Saturday, October 29, 2005

Ek abla naari ki kahani, usi ki zabani.............

So another week draws to a close now...... And what a week it has been......and now i begin to pen down (or rather type down ) the saga that these past few days have been...
I like to begin from the the end of the previous week we had a HUGE viva followed by another HUGE viva followed by another HUGE viva....and yours truly studied very very assiduously for each and every one of them. Then came the week end but i was pretty tired and evrything so i did not study...and voila! before i know it the mid sems are sir par! Well one day before the midsems began my friend in college gave me a belated friendship Day gift...a pathetic pathetic viral infection ( we share a lot of things at time including viral infections)!!!!!
So there i was when evryone one was like studying real hard i was down with 102-103 body temperature .Any one who has done or is doing engg knows that Btech mein padhai haapens just a day before midsems so like i had to study...And it was pathetic.
I cant study on the bed is where i sprawl and study.. there i was so totally wanting to just close my eyes and go off to sleep..but naah....that was not to be....
Second day of the midsems was real bad.Okay as you all know i am not Madhuri Dixit neither am i Urmilla a matter of fact i am not Prerna( of kasauti ...fame) nor am i Parvati bhabhi( of some other fame).See the common thing between these respectable ladies is that even when they wake up in the middle of the night ( obviously coz of some 'darawna' nightmare )their hair is parfectly combed and their lipstick is a shade that can only be achieved if you blend the right amounts of matte with shine...but alas as i said i'm not Madhuri/Urmila/prerna/Parvati bhabhi....... So like when i wake up... i'm more like some girl going for a fancy-dress party as the Wicked Witch of the East. So picture me that way.. so early in the morning that its still dark outside ..pretending to be a human island amidst a sea of books spread all over the bed ,rocking back and forth trying to mug up 10 chapters in Software engg....That was bad coz like i started feeling very very weak....very suddenly actually....and my temperature soared...(myb coz of studying like crazy when i should have legally rested for 34 hours per day).For some time i really felt i would not be able to go for my midsems that day.
You know , sometimes i get this funny feeling that i can make my body listen to my brain...its like i can fool my brain into believing that i am absolutely okay when i am absolutely not....
So there was yours truly, looking like the WWE , on the verge of fainting , muttering furiously to herself: i am okay..i am going to be okay...i am okay.!!!!
Believe me i can be very very stupid at times!
But my mum and Dad have more sense....they made me gobble up two HUGE chocolate pastries(they were yummmmmm..btw) +one HUGE parantha+one HUGE glass of milk .All this at 5 in the morning!!!
Well i did give all the minors...gave them the best i could....and moreover and imporatanly i do not think that i did any worse than i would have done sans fever....
But yes , i do feel that at times, it might have been nice if i werent so ultra responsible and sincere,
Yes , it does sound very cool to say" arrey yaar...meine toh kutch padha hi nahi" .
But as cool or as nice as it maybe it is not me.
Its not like i'm crazy about marks or anything but then i am not doing anything else at i have no reason why i should not do the one thing that i am doin , properly,(atleast properly by my standards). I am very okay with not getting success , God knows i have dealt with it..but i am not okay with not working hard enough .

Okay the medicines+ exams have affected my brain , infact damaged my brain...and i am writin i dont know what!!!!
The next post shall hopefully be more sane.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Chotu si me!!!!

Scene one:
I am at the dentist's clinic. The doctor apparently had taught my Dad in medical Dad is a bit quiet and wants to hurry evrything up ! He so totally wants to get out of this place..i can sense it and i smile to myself. Ha! Ha! Ha!.....You might have been someones student 30 years ago..but...but...Ha! Ha! Ha! (evil smirk followed by evil laughter!)
The doctor pokes and prods my teeth. You see, i am here simply because i , at times, like to humour my mother. She does not like the way my upper lip twitches when i smile this particular smile and she wants to know if by pulling out 5 teeth it can corrected or no. I have been to , i think , all the dentists on this planet, save this elderly gentleman who was dad's proff( i think my father deliberately avoided going to him..ahem....). No, none of them think its a good idea to pull out teeth uselessly...and no..they cant see where my upper lip twitches...and Yes mummy i AM smiling that smile only!
Dad's cell starts ringing.He looks so relievd.Positively joyous!
Dad to the dentist: well...sir..i think...excuse me.
Doc nods his head and Dad leaves
Doc( to me as i as i get up from the chair and we are proceeding to his desk) :Dekho..there is nothing wrong.
me(delighted) : not even when i smile like this.
I smile the smile.
Doc: ur smiling.....??? its more like you are grimacing...
both of us laugh.
Doc: see...u know its not a problem here....welll you do come to me in a couple of years..we have a good 5,6 years to do anything in case we wish ur what...15,16 years??
I grimace ..but hope that hes going to take that to be a smile.I was 15 six years ago!!!!!!

