Monday, October 16, 2006


The one reason why I did not want to announce my decision about giving blogging a break till CAT was exactly this!

The moment I typed those few words , my fingers started itching ...a new post! thats exactly what i wanted to write.


The best part is that I do not have anything to write about. I just wrote a sectional english test, scored a 34.66 and since this is the 3rd time in the past week that i have accomplished this spectacular feat, I thought the moment called for a post.
And a toast.
or both.

No, I have no sob story to blog about today! Tough luck, I know!!!

There are two girls who come over to help Mum with the house work[ yess, you! dunt gimme that ,' pandhran warsh se chote bachcho se ghar athwa dhabe parr kam karwana das actoober se kanunan jurm ho gaya hai 'crap, their Mum used to work at our place and she is not keeping well so they come over, ]

So, my Mum has taught them a few english words.
And sadly phrases also.

So, on sunday when I left for the SIMCAT, one of them shouted a very cheery ,"how arreeee youuuuuuu"!!!!!!

When they leave they say the following:
bye bye
ta ta
how are you
I love you
I love you too.
bye bye.

See you errr...err.. after CAT, obvio!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Hi ,

So I post after a long time(as in rite a post thats going to stay)..Its about the longest break I have taken from blogging..

Things are becoming a bit messy and for the first time I do not know who to turn to..sometimes I think I should manage it alone but then I am unable to...I wish I had a magic wand which would put everything right..

Also I have gone back to riting in my diary..

Things may not be okay right now, but they will some time later, right?

I had finally begun having faith..but I seem to have lost it all..the reason thatI wish otherwise is that I feel faith makes you strong...
I dunno, if you have faith in God, plz tell me why you believe in him...
I am so confused about certain things right now..I have no answers ...the questions irritate and so does the fact that I am unable to find the answers to them..
Soemtimes these days, seeing other poeple happy has begun to irk me...but that is not inherently me and hopefully as things sort themselves out , I shall be back to being okay:)

Okay so it seems that I cannot think of anything other than my sob story which is exactly what I did not want to write.

Toh isiliye , lemme end this here...I might be taking a break from blogging for the next month or so..maybe I will write once in a while..but regular blogging will take break..:)

I shall resume it when I finish with CAT..

Be good:)