Friday, October 24, 2008


It is one of those mornings when all seems wrong. It’s not like I haven’t had a morning like this in ages but its just that today I hope to write it off.

I am just so restless about so many things, there are things that don’t seem correct, I don’t know how to go about them, there is uncertainty all around…I suddenly don’t know if there is anyone I can talk about this to.

Generally I feel like talking it out with my Mum but Nani is not doing well and I dont want to make things worse for her.She can do with out my nonsense for some time .

There is just too much going on in my tiny li’l head, I guess.

Hopefully you guys are having a better time
Have a nice day,

Thursday, October 23, 2008

So, I am now well into the 5th Trimester. I came to Delhi on the 31st of June 2007 – it has been almost one and a half years ….it seems like eternity..almost as if I was always here, like this….A few random points that came to my head today

  • There have been very high highs and very low lows in this time, the important thing is that I lived through it all ..hehe
  • Today we had some industry hot shots and since it was a fin company I felt totally disconnected and disinterested. It was then that the fake-ness of it all hit me hard.
    o We were all in formals trying to look interested while playing with our cells/ ipods
    o Fake questions were asked
    o Fake answers given
    o Fake accents used
    o Fake smiles, fake interest, fake conversation
  • I have not worked honestly on a competition in a long time, I think it is time I changed that. Amen.
  • It is important to feel happy for others - very ,very, very important
  • I am reading this book called the ‘The Last Moughal ’ and after a long time I find myself so captivated by what the author wants to tell me.
  • Some times I have images in my head which I have never seen- I have imagined them while reading descriptions given in books. And Boy! Do they stay!! It takes me time to figure out that they are imagined and that I have not actually seen them! Parks, Beth, Mr. Darcy, Scarlett O’ Hara, the first world war, the tiger in the boat, Robert Langdon, Indira Gandhi with her Mum as she slowly died due to TB in Switzerland ,Benazir Bhutto while her Dad was being taken away from her, random woman in an Iranian Jail listening to the cries of a fellow inmate being tortured in the next room , a Muslim woman being hugged by the daughter of a her husband’s new wife-both of whom she has started to like , a scar that runs down the right side of her face , the blind Black man who walks with the dog, the island the kids run away to and try to survive on, Harry Potter, Fatty and Mr Goon, Geisha, Ms Havisham and the stair case, David ,Paul M Emanuel and his expressions and how much I hated him in the beginning and how badly I fell in love with him :P ,Lucy in the attic, the quilt, the road in Japan in 1940s, Lance Armstrong in the hospital bed and the nurse who was like an angel

    The list does not stop J
    And I am glad it does not.


    PS: to those who worry about my absence, the few readers who as my counter tells me frequent my place with a regularity that definitely is neither earned nor deserved, do not worry. No News, as they sometimes say, is good news. Take care and sleep tight:)