Scene 2:
A cousin is turning 7 today!!!! Wow! Amazing!!!!Its her budday party....and i am having a real good time...loads of little - little bachchas around to ask silly silly questions .(For eg: my favourite:
tum mummy ko jyada pyar karte ho ya papa ko? these days are stupid , when i was younger and some one used to ask me this i actually used to tell them--- i dont know who i love more but i sure do hate people who ask me this! but those were days when i used to be a firebrand of sorts! )
I am sitting in this one corner... when i notice this woman sitting next to me...She seems vaguely familiar..okay yeah she is related to my cousin some way..
I can see that she is thinking the same about me . So i think its best i start the conversation now.
Me: uhmm...Hello..
She: hello beta...i'm sorrie i did not recognise you..though i was just thinking that you look familiar...
So i proceed to give a detailed account of mum and dad....and then finally she gets me(yay!!!)
She: Arre..kis class mein pahuchi tum.. you have an elder sister who is doing her Btech

Moral of the story: i am my own elder sister!!!!!
The aforementioned lady is no longer in this world.....she passed away due to some complications during childbirth some months after this incident . For those of you interested...her son is a healthy boy who, i heard just turned one.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


I am peculiar for a no. of inexplicable reasons.Following is a list of some( mind you, just some ) things that i do that make me the quirky woman that i ( so proudly) am!
1. Right-o-phobia:
Most of my closest friends wont walk on your left.You wonder why...u think they are finicky..NO.NO.NO!!!!
Thats coz I am finicky!!!!! I can't walk on another persons left!!! I cant cant cant!!!!! So they have become so used to someone constantly on their left that they are labelled finnicky!!!! If you wish to entertain yourself go with me for a walk.Take a u-turn. Watch me criss-cross my way to land on your left.Take another u-turn.Watch. Smile to yourself while i go nuts crissing-crossing .And say to yourself--' aah...quirky woman!! '

Okay i have just returned from a shopping expedition. I put my shopping bags on the bed( which has a pink bed sheet) and i start pulling out stuff i have just bought so that i can admire it once again..pat myself yet again for being the wonderful shopper that i am. I pull out a tee...its baby pink...aah , i say to will go so well with the powder pink capris i am wearing rite now....i pull out a pink hand bag...aah.., i say to myself...this is the exact same shade of pink as my dark pink belt i have put on rite now...i pull out candies...aah, i say to myself, tehy are the exact same shade as my pink lip gloss.(!!!!! )
Help! I the worst case of pink-o-philia on this planet . Its definitely a mental disorder.
And you say to yourself....'aah...kinky woman!'

3.Cant-sleep-on-the-left-of-the-bed mental disorder:
I cant walk on anyones left and i cant sleep on the left side of my bed.( happily) 'how kinky is that!!!'
However i am made of steel..i decide i will will myself into normalcy. So i sleep on the left of the bed. I am soon asleep. The last thing i say to myself before i land in the land of fairies(wearing pink dresses ,flitting around pink trees ..watching a pink sun set amidst pink clouds...) is a a very proud-of-myself 'HAAH! '
Next thing i know is that i am wide awake and feeling really the freshest i have felt in ages. The only glitch is that its two in the morning .
I panic..i have to sleep....i have to get up at 5 in the morning to study...oh my gawd!!! I try reading my text book on Design and analysis of always has a a soporific effect on me.No, now that is not workin either. I go mad! Finally i sleep at 4 in the morning only to get up , at 5, bewilderd by the sound of the alarm.All groggy and sleepy ....i try to study..quirky i might be..but at times i can be quite what do i do...??i roll over to right of the bed and sleep soundly for the next 8 hrs!
And you say to yourself...'Aaah.....quirky woman!! '

