Friday, December 30, 2005

Lazing around..

I am free and very lazy these days...I get up at 5:30 and Ma gets the shock of her life so she gives me a 'arre, beta so jao'look . But no, I read my Hindu (mera Hindu, woh sirf mera hai :D...gosh i am going crazy , so now i am crazy and lazy!!! ), sometimes reread some articles as well, if i like them ...wander around the house, make tea for Ma, have a nice chat with Mum and Dad on the bed only.
Then they leave for their respective morning walks and gym .They insist that i should join them but i am feeling way too lazy to do any kind of exercise so i generally refuse.
I then go back to my room, the house is quiet, sometimes i check my mail, sometimes i check my blog as well, sometimes i check others blogs as well...and then my eyes fall on my's still not made. So either i can make it or get back into and go off to sleep. I generally choose the latter.
Then i wake up and its a lazy afternoon. I spend most of my time reading.
I am reading Anna Karenina right now..its a thick classic.Thats exactly what i wanted to read.A thick book that has nothing racy. I finsihed Sidney Sheldonz'NOTHING EVER..' day before yesterday..its a typical Sheldon...too quick and racy for my quiet tastes, but i read it nevertheless.
I am also reading a P.G.Wodehouse( yess , two buks at a time!!! ) its way too nice...just love it even though its an ancient copy and i know the buk word by word but i still adore it.
Afternoon melts into evening . Sometimes friends call up, sometimes i go over to some friends place, sometimes i go to this book shop nearby and take a fancy lowchair and sit and read a book( yess, that makes it 3 books at a time!!! ).Am about to finsh 'Diary of Adrian Mole ' this way only ;D Those ppl might throw me out before i actually end up finishing it !.
Other than that...i have been catching up with friends online, sisters living in far off lands, mamaz and mamiz techno enuf to know wat chatting is all about...Its way too cold these days and i wander from this room to that in cotton PJs and cotton shirts ..go to Ma and tell her its sooooo cold!!! You should see her face then.Its worth a million dollars or even rupess or even roubles...
Have started reading business mags as well...they are not as bad, you know...
I am also doing a considerable amount of cooking.I like to cook.Ma and Dad had gone out this one afternoon. By the time they came back i had the whole lunch ready for them.Evrything, right down to the salad!!It doesnt take much time to cook ,neither does it take much effort or anything but still Ma was sooo happy..:)The smile on her face was worth the Kohinoor..They had had their lunch but Dad still ate all i had made! :)
I like such girlie things :( I mean like i am a girl so like i should like girlie things, but apparently its fashionable to say that you cant even make Maggie or boil water for that matter..*deep sigh!* maybe someday i will think cool and say cool things as well. :D
Well, i have written rubbish. If you think so then, wow, welcome to the club! :D
Other than this i have no more rubbish to share with you. I sleep early. So its time for bed now.
and sweet dreams.:)
A tale of many dacturrs....

I am as 'farjee' an engineer in the making as one can possibly be.I simply don't have an aptitude for all this gibberish (engineers please don't mind). I come across people around me who are doing BTech as well and i can see the difference . Some of them are passionate about electrodes ,some about making websites and yours truly about none. If i do well , once in a while, its just because i can't stop studying till i am satisfied with how my preparation is shaping up.Anyone who studies half as much as i do can do ten times better than like obviously, academic performance is not a criterion to gauge how passionate i am about my work, not atleast in my case.
I come from a family of Doctors..and all of them are so passionate about their work that i cant help but feel very impressed.
My Dad - he takes only a days vacation in the entire year. And unless we bug him too much he works 364 days a year . When he drives me to college in the morning you will find us discussing either the mileage of his car or some patient of his....He loooves is work!!!

Tau ji--Gosh, i don't even know where to begin from ...He is the Head of the Neurology one of the biggest hospitals in my State , he leaves for work at 7 in the morning comes back at 9 in the night and then with a mug of coffee in his hand studies till 2or 3 in the morning...

Baba--This 22nd we celebrated his 81st budday:) ,He drives himself to the clinic, each day, without fail (TW).He treats patients at dirt cheap rates now, so like ,at times even if there are just a few patients for my Dad many many more are there for him! At times Dad has to manage Babaz patients to help him out. A couple of years ago, Baba fell ill, he had to be operated upon and it was a very complicated surgery with substantial chance of him not surviving the operation.Both tauji and Dad were there with him at the hospital just before he went for the operation . Seeing both of them there baba looked at my Dad sternly and said"Sir( all three of them call each other that) if you are planning to stay here who will be at the clinic?The Clinic shall not remain closed for the day."
Dad was seeing patients when Baba was being operated upon .

