Monday, December 08, 2008

Some of my earliest memories


This other day I don’t why but I started thinking real hard trying to figure out my earliest memory. I spent considerable time on it and was completely lost thinking about it….I thought I will share them with you.


1.      Wearing a white frock with pink polka dots on it and dancing in the rain in this huge verandah at home as Dad clicked pictures of me. [I used to dance  a lot when I was younger, had almost completely stopped till some time back. However, I am planning to start again]

2.      Swinging on the white gate which led to our drive way, counting the cars that whizzed by, waiting for Dad to come back from his clinic.

3.      Dark and windy. It was very late in the night. Dad was not home yet. Mum was horribly scared. I had climbed the aforementioned gate and I remember wishing so bad that the next car would be Dad’s as I strained to hear the horn which I could and still can hear from atleast .75 of a kilometer.. [ you must remember these were ancient days where no mobile phones existed ] Nothing happened, it was just that there were too many patients that day and the phone was not working but I have never forgotten that night. This memory remains like a picture in my mind

4.      This girl called Geeta used to help Mum take care of me and Bhai. She was one of my first friends and we were ossum pals. She used to pick out the peas from rice for me so that I could eat the rice in peace

5.      The red lehenga I wore in Upper Prep for  my birthday. The first and the last time I wore oneJ

6.      My Mum used to put my brother and me to bed and to pre-empt any ladai, she used to sleep in between us. I remember this particular night like it were yesterday. My brother had this habit of telling a beeeeg long war story to some imaginary people who were very interested in it. So, there I was, trying to sleep , after as hard a day as any class one girl can have, while bhai continued with his story with all the sound effects. I remember complaining to mum.

7.      Mum’s silly bed time stories which always had a big monkey/elephant/giant who used to make life hell for these innocent villagers who then would come to either my brother or me for help and since we were super heroes of some order , we would in a matter of seconds after displaying not only great skill but also remarkable intelligence, annihilate the very existence of the monkey. Elephant/ giant.

8.      The big huge cradle which was as big as a double sized bed which was used by my cousin, me and finally my brother.

9.      Breaking into tears on seeing Mum cry. Ofcourse now I am not such a baby! Huh! Now I need to just see her look upset to start crying.*tries to look embarrassed*

10.  My parents think that we [ bhai and I] often used to fall asleep in the car.I don’t think I have ever fallen asleep in any car. I just pretended to be asleep as  I loved being carried back to my room in Dad’s arms as he tried all that he could to make sure that I did not ‘wake’ up.

11.  It used to be my favorite part of any Sunday. I used to get up late [around 8] and the whole room would be spotlessly clean and my Mum would be pottering around , looking so pretty in a saree with that red bindi on her forehead.

12.  Sitting in the garden with my Dad , about to leave for school. My Dad used to point out all the different flowers to me as I ate my breakfast

13.  “What do you think of all the time’, I had once asked my brother when I guess I was in class One or maybe younger

And now I think I can go on and on… they say , you never know when you are making a memory!


Friday, November 21, 2008

So that I remember....

Often under similar circumstances have I blogged.Often I have chosen not to and always have I regretted...
I dunno, maybe it was a lucky chance....but still it happened.Amidst all the nonsense that I was going through something nice was being planned for me.... Given all my modesty, in head I was on cloud nine! :)

Friday, October 24, 2008


It is one of those mornings when all seems wrong. It’s not like I haven’t had a morning like this in ages but its just that today I hope to write it off.

I am just so restless about so many things, there are things that don’t seem correct, I don’t know how to go about them, there is uncertainty all around…I suddenly don’t know if there is anyone I can talk about this to.

Generally I feel like talking it out with my Mum but Nani is not doing well and I dont want to make things worse for her.She can do with out my nonsense for some time .

There is just too much going on in my tiny li’l head, I guess.