4. Cant-wear-a-watch menatl disorder:
I am a bad case of the aforementioned potentially dangerous mental illness....I simply cant wear a watch..or as a matter of fact anything on the wrist. To think that there was once a time when i could not live a second with out a watch . Now i cant live a second with a one!!!
I wear this really cool pink watch to college. As some time passes....i get restless....hmm...something is bothering i know...i quietly remove the watch from my wrist and spend the next 100 minutes of the lecture asking my neighbour to tell me the time atleast 500 times.
me: (sweetly but in a whisper ) cud i have the time please.?
neighbour: ( if a guy the he'll redden a bit ): oh yeah..sure...9:30.
i smile a thank you.
its now surely been atleast 30 minutes into the lecture
me(sweetly, in a whisper ) cud i have the time please?
neighbour( if a guy then he'll answer, elswise i just get a dirty look): 9:32

its now def. another 30 miutes minimum into the lecture.
me( always as sweet) :cud i have the time please?
neighbour( if a guy then he'll redden a bit...with i guess irritation, elsewise i get a nice smart slap on my wrist):9:33:55seconds!!!!!!!!!!
you :Aaah....quirky woman!!!!

Monday, October 17, 2005


well..i wrote a nice long post titled..RENDEZVOUS WITH A DUDE...but then something happened and it is all lost now..:(( (btw in retrospect i feel that it was def the best post that i had ever written..lemme sob some more..)
Its is by far the most tragic thing that has happened to me since i started blogging....
In this fit of depression i might even go and watch the pirated CDof Koi aap sa! Infact i think i will....myb then i will realise that there are worse things that can happen to me other than loosing very nice n funny posts....

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

lets just say that i do not often say how i feel about things . And it freaks her out. I had a massive mail to mail argument with her this past week. I dont speak out for myself most of the times.Thre were some issues that she wished discussed .You know how it can be with people who do not vent out feelings often enough...they erupt..simply errupt, without any warning , at times at the slightest provoaction and sadly, the worst affected are people who should be least affected...
So, i get this quiet mail from her wishing to discuss some things and i errupt.I am totally belligerent/bellicose. I send her a very and totally out-of-character-ly heated reply. I use loads of capslock . I use loads of ' freaking crazy' . I am rude.I know thats not me...but for once i'm sick of being me... But yes..i speak. The only saving grace is that even in my moment of anger i dont ( hopefully )say anything that might hurt her.
The next day i get a reply. As i wait for the mail to open i'm still belligerent. Fuming. Angry. Okay. Fine.
For the next few minutes i just read and read ... and then reread and then rereread........
Its not a letter , its a big throbbing heart. Its so totally full overflowing with love that i am speechless for some time.Its about 10 million Gb of unadulterated friendship...Shes just glad that i am speaking about how i feel. No mention of how rude i have been...nothing . Sometimes people can shut you up by just simply being nice . Its easy to be nice to some when that person is being nice to u; but very difficult to be nice when the person infront is moving hell to become unbearably unbearable. I sit there happily, snugly ensconced in the wunderful feeling of having been indulged when i rightfully desrved censure.
Thats my best friend for you....I so totally proudly present her to you.Tadaaaa!!!!!
In a very close friendship spanning almost 15 yrs and a handfull of cities post leaving school and a couple of continents we have had our ups and downs. Both of us can irritate , bug, drive mad-to-suicide the other one in a matter of seconds . The dynamics have changed.Okay so now i dont know what she had for lunch yesterday...but shes the first one i think of when something happens. I tell her xyz told me i'm too thin..she tells me i am a delicate thing , I tell her i think i am stupid and idiotic, she tells me that i am ALWAYS wrong. I tell her i hate my teeth , she tells me her sister would die to have teeth like mine.Shes there...she has alwyas been there, and by alwyas i mean always( cud you please stop feeling guilty about that one stupid time??? ).
My family has 5 people.
Dad--hes the one i run to when a slimy caterpillar has just taken a leisurely walk across my neck, hes the one i wake up when i hear a cat in the kitchen at midnight....whats the use of bringing up a daughter who wont be the Damsel-in-distress once in a while and let u be the Knight-in-shinning-armour. :)) ( even though the area of expertise is restricted to flicking away innocous caterpillars and chasing away cats on nocturnal strolls...)
Ma--I dunno wat shes made of....maybe i do...take a cauldron add some potion of concentrated love..stirr...wait for the hissing sound...put some more love..add some more love ...some more...some more..a little more keep adding more till...voila!!! MUMEEEEEEE.
Bhai--he so totally shud not read this!. Hes the funny man...can make me laugh like crazy any(read ANY ) time. Pulls my leg real bad...can make me cry like crazy any (read ANY ) time. Hes going to become a doctor..people will put the lives of their loved ones in his hands..they'll trust my personal court jester to save the lives of people so important to them. He'll save lives.....He'll save lives..... That li'l thing without front teeth, who used to lisp-' i laab looo ' in reply to ma's 'i love you' will save lives. ALL the very best Bhai.
my friend--if i can be half as good a friend to her as she is to me...i would rate myself as a very very very good friend!
I wonder if these people are just plain silly to surround me with such unquestioned, unconditional, unadulterated,unyielding love..or am i just plain lucky....I think its the latter...i so totally think its the latter.

