Saturday, July 09, 2005

the good

1. Got a gorgeous 'payal' from nani!!!
2. Told younger bro on his face that he is akin to the lowest form of pond life ( ha! ha! ha!)
3. Held the door open for an old lady at the bank.
4. And as i was doing so i could feel the milk of human kindness sloshing inside me...
5. Asked the waiter at an eating joint how big the 8 inch pizza was.
6. Got a major kick out of that!

the bad

1. Friend A told me that that there are as many dogs in b'lore as there are engineers.
2. Went to my father for some sympathy...he heard what i had to say...thought for a moment and said," dogs kum honge"
3. Whatever!!!
4. Watched a movie in a theatre with no ac!
5. Saw a relatively huge bird sitting inside one of the coolers that was not working ( i mean the cooler not the bird) ...spent atleast half of the movie time watching the bird
6. All The other coolers (which were without birds and working ) were pretending to be heaters!

the ugly

1.Saw 'War of the worlds ' in hindi
2. The old woman for whom i held the door open at the bank turned her blazing eyes at me and yelled at me ( a repersentative of the uncooth , uncivilised younger generation ) for being soo patronising, disparaging and( there wa one more word she used... yes!) condescending!
3. never in my life again will i hold doors open for old ppl to walk past and THEN yell at me!!!
4. Made 4 rotis yeaterday.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

well..well....well...i got up today to find a visibly harried 'kamwali' telling ma that sumone has (i really dont know how to put this in english!) done some kind of black magic to divert the problems of their household to ours!!! ( Exclamation Exclamation Exclamation)

Quite excited and overflowing with joyous anticipation i followed her to where the stuff was expecting to see something along the lines of a skull and a doll with pins in it and the such like...however this was not to be...all i saw was some 'urd-ki-daal' littered near the main gate!
That was ALL!!!!!!
Spoiling the name of black magic i should say!!!

Any ways ma got a bit harried nevertheless... and an emergency family meeting was like immmediately called for!Therein we spent a good couple of hours speculating on the whos and the whys ...the obvious suspects are some of the very superstitious neighbours we have around....hOWever the undecurrent of extreme tension beffitting this solemn occassion was missing coz of majority of us rolling down our respective chairs and deewans laughing our heads off...

The 'kamwali' looked postively hurt at such a response and therefore proceeded to give us a detailed account of her brother -in-law who has been reduced to a good for nothing drunkard after someone did something with the aforementioned 'urd-ki-dal!' This horrific tale of the hidden potential of the inocuous looking 'urd-ki-daal' however did not bring the desired effect either with bro coming up with the brilliant suggestin of picking up the daal and asking the 'kamwali' to prepare for all o us something lipsmackingly delicious!!!

THe horrified look on the 'kamwali's' face was again suuficient to sent us all( most o us had sombered down by that time) into a fresh ebullitions of unrestrained mirth which again pained the 'kamwali ' no end who looked ready to smack bro on the head with the jhadu both of wich( i mean the jhadu and bro's head ) were in easy reach! ...
All in all not a very good day for the 'kamwali'

Saturday, July 02, 2005


I wonder why reading is such a passion...infact i cannot even begin to understand why some people do not want to read!!!! i would be so limited in my view of things had i not been an avid reader...You know what... it might sound like very hackneyed and sorts but the fact of the matter remins that books are a man's best friend Or for that matter a womans!! !
However i am indeed facing a major problem with reading these days..which is that i am becoming increasingly choosy about which books i want to read . It is a bigger problem than you might consider it to be... When you look at a book( by which i dont really mean just look but also like read the title and the little something about it that is written at the back of the book) you should instantly feel like reading it...but that has ceased to happen now.. which has lead to very sorry state of affairs...I just am not able to find the knid of books that that i might want to read...
I did not even like Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code!!!!!! I almost did not like the last of the Harry Potter books either( gape! gape! shriek!!!) I mean like evrybody likes these atleast...
I really do not know when that perfect book that i am craving for will come my way...
Hoping that that sometime is sometime soon...
Bye the way i am reading a P.G.Wodehouse at the present and i do ilke it but it's just like a filler..i am reading it coz i am not able to find something else that i might like really like....

Friday, July 01, 2005

The simple reason why i have finally started blogging is that i am extremely bored.... Another reason is that i am in the habbit of writting extremely loong e-mails...i really dont know how blogging would help but one can always hope...
well..another reason is that i need to find a vent to outlet my craving to write..
so here it is hoping to blog pretty regularly!!!!!