With people like this around , till this day i can't bring myself to tell my Dad that i don't want to go to college coz I am not feeling well....i mean ,obviously they don't let me go if I am not well but I don't say it myself.

So, I grew up surrounded with Doctors and their small little stories... I have sensed the deep gratitude in an unknown voice on the other side of the phone which on realizing that I am my Dad's daughter has showered me with blessings...I have sensed the despair in Dad's voice as he discusses a hopeless case with Tauji..
I have sensed the triumph in their voices as these three men talk about how they saved someone's life...Saving a life....I mean ,what can be bigger than this...At times when I have my Dad's cell with me some one calls.His brother has a bilirubin count of 27( my heart skips a beat coz normally it should be within 1) .He asks me what he should do, I tell him i don't know, He insists , nahiin, aap please kutch bataiye...kya ye thek ho jayenge? I know enuf about body counts now to know that obviously this guys case is way beyond any doctor now but how do I say it?I don't have to coz I am not a doctor but doctors will have to tell him...That's the flip side of this work.
Last night , I made dinner(no, my family is till alive, thank you ).While I was in the kitchen Dad was on the phone talking softly and gently to someone who was obviously crying.He trying to say the last words any father would have liked to hear. Yes, the reports are in.*pause* haan....cancer hai ek aankh will have to remove the eye as soon as dont think that way..i have many patients who are doing just fine.nahiin shaadi hi sab kutch nahi hoti hai.Your girl will be healthy...but immediate surgery is,please odnt cry, its important that we came to know of it in time......
I was wundering what the girls mother must be going through. The girl is two years old and she will go in for operation 4 days from today...Hell must have broken loose in her house....

This is why the two letters 'D' and 'r' are not before my name and shall never be. I always wanted to become a doctor, i know I would have cleared the entrance tests, but I can't bear to see someone die. I know that I'll feel worse than the closest kin of the patient in case anything went wrong .I know this work is not for me although I think I would have made a passionate doctor...Anyways, My brother is going to become a doctor. He is the cool sorts, he is calm he will make a good doctor..infact I think he will cure half of his patients with his phunny oneliners.
Bhai and me on the fone.
Me: oye, u coming home in Jan???
bhai: naah kahan yaar!!!, btw, kisne bola?
Me(perplexed) :arre, Ma ne bola...
bhai(thoughtfully) : aa jaoonga.
So heres wishing the two would be doctors i am very fond of Bhai and Latika, all the best!!! I'm sure both of you are going to rock as dacturrs.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Sometimes, we think that the decision that we have made is well thought of and well judged. Things happening around say that to us in a loud and clear voice. We feel that it is time to bring in a few changes.

Sometimes , when we are doing what we had decided ,a tiny voice in our head tells us that this might just not be the rightest thing to do.

Sometimes, we just ignore that tiny little voice.

Sometimes, there is so much negativity around us and such a tremendous feeling of helplessness engulfs us that we misdirect our anger and frustrations on something which although is not the reason for these feelings, is in our control.

Sometimes, some people people try to make us see sense.We refuse to see sense, but the tiny voice is not so tiny now.

Sometimes, someone decides to , in his own nice way, do something about our inane decisions.

Sometimes, others chip in.

Sometimes,people whom we have never met, people whom we will probably never meet end up doing the sweetest things for us. Things ,which make us feel nice and warm even though it might be 5 degrees outside. Things , which ensure that that voice is nothing less than an angry bellow.

Sometimes,it is very easy to admit that our decision was incorrect.

Sometimes ,admitting that our decision was incorrect seems to be the most obvious thing to do.

Sometimes, it is nice to be back.