Sunday, October 09, 2005


Deep sigh!

(Well i just sighed coz ppl in love are apparently supposed to sigh a lot..) dont jump to hasty conclusions..let conjectures remain conjectures.....
Yes i am in doubt about it....i have all the symptoms i should have...the diagnosis is totally correct.
But lest you jump to hasty conclusions( against which i have already warned you.) let me clarify certain things.
I am in love with this pencil case you see on your right. It is so totally the object of my affections...has been for some time now and shall be for eternity ( thats true love for you ppl! )
*Btw i am sorry for the bad quality of the pic which certainly is unable to do any justice to my beautiful but u c, my web cam is actually a free gift that i got with this PC. Hence and therefore dot dot dot.

* Btw (again) case you are wondering that is my hand

Get yourself a nice mug of coffee , wrap a light shawl around your shoulders( plz do not do any of the aforementioned things in case u live in the Sahara Desert ) .WHY??? you innocently (? )ask..... Well coz i am going to tell you my loooovvveeee story.

It was, as they say , love at first sight..( and in keeping with the latest trends in the lovers community another deep sigh! )
It was late in the evening...I had been strolling around in the market place with a friend for sometime when i spotted Archies Gallery.... I had nothing to buy but loads of time to vile away and also destiny i as if hypnotised enterd the shop..... Everything is spik and span..loads of soft toys all around ...soft music is cards....nothing of interest for me there....i keep moving along......then i stop at the stationery section...a little girl is looking at crayons....and i am momentarily transported to the age and era, which was trillionz of years ago, when i too used to use crayons....i shirk off the nostalgia....i look at the li'l girl ...shes wearing white shorts and a pink spaghetti..and is looking very very cute...then i start feeling jealous of her and then i have to shut my self up coz like the girlz like 3 and i'm 500 yrs old. I swear i can probably feel jealous of a hippopatamus or some similar pachyderm.
Trust me!
And then it happens.........the music shuts itself up...the girl conviniently disappears(good riddance to bad rubbish...hey i'm not saying anything i'm just quoting shakepeare, okay ?)..the world stands still (hackneyed/banal/cliched but true nevertheless)...What? What?What? you ask me.... eyes have just fallen on a pencil case that has itself fallen on the floor (as they say 'you fall in love' infact its more like ' everything falls in love'! )
i slowly bend down and pick up the pencil case. Its PINK(!!!!!!!! i'm crazy about pink!!!!!! crazy ! crazy! crazy! i-should-be-in-a-mental-asylum crazy!) and denimn blue.....Its has two very cute pockets(one with a button and the other with a zip) and i have just fallen in love.....
Iquickly note the date and time...u never know in the future...the media might want know about my frist love and i should have the details...only i'll replace the pink pencil case with a handsome doctor/astonaut.
but what??? you ask....
but there is a villain in my love story as well......i so totally immediately wanted to buy the pencil case. But:
a) i had no money.
b) the pencil case was for .... :( .....M.R.P.Rs 150. hopes crashed...i had hoped that the case would be for something like Rs. 10 or something and i could borrow money from the beggar outside and buy it...but ALAS! That was not to be. Broken hearted i had to leave my love in the shop and leave the place empti handed.(i hid the p. case, ofcourse)
then ensued 3 days of separation. I would lie on my bed..books open...face cupped in my hands...eyes staring in the void ( No1. on the list of fave passtime of lovers! )..and think of the pencil case..and think some more and then think some more.... I was feeling that splurging 150 bucks on a pencil case is unheard of...i have neva done anyhting of this sort....but then i reasoned i have neva been in love either...
so that was it....
decision made....I had some money the nanis and the dadis and the chachis(okay i dont have a chachi....i mean like i dont have a chacha either ) had given me...and off i went to the market.The Gods smiled in all their resplendent glory of fake gold and white fake beards and fake magenta lotuses..and threw rose petals at us( me and as i paid the surly cashier and bought!
So now i am totally and my pencil case...we study loads together :)