Hopefully you guys are having a better time
Have a nice day,

Thursday, October 23, 2008

So, I am now well into the 5th Trimester. I came to Delhi on the 31st of June 2007 – it has been almost one and a half years ….it seems like eternity..almost as if I was always here, like this….A few random points that came to my head today

  • There have been very high highs and very low lows in this time, the important thing is that I lived through it all ..hehe
  • Today we had some industry hot shots and since it was a fin company I felt totally disconnected and disinterested. It was then that the fake-ness of it all hit me hard.
    o We were all in formals trying to look interested while playing with our cells/ ipods
    o Fake questions were asked
    o Fake answers given
    o Fake accents used
    o Fake smiles, fake interest, fake conversation
  • I have not worked honestly on a competition in a long time, I think it is time I changed that. Amen.
  • It is important to feel happy for others - very ,very, very important
  • I am reading this book called the ‘The Last Moughal ’ and after a long time I find myself so captivated by what the author wants to tell me.
  • Some times I have images in my head which I have never seen- I have imagined them while reading descriptions given in books. And Boy! Do they stay!! It takes me time to figure out that they are imagined and that I have not actually seen them! Parks, Beth, Mr. Darcy, Scarlett O’ Hara, the first world war, the tiger in the boat, Robert Langdon, Indira Gandhi with her Mum as she slowly died due to TB in Switzerland ,Benazir Bhutto while her Dad was being taken away from her, random woman in an Iranian Jail listening to the cries of a fellow inmate being tortured in the next room , a Muslim woman being hugged by the daughter of a her husband’s new wife-both of whom she has started to like , a scar that runs down the right side of her face , the blind Black man who walks with the dog, the island the kids run away to and try to survive on, Harry Potter, Fatty and Mr Goon, Geisha, Ms Havisham and the stair case, David ,Paul M Emanuel and his expressions and how much I hated him in the beginning and how badly I fell in love with him :P ,Lucy in the attic, the quilt, the road in Japan in 1940s, Lance Armstrong in the hospital bed and the nurse who was like an angel

    The list does not stop J
    And I am glad it does not.


    PS: to those who worry about my absence, the few readers who as my counter tells me frequent my place with a regularity that definitely is neither earned nor deserved, do not worry. No News, as they sometimes say, is good news. Take care and sleep tight:)

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

So, the tri has dragged on to 12 weeks now.I am in the last week of the 4th trimester now.This will be followed by one week of exam, another week of port visit , one more week of home and the second last trimester here would begin.
I hated this place when I first came here and today I hate the thought that I would be leaving this place in another 6 months time.It scares me real bad.It is funny how I hated it so much and how much I love it right now.
Anyways, todays has been a lazy day, I have been feeling very lazy of late and am a little unwell too.I just had one class.An extended type of economics is dealt with in the class. The proff!! I so totally think I am in love with him and his way of teaching!!! He is ossum!!!The way he starst of with micro, puts in a little bit of macro and ends with developmental….aaaahhhhh…nothing like it. I swear I do not even miss half a sentence of what he says in class, I am so impressed with what he teaches!
Apart from this, I know things have been weird of late, I just want some strength..I need it so bad….I want someone out there to support me a little bit coz I am very tired of taking it all in…..I want to breathe easy…breathe easy once more….
Love to all

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Yesterday I was visting my own blog after a long time and I started sifting through the previous posts…..its really funny you know when you have been blogging for so long – I can see a younger me in the earlier posts…I used to blog regularly then, so there is a lot about me there which I myself had forgotten.

Today is one of those rare occassioins when my B school has given me a holiday.I am now so used to working 7 days a week that a holiday seems odd and out of place though always welcome obviously!

Yesterday I had an important viva.It dealt with the summer project I had done for my summers some time back.Of late I had been avoiding giving presentations… I just felt that there are better presenters in our core project group.So the final compliment from the panel was a welcome surprise.

The reason why I mention this is because I have to stop undermining my own abilities.But then my mind becomes a slish-slosh of everything. I don’t know how useful it would be…I don’t know..there is so much running through my head.