This time,it is one of those 'sometimes'

You all are way too sweet :)

Sunday, December 25, 2005


Well..she was one helluva fascinating gurl i met . We used to attend the same Physics coaching for JEE.I had joined a bit late and the classes were weird. The batch used to consist of about 600 students and sir used to teach , with the mike in one hand and pen in the other. Now ,one thing famous about this gentleman was, apart from the fact that he was obviously very good, was that he was the laziest person around.He hated solving sums on board and would invariably have a favourite student in class who would do the sum solving.Gradually,i started getting warning messages from friends telling me that they were sure that the next person to be called to the board was going to be me which ,ofcourse , ensured a couple of nervous breakdowns etc etc. The major problem here was the fact that we had now moved from H.C Verma to books like Irodov and i could hardly make head or tail of the questions leave alone solve them on the board in front of 550 boys.
Then i got to hear about Ankita...The girls used to occupy the front two very long rows, i used to sit at one end of the row and Ankita at the other.News soon travelled to me about what a mini genius Ankita was. Apparently she was moving way ahead of class, had solved most of the Irodov problems and she was pretty much Sir's pet.But surprsingly , she was never called to the board.Well , with the danger of being asked to solve Irodov sums looming large over my pretty much empty head, i went up to her for some help.
Help was promised, she would give me her register where she had solved sums and i could ask her whatever i wished to, but....
But.. could i please sit next to her during the classes? Well, i said yes, coz i had no problems with that.
The next day i sat next to her. Now, Sir had this reputation of asking the tuffest qusetions in class and if you answered him incorrectly, well...then you better be ready for the worst.So, that day early in the morning, Ankita came to me and told me her sob story. Well ,last night had been very bad, and she had had 103 degress body temperature and it had been with tremendous difficulty that she had come for class that day . I got ultra concerned , and told her that she should have taken a days rest . To which she repied that Studies was so very important to her. Although she hardly looked as if she had had 103 degress body temperature , i gave her a 'what noble thoughts!!!' look.Well...she looked a bit uncomfortable as she asked me this:
Ruchi, yaar...if Sir asks me something, plz answer bata dena...
I was only too happy to help her out. So that day Sir asked her a question.It was ridiculously simple, but she stood up and started giving funny answers...Aaah she needs my help, i said to myself, and whispered the correct answer. Sir saw me doing this and was like" arre, Junglee( he used to call me 'junglee'!!!! )tu usse bata rahi hai, chal board par aa"
So, began my tryst with the board ....Finally after screwing up many times, i decided to take Ankitaz help. I had been refering to her register which had everything neatly solved and now finally asked her to lend it to me for a day. While i was studying it , the next day , i saw something very strange.Question no 14 , solved in her register had the follwong statement:
According to figure no. 4.2, we can see that....
and you know what...
there was no damn figure in her copy!

That fascinated me beyond anything. So i called up this friend who had the solutions to Irodov written by Sir, and asked her to turn to Kinetic Energy waala chapter,Question no.14 and asked her to tell me which figure was being referd to. M looked up her copy of solutions and said ..well.... figure 4.2 ko refer kiya hai.why ????

Coz i have just found the biggest cheat on this planet, thats why!!!

But i continued to sit next to her for some more time. Well, she had to treat me coz her Dad had bought a Corsa.I was like, let it be, Ankita, treat me when you buy one ( i can't really stand that my-Daddy-richest crap! ). But no, no, no, i had to come.
On the way a shinning black Mitsubushi Lancer passed us.
Ankita: SEE!!! Thats the car my Dad has bought.
Me:Thats a Mitsubushi???!!
Ankita: haan toh?? My Dad has bought a Mitsubushi Corsa. ahem

Another time, there were tales about how she had got a rank of eleven hundred in JEE last time and how depressed she was when the doctor told her that she could not write the Mains.
Me (concerned): arre, Ankita, doc ne mana kyoon kiya????
Ankita: arre, yaar..mere pair mein fracture ho gaya tha, thats why.
Me: aah...i should have guessed.

Soon, i had had enough of her rubbish, so i just stopped even going near her. One day i was talking to Sir and somehow we started talking about the mental state of students preparing for JEE, when he said this:

ab uss bechaari Ankita ko dekh lo. Itana disturbed rehati hai, padhai ko le kar. Class mein kutch poochon to itana ghabra jaati hai ki bechari answer hi nahi kar paati hai.Baad mein yahan aa kar roti hai.Usse kabhi samjhana, itani hard working ladaki- uska future toh achcha hi hona chahiye
Ankita, a girl with the dubious distiction of probably not even knowing basics like F=ma, had a man who had been teaching students for 15 years considering her to be some sort of a next-after-Newton.
I didnt know whether to laugh or to scream??!!!Gosh that gurl had even made a fool of Sir!!!!!Totally impressive!!!!