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Religious Rucheetah

okay..maybe its the wrong time of the year to say this but i come from a very very non-puja-vuja -waali family . The only pooja that happens in our house is on Diwali and i have to confess it is a miserable affair..the only saving grace is ma who manages to make it (if nothing else ) atleast look like a pooja...( and by the way we do not burst crackers so after the aforementioned pooja, i sit with sum neighbour who tells me ( read bores me dead ) about her latest crush while i moodily munch on mithai thinking about Shah Rukh Khan) .
I was watching the news yesterday.....gujarat is gyrating to the garba, kolkata is all festivity...mumbai is also garba....people in the colony are going hyper about navratra( hey that was not in the news! ) know i like all this pooja-vooja stuff..i genuinely sum time bak on janmashtami these neighbours were going to have a small family pooja to celebtare the occasion and since Auntie knows that inspite of genetics i like all this so she invited me over...
The entire family had gathered there and a lot of good natured badinage was going on..i sat in one corner of the room and was quietly observing everything that was going on around me...the temple was beautifully decorated ( i hate those tiny tiny chinese lights but here sumhow they were loking so pretty...) I felt that there were atleast 5,6 krishnajis in the temple ..but then i ws later corrected and the names of all the Gods and Goddesses were told to though i was feeling a bit lost i was having a good time...They were singing some bhajans some of which i knew ( and i sang with them...) etc etc...then...then.... came the time for the aarti...the pooja ki thaal was being passed around and i wished so bad that i belonged to the age of the dianosaur ( there would be more probabilty galloping around and swallowing me up)..u see i have, other than once, neva performed the aarati( yeah..yeah ...go ahead , faint! ) i tried to memorize whatever everyone else was doing .....then the dreaded thaali was( as if in slow motion) passed to me. I picked up the heavy thaali and looked nervously around....moved slowly towards the temple....beads of perspration apperaed on my forehead....I circled the thaali twice and feeling very relieved that nothing untoward had happened was about to pass it on to some one else.. when a voice spoke.
Dadiji: aare baar nahiin karte.
i promptly( not wanting to displease anyone ..) do a third round...
Dadiji goes pale and appears to be having trouble breathing..
Dadi ji: teen baar to ashubh hota hai !!!!!!
i get all nervous and start perspiring...i tell myself to stay calm...i have done scarier things Automata paper-2 being one!
i do a couple of more rounds and look around helplessly..
dadiji: bus! paanch bahut hai...
i feel extremely relieved as i sit down again...Phew!!!What an experience yaar....and absentmidedly i raise my hand ( which clutches a few ,by now, crushed petals.) towards my nose to smell them.
Dadiji( whos now keeping a very close eye on me): NAHIIN!!!!!!!!
dunno abt dadiji..but i almost definitely go into cardiac arrest..What happened ?????
Dadiji: phool smell mat karo...joothe ho jaate hai!!!!!!!!
Dadiji( very primly): isse naye phool do.
well... dejectedly i lower my now everyone is putting teeka on the foreheads of the various i'm like geeting real nervous....what if i do something wrong...okay just stay calm...take deep breaths....
I extend my hand ...alls well... and i'm just about to apply the teeka.......i , as a precautionary measure, look at dadiji( for approval..)
Dadiji has gone white.
I'm so sure i'm goin to be the death of this woman.
Dadiji(in a trembling voice ): teeka baayen haath se nahiin .....daaye haath se lagate hai!!!!!!!! nahin to ashubh hota hai!!!!
I hastily do as i'm told. After that i'm not supposed to do the rest of the pooja passes of smoothly . However i do keep on cheking on Dadiji who is still recovering from the many shocks that i have given her. She, however seems to be recuperating well.
So that was it..... i did have a good time and it was real decent of those people to have me over. They tried to involve me in everything and i'm truly grateful to them for that. I do wish i knew more of how what is done though. But i did wonder : if i had put the teeka with my left hand i scarcely think that a volcano would have erupted on the road leading to my these details..???i dont know...maybe sumday, sum time i will know.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Dunno wat the title of this post could possibly suggestions,ne one?
mood for the moment: very very depressed.
Theres a word in the english language spelt as 'ennui' (if i am not mistaken..i mite be though.) that largely means general boredom. Thats the word to descibe how i'm feeling at this moment. Ma and Dad have gone to watch some play...and the house is painfully quiet, therz no cable rite now, my eyes are hurting and i am jumping at small sounds! Its not like i dont have work to do( that s the reason why i did not go for the play- had to study etc etc) --loads of assignments to finsh, chapters and chapters to study or rather mug up, have not as of yet read todays Hindu( yeah rite you cant faint as much as you wish to ) a book to finish so much to do... but i just dont fel like doing any of it....
This past week just flew was indeed very hectic....though some nice things happened..(yeah myb if i think of nice things depressing thoughts will be washed away...)