Apart from this to day next month this time (its 8:53 am) I would be home! I have been missing home a lot these days.I am tired of taking care of myself, I just want good rest, a relaxed atmosphere, a nice clean loo, I want to decide which tube light is to be kept on and which off, I want nice food, I want to watch TV , I want to be driven around in a car and not in a rickety auto.These days I have been feeling very exhausted with all this….I just want to go back home and curl on the bed and sleep for 2 days straight!

One month seems like a lot of time.Particularly after L (remember her? My frnd back home) thought I was coming home on the 29th of August and not 29th of September.
I want time to hurry up- but for once I know that as time passes by the day I will have to leave all this will also come closer.I don’t know what to wish for. I have had some bad times here of late- God knows I have had.But there has been a lot of good behind that bad.There have been times when I have felt very lonely but those moments have been few and numbered. I had often thought that I would never make friends at B school but I have been proven wrong and I am so glad about that.

I like the easy camraderie I share with my roomie.How easily I can read all her expressions and how easliy she can inspite of being who she is [:P] read mine. There are things about her which obviously I cannot understand even after staying with her for over an year but t the same time it is funny how fond I have become of her.[tw]

There are other people on campus, though few in number whose friendship I really value.Anyways that would make a post in itself.I will come up with one if I feel I can or if I feel the need for it..:)
So today is a lazy day..actually not really-I have a lot of work to wrap up today and I think I should get going ….
Lots of love
And work hard.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


After a very bad 5-6 months I have started feeling better again…It was like this huge wave –I knew it was coming, it came with full force and left me broken in a million pieces .
However, now things are looking good.I know somethings can happen and others cannot…you win some, you loose some.Thats the way it is.
Anywyas, lets leave that aside.The days are filled bup to the brim here and though I crib like anything I know that I love it this way.I love to slog I love to do decent work.It gives me a high of some sorts.
Also this trimester was bad with resoect to competitions.I just got one short list! No wins.Last trimester it was like I had the midas touch-anything I touched truned to a nice cheque.hehe..anyways I realised suddenly how difficult it is to win these stupid Business school competitions!
Apart from that , my end term exams are round the corner.I want to give them my best shot and I have been working accordingly for it.Or so I think. I knw Rank one is far away but atleast that stupid bronze medal should stay, right?
At the end of the day I can, I guess only work rest all is upto the cosmos….but I want to do my bit honestly and sincerely….
Lots of love

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Oh no!
I really cannot believe that this has happened!
Yesterday was my blog’s third birthday and I completely forgot! :P

Okay, so my blog turns three.

Three long years.195 posts.

*sounds of trumpets and general rejoicing in blogedom*

I started blogging when I was in 2nd year of engineering so it has seen me through my two placements in college, the b skool entrance exams, first year of bskul and now my sure has been a long journey and I hope it continues:)

On the downside I know I no longer blog with the same regularity and the same passion with which I used blog when I was back home.People from bskuls will understand.
There is just so much happening at every point in time that I do not get the time/energy to do this bit…

But, at the same time my blog is always at the back of my mind.

So, Thank you friends [the few of you who remain ] ,thank you for taking out the time to read through the now very irregular posts :)

And yeah! Before I forget again.

Happy birthday , Blog!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Random thoughts---Again

*It is raining.

*It is comfortably cold.

*I called in sick at office today:)

*My cousin got 94% in her Board exams and with that my record of getting the highest marks in the family comes to an end.The interesting thing is that my record lasted a good 8 years. *superior look*

*My latest obsession is trivia quizzing.I have started spending hours on quizzing sites, wiki et al. You will be surprised at how many interesting people and stories are around us.:)

* I have realised that I hate working, at a corporate office in formals and all, talking in hushed whispers – I just hate it.I do not like it at all.But may be I will in some time.I hope so, anyways.

*Today I googled and read about Arushi Sharma, since both my Mum and my Grand Dad were tellling me about her.Apart from everything else what struck me the most was that I used to look so different when I was 14. So much simpler.I am not saying that either is good or either is bad but it is just a casual observation.