The icing on the cake , however, was a conversation with the gatekeeper.One day, after class i was waiting outside for my Dad to pick me up, when i picked up a conversation with the gatekeeper. I had noticed that he and the others used to give special attention to Ankita. She was not made to wait in the line;a chair would be brought out for her, in case she had to etc etc.
Gatekeeper jee had this to say about Ankita.
Kitani bahadur ladaki, Ankita. Kya pata hai aapko, unhe tumour hai. Deemaag ka.Unhone khud batya hume. Kabhi-kabhi toh bahut tej sir dard hota hai. thursday ki class ke baad rickshaw leti hai aur khud ko admit kara leti hai Hospital mein.Fir MOnday ki subah, wapis rickshaw leti hai aur 7 baje ki class ke liye aa jati hai. bahut bahadur hai!

Well, needless to add, Ankita did her JEE equally well that year also (inspite of the brain tumour).She ,according to herself, got a rank of 600 in the prelimnary exam.But,alas ,destiny had something else for her. These IIT ppl,as ineffecient as we all know them to be, messed up her Mains result.She had, according ot herself,done the Mains paper brilliantly.Poor girl, so totally deserving , is spending 4 yrs at some unknown engg. college in some unknown city. When bad things happen to nice and honest people , my heart bleeds for them....I'm sure yours does too.....*sad ,distant look*

Saturday, December 24, 2005

I was tagged a long time back by Shreyansh..My exams , atleast the theory , is finally over and I shall now honor the tag.I wanted to complete the tag when Shreyansh was around but its been a long time since I saw him around, so I shall proceed anyways now.

15 things I wish to do before I turn 40.

1. Start dance once again. You know, I used to be pretty good at it and my Guru ji used to tell me to take it up as a profession. But as the pressure of padhai increased , I stopped dancing, so much so, that I never used to shake a leg during family functions where everyone else was going crazy dancing..but of late , i have been thinking how (un)wise a decision this has been....So, i genuinenly hope to start Bharatnatyam once again.Amen.

2.Live for a month at a stretch in Nainitial. I am crazy about mountains. I am. I am i-should-be-at-a-mental-asylum crazy about mountains.Infact i was telling a friend once that i am the true daughter of the mountains. My father proceeded to give me such a weird look that i had to shut up then....but i am crazy about them. I would love to spend time in Nainital particularly, especially after the rains. Its gorgeous!!! Rent a room somewhere out of the main city,laze around, read, take walks, trek, roam should be atleast a month long stay.I hope i do it.

3. Learn to cook atleast 3-4 different types of cuisines. If you see me , i wont look like a foodie to you. Not at all. Infact you might come up to me and tell me to eat more else i shall vanish sorts..but the fact remains that i am a lover of food. I might not like to eat it so much, but i love to cook food. I just love it! Would love to learn how to make the food that i like to spend a thousand buks on eating at various joints.

4.Visit Leh. I am sorry i should rightfully be mentioning cities like NY city, Paris etc etc..but those places just dont attract me.

5. Have a good job.I have worked too hard on my padhai uptill now and have no intention to slack after this, so I do hope that I have a good job in hand.

hope to have gotten over this major phobia I have of bikes(phatphatiyaz as I call them ). Bhai and NIvindya are the only two ppl whose driving skills I trust and dun feel scared while they drive their phatphatiyaz. No ,not even Dad. He should just drive either of his cars and I shall happily sit in the car...but naah..not on a phatphatiya with him.

7. Have a crush someday and have the guts to go upto that guy and tell him that I do.( okay ,this sounds improbable even a I type it! )

8. Like muujeek. yeah right, go ahead , faint. I dont like music at all!! Pink floyd might as well be a shade of pink for me. But I do understand how nice it wud be to like music. I hope I can begin to like it someday. Right now, I just cant stand it..and I dont even know if I have winamp on my pC or no.

9.Get a real cool hairstyle. By real cool, I mean real COOL!!!!

10. Get married, if I have to ,that is..coz like after 40 toh silly ho jayega!

11. Have kids , if I have to, that is...coz like after 40 toh major med probs ho jayengi.

12. No, I dont want to bungee jump, I dont want to travel around the world, I dont want to ride an ostrich, I dont want to take an exclusive cruise, gosh....I just dont want that many things!!!!

