the newspaper stuff would be put down there.It has innmuerable pink cuttings , some portions of them heavily underlined . I will most probably hand it over to a friend of mine who has 5 IIM calls to deal with abhi bhi.

Endless hours on the Net.
Googling for stuff like' India's bid for a seat in security council', and actually going through everything and trying to keep it in your head.

The frantic manner in which my brain worked during the GDs trying to come up with some important point.
The effort needed to come into the GD due to my soft voice.
The use of hands[and yess, a guy after one GD came to me and told me that I have pretty hands*blush*], eyes, expressions, voice modulation.
Being told so many times that inspite of sucha soft voice everyone listens to me when I speak[the secret, my friends is being pleasant, nice and smiling with tremendous and hopefully sophisticated voice modulation!] that I actually have more faith in myself now!
The moments just before the GD begins when I heart beats sooooooooo loudly that I wonder why my voice cannot be as loud!

The seconds waiting outside the PI room waiting for the being called inside the room.
Walking that distance from the door to your seat when u feel all eyes on you.
Having planned the 'confident walk' and realising that you are doing none of it!
Listening to the questions shot at you by the panel, the tremendous feeling of relief when it is something you know well...the guarded response when you do not!
The feeling of camraderie amongst all poeple during and after the interviews are done with.
The sharing of experiences with random strangers.
The reassuring words to be said when someone tells you that he/she thinks he/she has messed it up.
The hopeless feeling when you know that you have messed it up.
The second after you have cracked a joke in an I/view ...when you are scared stiff about how the panel will react to it.. the relief when they break into guffaws.
The final' Thank you, you may leave and all the best'

The feeling of relief when all it gets over.
It is all over for me now...just wait and watch for the results:)

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I am okay now:)

Some of you pamper me . Even if you do not realize that.

Anyways...there are a couple of things I wanted to blog about.

First and foremost my seventh semester end sem results were declared last night.And I have topped*taleezz*.
I know ,under the present circumstances the college performance does not matter but still it is nice to know that I managed to pull this one off!
I had CAT on the 19th, then IIFT on the 26th and only then did I begin with my end sem work.There were files to be submitted, vivae to be given, for the first time proffz were not happy with me as I had not attended classes...there were so many things happening .

I remember feeling sooooo tired and worked up. On 10th of December I had the Narsee Monjee Entrance exam and the JMET exam.The End sems began from the 13th.
It was so phunny!!
And this continued right through the End sems. Infact on one occassioin, I gave a Management entrance one day and an End sem[Bioinformatics] the other day.Not to mention the fact that at that time three of our relatives had also come over.

It has been fun.... I guess.

Amongst other news I have not even begun, in earnest, work for NM and I should stop behaving the way that I am right now!

We have been having such nice weather of late.I simply love winters and rains.It is heavenly to wake up and see the sky overcast.It is simply OSSUUMM!
The wollens which had been put away are being brought out again, it has been raining heavily since morning and we even had a hailstorm today!!!

Then I spent a couple of hours with a family friends' 5 month old daughter.She is sucha happy baby . I showed her my room and the computer and told her soooo much about the rubbish MBA situation that I am in. And I know she understood all that I was saying; she was listening so quietly to all of it .
Then I put a red bindi on her forehead and she looked adorable!!

It is raining even now, it is dark outside; partly coz it is almost seven but then it has been this dark since afternoon!
After a very confused morning[ wherein I decided ot not go for a interview call that I have] I have had a nice evening and am feeling quite nice and happy even though nothing very nice has happened.

aaahhh..don't I love feeling this way!


P.S Anonymous comments have been disabled.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

So I am overflowing with self pity at the moment.I am not feeling well, have been in tears most of the day and in general am quite busy feeling wretched when I am not equally feeling faint and imbalanced[mentally and physically].[whateveah that means!]

My life sucks.At this point in time , it really does..