1. Some reults of the now famous minors trickled in( the fact that i mention this in the'good-things-that-happened' section says a lot ;) )

2. In the web tech test there were 3 questions and i got (hear this!!!! ) 3 'excellents'!!!!!!!!!!!!
i was soooooooooo happy though i do believe that it might be considered juvenile to react this way..but still ,somehow , a good test copy always brightens me!

3. got 29/30 in web tech , 14/15 in DBMS, 12/15 ( the highest was 12.5) in s/w/ uptill now its been good.

4. Surprising no of people( not a single girl amongst them ;) ) continue to ask me to treat them for topping the last sem...i'm like -let me get thru a gud b school and then i'll give u the treat of your life!!!
At times performing well scares to explain how i feel better ,take the example of my neighbour who is goin to get married soon.... so the two of them keep talking endlessly on the fone etc etc...she tells me that all these nice things scare her...shes scared that they might stop happening..what then....hmmm...since i'm having an affair with marks ( not Marks but marks, sadly , hehehe) i feel the same about them...i know i know..i'm just being stupid and idiotic .... but then i can only work hard and hope for the best .
gosh..... i'm the Drama Queen!!!!!
okay... like i said i am all alone and imagining sounds....but( meaningfull pause) i was NOT imagining them!!! i had heard a thumping sound some time back in the back yard..and then i felt real stupid as i felt that it was just my imagination....but (another menaingful pause) it was NOT. For a few seconds later ,just after i thought i had finished the post, from the corner of my eye i saw sumthing moving ( this post , one might easily say is not for the weak hearted ) All senses alert i stealthily moved from my room into the lobby...all was quiet and still in the dimly lit room... and then i sensed movement near my feet.... displaying tremendous alacrity/ celerity i turned in flash to catch a glimpse of a HUGE black scary , hairy CAT!!! ( not C.A.T but cat) And that was signal enough for me to start shrieking like crazy n jumping up and down!!!!! ( that must have scared the cat ,betcha! )
And then wat wud Ms. Department topper-scared -about-being-the-topper do????? I madly searched for my cell and called Dad!!!!!!! and hes like' but beta, mein yahan se kya karoon agar room mein billi hai???!!!!"
me: ' kya karoon ??? (incredulous pause as if sum1 cud actually ask me that)arre use bhagaiye aap'
sound of stifled laughter and i get very very hurt.
Well the cat after roaming around my house ( i watched from behind the almost closed door of my room ..) and obviously not liking it went back from where she came.
'oh dear...please get me some smelling salts, they are in my boudoir..'(hehehhe)
Am feeling much happier now....
Moral of this true life account: It takes nothing less than a cat to cheer up Ruchita!