13. I would like to be as much in contact with NIvindya and Latika as I am today. They and their families shall be my extended family. Would like to be very very fond of Bhaiz kids( gosh its just toooo cute to even think about them..if they just look thoda sa bhi like bhai there are gonna be real good looking ones! )

14. Okay this came to my mind first but I saved it for last. I would like to adopt a kid.I don't say I will, coz I dont just want to give the child a mother, but a complete family...if that is not possible I would be happy seing her ( I use 'her' coz like if I adopt, its surely without a doubt going to be a girl!I'll dress her up totally in pink!! pink frocks, pink pom pomz,pink socks,everything PINK!!!!)taken away by some one else who will give her the love of an entire family.The love and care that the dadiz and babaz and naniz and nanaz shower on a child is so impotant for the all round development of a child.

15. If I dont adopt a girl I hope I shall be able to finance the padhaee of some kids who cant afford it.
I so totally hope I can do it.
And no,14 and 15 were not answers I had prepared for some pathetic local beauty competition question round.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Disclaimer : This is not another pathetic attempt at humor..This is just some stuff about something that happened in December a couple of years ago. I shall strongly advice you against reading this.

It is December once again...and once again similar thoughts have begun to plague me ....There was this girl who was part of my extended group of friends in class 12, lets call her M . One day, late in the afternoon, Latika called me up. I still remember the exact words she said to me.
" Ruchi, pata hai kya hua???!!!! M lost her mother yesterday!!! " . I recall Latika's voice, her exact words, where i was at that point of time...what i had been doing ..everything . It was the first time any of this was happening to someone i knew personally.M's mom had been hospitalized for some time in AIMS and she had died that morning coz her aorta had burst..
M had not been coming to school , for one or two days...For sometime she had been making her own lunch and I remember we used to taste it and give our expert comments..I had no idea that her mom was unwell! NO IDEA!!!!! SHE WAS MY FRIEND AND I HAD NO IDEA THAT HER MUM WAS DYING IN A HOSPITAL!!!
I don't remember the rest of the conversation I had with Latika, but then I called up Nivindya , her sister told me that she was sleeping, I told her to wake her up. I could not believe my ears as I gave Nivindya the terrible news. I was just so numb. I don't remember anything of the conversation that I had with NIvindya. But suddenly the Boards were not at the top of my priority list . Gosh , I so totally remember that feeling I had when I heard that news.
I mustered up enough courage to call up M late in the evening. It was so weird. What was I supposed to say ? I had no idea.I just wanted to talk to her . I don't recall ,much of that conversation either but i do remember crying very bad on the phone. I was crying and M was telling me that its alright , everything will be alright...Even then some part of me was wondering at the absurdity of the situation...shouldnt it have ben the other way round? So i kept crying and she kept consoling me.
Gosh, I never knew that she could be so strong . Or as a matter of fact any one could be so strong.I even asked her why she was not crying, she said that she had to be strong for her brother and Dad.
The next day in school was the weirdest of the 14 X 365 days i spent there.I used to study in a Girls' Convent. Christmas was round the corner. The carol the choir sang during assembly that day was:
Joy to the world, the Lord has come.
Let Earth receive her King.
Joy to the world...