*I watched Narnia day before yesterday.And I simply looovvvedddddd it! It is so ossumm.I wish things like that really happened. I am also very amazed at how much fantasy fiction attracts me to itself.

*I almost bought The Chronicles of Narnia myself yesterday.Only thing is it was too expensive and I did not have tat much of money.

*I would like to make a movie some day.

*May be I will buy myself a cam corder with the money I get for the internship.

*But actually I know I will not :

Happy rains

Friday, May 16, 2008

The verdict

So, one year is done and over with.And the final verdict??

I love this place.

Totally. I don’t know if something real bad will happen next year and make me hate b skul but as of now..i love it every bit.
Last night I went for my now daily walk around campus and I was surprised at the memories that flooded me!!
The stairs where we were ragged, the hexagonal benches where again we were ragged, the academic building to which we rush to madly every morning during the trimester, the lane behind the hostel where I have taken umpteen number of walks with friends, the bench where I sat down and cheered the ’cricket’ match [infact just came back from cheering for another very happening match :P ]..hehe..The little garden like thing in front of the warden's house, the warm brown light at his door,the big huge trees and their beuatiful flowers which are a riot of colours in winter, the dhabas outside…the hostpitals nearby and the cremration grounds in front :P

So and so forth…. so many memories and all of them pleasant

I like the feeling of independence I get here. I like hanging out with friends..hell I even like the madness of classes and quizes which I invariably do badly in.
And btw, I love my class.I love us[err..:P ] because we are really cool.We are not as diligent as the other sectionbut neither are we as sderious or as mundane or as quiet , we fight like anything in class,the proffs , I have reasons to believe are scared of us..we can go crazy at times.I am glad I am in this section than the other.
The last trimester was very hectic.We did not even get a single Sunday off.We worked each day and on top of that I worked for competitions as well.So, yeah it was very very very hectic and now –with the summers going on, things are much more relaxed.

I like staying in the hostel even though there are very few people here.It is quiet.But lovely nevertheless.I love those walks I take in the night.
I am glad to be here now:)
Finally I think I have started thinking of this place as a home away from home:)

Friday, March 28, 2008

It is just sad I guess.

I dont even think I have an option.There is only one way and I know what it is. But I also know that all i need is time.Time works wonders. I believe in that..and I need more work.I think I will start studying..whatever where ever..just start working to keep myself sane.

Monday, February 04, 2008

I am in a quiet room in the basement of my hostel. With today being Day Zero of placements for the senior batch, this common room which is generally used for gruop meets etc breathes silence.

Today has been exceptionally quiet as I was in my room for the better part fo the day, working on a white paper which has to be submitted 5th midnight.

I have realised that I like working on White Papers a lot, I am not as hopeless with them as I had believed myself to be!

Life here has changed me in many ways. Somtimes I wonder how my life would have been had I not gotten through Bschool.
Maybe I would be married by now.


The city...slowly but steadily it seems to be growing on me. I like its broad roads, lined with trees on either rides have become quite a hit with me now!!

phew! need to cut short the more work for the paper :

BUy Buy

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Daughter of the East!

I had bought my copy of 'Daughter of the East' many many years back.[ shit, am old enough to say things like now ::: ].However ,the hard bound thick book somehow always put me off.I always wanted to read it..but it sadly always was the book I was planning to read after my current read.

It was her assasination that made me quickly finish the book I was reading then and start with her autobiography.
Today while travelling for close to 10 hours in the traina nd then in the auto, I spent a lot of time with Ms Bhutto, and I cannot even begin to put in words how terribly impressed I am!!

She was an amazing woman, it is not easy to bear all that she has borne! and with so much dignity!
Without giving anything away, for the first time on this blog, I am actually going to ask all those of you even slightly interested in history and its many shades, to go and pick up a copy of the 'Daughter of the East!'

Am back in Bskul after a good few days at home. I am already not liking it :(

Buy buy and take care! My hands are so cold!! brrrrr

and oh yes, btw, Have a great 2008 !:)