Saturday, October 01, 2005


BOOK 1: To Sir With Love.
After a long time i have come across a book i enjoyed to the core. Its not like you cant put it down sorts but certainly u do feel like picking it up. It a class room dramaans the whole story revolves around this black teacher all set to teach a very crass gropu of students in a school situated in a very poor area prone to violence. Its a nice heart warming story.

BOOK 2: The room with a view.
Also after a long i came across a nice pleasant classic. Its a romance in a vague sort of a way... its totally my type of a book.Set in europe its about this girl called Lucia who though is engaged to marry the very correct Cecil finds herself falling in love with George , a not so correct guy.
I am just about to finish the book...I spent a nice couple of hours with it :)
Mera blog no. one kyoon hai????
isiliyea hai coz only one person reads it!!! (hehehehhe) moving on...since i do know that my absence from the blogging world should be accounted for( if only for that one person ..) i shall give you a detailed explanation.
First and foremost in a style true only to my college authorities we had our mid sems on a two day notice. All six minors to be prepared in 2 days!!!! Imagine my shock and horror at finding out that! Well since i am boringly hard working most of it was prepared ( for any eventuality of this precise nature) but since it was a real bad shock for everyone else i raised a huge hue and and cry over it at home. Ma almost gave me up for adoption and dad tried to appear brave but sad about it! Bro in all probabilty threw a party-sharty for friends in medical school!
Well so three days went in those horrid horrid ( dunno why but i somehow feel better if i repeat words twice..) minors. Giving two tests in a day isNOT human!!!!! Ii so totally wanted to fall sick( as in ill ) after the tests..i was sooo exhausted ( thats the word..i pat my back!) really i was enervated...felt very weak and made the mistake of telling ma about it. So that was the green signal for ma to run after me with ten trillion 'kelas' in one hand, twenty glasses of milk in the other, two-three million b-complex and multivitamin tablets in the other( hey wait a sec, my maths in not that gud but one+one+one=3 and i know for a fact that ma only has 2 hands...well neva mind we'll leave the details of anatomy for some other time). So i spent a lot of time evading glasses of milk and bowls fruits and ( oh gawd i hate them)multi-vitamins! Ma started to 'surprise' me with food( lo and behold!) hoping that in a state of surprise i might eat more than i normally would..well since she had my best interests in mind i must add that i truly appreciate all her fretting over how much how zinc+magnesium+vitamin a,b,c,d---j,h,---z reaches me. If i were my daughter i would have just smacked my(i mean the daughter's) head and stuffed as many apples as i wished to in my( again a reference to me as a daughter) gaping mouth. i'm sure that would have worked a teeny bit better.
Well the weekend went smoothly by, with me finally finding some quantity( i hate the bull- shit about quality time) time with my beloved beloved books! I even managed to voluntarily eat a couple of fruits.
typical conversation between me and ma.
ma: beta chalo jaldi se yeh bees glass doodh finish kar do....
me: hello..... i just had 300 glasses of fruit juice!!! no,no, NO!!!
ma: is that a 'no'?
me: seems like one to me!
ma: ( thoughfully) i think you have anorexia. chalo joote pahno, doctor ke paas chalna hai.
i pick up one glass of milk, gulp it, quickly pick up the next, then the next.....
sorry...i digressed there but the temptation was a bit too much. Well my pc was not working i could not blog(my beloved beloved blog!! sniff,sniff..all alone....sniff)... so now ( for the time being atleast) my pc is happy and healthy and i am happily blogging...
oh gosh-i have been posting for the past 20 minutes , i have a software engg viva in the first two lectures tomorrow morning so i had better go back to my books( deep sigh! )
lots more to tell u...but will do that in subsequent posts.
till then