I was the Vice Captain of my House which meant that i was not supposed to stand with my class during assembly, instead me plus all the other prefects were supposed to stand next to one junior class assigned to them.I went to class 8-C , told them in a quiet voice that my classmate had lost her mum and i wanted to be with my friends at that morning and would they please be quiet and not attract any teacher's attention during the assembly.By the time i reached where my class was standing for the assembly i could see almost all the prefects standing in line. Almost all heads were bent. The faces that i managed to catch a glimpse of had tears running down their faces as the entire school joined in singing joy to the world
I truly felt that that was the worst sing joy to the world....its such an enthusiatic full of not for that day.As the school dispersed , i had to stand near the walkway while class after class piled to their class rooms and make sure that order was maintained. I just stood there, numb. It was a pain to even open my mouth to tell some rowdy girl to kindly maintain silence. I was dreading class 8-C's arrival there...coz they were a rowdy lot and since i was friendly with them, they hardly used to listen to me.I knew ,that day, that i could not trust myself to speak more than two sentences without bursting into tears. Class 8-C came. For the firt time each and every girl was in line. For the first time not single girl was talking. For the first time i saw them so somber.
I so totally fell in love with you, girls,in those few minutes.Specially S, when i saw u hit that girl in front of you and hiss a 'Cant you not talk??!!' at her. Thank you for understanding me.Thank you,8-C.I was not trying to be funny when i told you on my last day in school that i really liked you all!
That day was weird.We did not have our practicals...Ms. Kalra our maths teacher did not teach...All three of us went to M's house a few days later. She was calm and composed. Her hair was neatly combed.But it just was not fair!! Her mum was her best friend! She ,apparently, herself had no idea about the seriousness of her mothers illness. You know, mothers are so important. I know they are important for boys, but somehow a girl needs her mother much more. And like loosing your mum and your best friend in one go, just does not seem fair .
The Boards came and went. I dont know M managed it, but she got a 75+% . M was never amongst my close friends, but she was a good friend. However even though we are in the same city we did not keep in touch. After school i have met her just once,at Latika's sister's wedding. It was just so nice to see her all dressed up wearing a i-dunno-know-how-many-crores-worth bindi :). It was nice to see that she was doing okay...
I think of M and her Mum very often these days..maybe it is because it was in December that all this happened. I dunno. All through my exams M has been sauntering in my mind. It's kind of inexplicable. I was talking to Latika this other day and i told her this. And she immediately asked me if i want her number to call her up.
I refused. No ,there is nothing i have to say to M . I just wish her well. I think of her so often and each time all of it seems more unfair. Someday something very nice will happen to you, M. It sure will.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Aao bachchon tumhe sunaye....

Naah! Dont get all charged and excited and tell me that you want to hear a story that has a King and a Queen and a boy who is 6 inches tall. I wont tell you a story no matter how much you might prefer it. I'll tell you how i am doing these days( my exams are going on.) . I keep insisting that i am touched in the head. No one believed me except some ppl who have faith in my judgement. Today i shall tell you how i behave during my exams and you shall be forced to come to me, pat my back, and tell me what sound judgement i have. I know you will . I just know you will...I am having visions of bloggers rushing to me ,wanting my judgement on issues that concern them deeply..i know that will happen. This post is going to be a turning point in terms of how i am generally perceived to be.

I am midway thru my exams and as usual i have been messing them up with such regularity that it fascinates me. ( no pun intented) Totally fascinates me.
Well, lets not talk about that.... you see,some people learn from mistakes made in the past. Some people dont. Specially those who were dropped from the third floor by careless maids...i might have been very lucky to have maids who were too buzy flirting with the postman to pay any attention to me but i do behave like the afore mentioned, very respectable category of ppl .
My exams are so scheduled that i get a days break between each of them . So like each time i come out of the examination hall , having faithfully done my job of messing the paper real well..i tell myself : Ruchi, ghar pahunch aur padhai mein jut jaa. jaa ruchi. jaa.. aaj padhai zaroor achche se baar paper achcha karna hi hai.
So with these noble thoughts in my mind , i reach home all charged up. Now, aah...TV chal raha hai..lets watch it for some time and then totally padhai. After 3 hrs of tv, its like ...aah...well the exam is not tomm, so like, i guess i can sleep for half an hour and then toh fir only padhai ...with that noble view and golden visions of me studying late into the night in sight i do try to sleep..but alas sleep shall not even dream of coming near me..infact this one time i even pretended to sleep(my inane antics can only be attributed to the -ve 2 IQ points i sadly happen to be the proud owner of .) then , by this time its almost 5... i was supposed to have revised atleast 2 units by this time..but as the case head is now paining, padhai has not even begun and the exam is not tomm. So... like...hmmm...well...there is that DVD...mybe i should catch up with some movies...A little voice in my head says: Ruchi padh le, padh le...kal pareshan hogi, padh le...
But as you know, I have some problem with my ear..i sometimes dont hear stuff...i cant help it.. its a medical problem.
So, finally at ten after having watched tv, having talked with friends on the phone etc etc...i go to sleep...the alarm is set for 4:00 in the i wake up at around 7:30 . A friend calls at around 8 and says this:

Aaah..Ruchi..that last unit ,na...yaaar...i cant get that sum on page no 5678..yaar...baaki sab to easy tha par..this chapter , yaar...kaise hoga??? one whole chapter of half a page is untouched..bol na...kaise hoga..tension ho rahi hai.

By this time i am having trouble breathing....Everything around me appears to be moving in weird circles.Is it an earthquake or am i having an heart attack ?
So then i declare emergency.No, i declare an EMERGENCY.i do not take any more calls from anyone else who is tense coz one fourth of a page has not been revised for the two hundredth time.And i start studying.
Aaah...and then i go crazy ...i think that eating is a waste of time,the time taken in flipping the pages is a waste...i dont know wat TV means..i dont want anyone to speak to me...I dont want anyone to enter my the meantime i get a couple of heart attacks...i burst into panicky tears once in half a minute and i study as if my life depends on it...i take my first break at 5 in the evening ..and its a 35 second break...Then i study and i study some more and i study some more...and it goes on and on...till finally i am satisfied with how my preparation is. In the morning i go give my exam...err...sorry i go spoil my exam...and as i am coming out of the examination hall i tell myself this:
Ruchi, ghar pahunch aur padhai mein jut jaa. jaa ruchi. jaa.. aaj padhai zaroor achche se baar paper achcha karna hi hai.

Some pople just refuse to learn lessons that life sagely and wisely tries to teach them.

Thursday, December 08, 2005


I am at my happiest when i am working hard...
I wonder why i am so boringly hard working...
I think that there is something seriously wrong with my DNA or something.
I know that when i was in class 1 and my cuzn was in class 4 ..i used to go to the (now out of use ) servants quarter( my Dadiz house is like real huge sorts..) ..where all the 'kabad' used to be kept, fish for cuzns books...erase all the pencil marks and fill all the exercises on my own again....
I feel that if i was that way in class one dot dot dot.
I hate mosquito-nets.
I hate it when mum shouts at me coz i have not put it up...
I dun like it when Dad doesnt allow me put on ALL OUT/ GOOD NIGHT...
I loove cute pencilz....i just looooovvvvvveee them.
I hate it when my comp crashes , as it does atleast once a weak..i mean once a week.
I need to put on some ear rings or something..other wise....euuukkkksssss it'll pain like hell...
I love cute wollen caps.. even the ones that are in boring colours, even the one i have on right now..which is in brown and black.
I want to catch up on movies.
I want to catch up on reading.
I love P.G. Wodehouse.
I think i would have married Mr. wodehouse if i were born some 50 yrs pahle or Mr. Wodehouse was born 50 yrs later.
I might have married Albus Dumbledore if i were born 160 yrs pahle or Proff Dumbledore had been born 160 yrs later.
I see that my skin in dry..i can scratch D--R---Y on it ...but i will not.
I think my fringes make me look 13.
I did not feel nice when Varun forgot his steps in NACH BALIYE today..
I wish i were not so emotional.
I wish i had curly hair.
I wish i had dimples, most of the times i just have pimples.
I see its 11: 25.
I think i should sleep now.
I have to get up early to study, u see.
I shall say bye now.
I am Ruchi.
I am also brain dead.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Its almost 12 at night and my house is teeming with people and i am very very sick of it!!! I just want one full day when i can study as much as i want, get ultra tired and then sleep...but no , none of it is going that way...there are SO many guests at my place, some cousins hubby+ hubbyz bro +so many more people....and i had to help with loads of kitchen work also coz my mum was not at like i cud not study then either....and i am getting to hear loads of comments like:" arre Ruchi , itani help karayi tumne, hum Hyderabad se tumko khoob dher saara asheerwad bhejenge"
jee kaise bhejenge, courier ya post se?
"arre Ruchi, tumhare begair toh hum kutch nahin kar pate"
yeah...right, say that...when i have just washed so many utensils with cold water!!!
by the was good in in case i flunk in my exams and decide to forget about Btech...i think i'll make great bai! Great alternative career! I neva knew i had it in me! mami came just now..and she gave me a bear hug and said"arre Ruchi..itane saare log the , tumne toh moral support badha diya..i hope tumhara jyada loss nahi hua padhai ka"
okay..i'll stop my ramblings now....
my padhai is NOT going the way i want it to..and i think this sem i will not do half as well as i have been doing uptill now..:( but i have no one other than myself to blame.
p.s. had too much of IIM one point of time there were 4 ppl from various iims under my roof...!!
p.s okay..i'll stop acting weird about end sems!!simply coz they are end sems! just end sems.
p.s. in case ur bai doesnt turn up tomm morning dot dot dot.