Sunday, August 11, 2013


I was reading a post i had written from around the time of my wedding.

Close to 4 years now. And yet...I identify with each written word. Only retrospectively do i understand the power of what was.


Saturday, August 03, 2013

Random updates

  • A big dream seems fairly distant now. I have been working hard at it but sometimes success takes its own sweet time. I am this close to giving up but I know that I am not a quitter. I am keen to see how things will pan out. If only...
  • I returned to London yesterday after spending last week in Turkey. It was a good, relaxing holiday which we had taken with the in laws.  I will put up a picture post soon.
  • Now is also the first time in 6 weeks that its just the two of us at home. The house does feel a little empty.
  • I saw Inkaar today and was totally blown away by Arjun Rampal. He is an absolutely fabulous actor and I don't know why I was surprised by this!
  • I am down with flu and cough, fyi
  • Monday onwards I start a completely new role at work. I never thought that one day I will be doing B2B sales in Europe! And here I am, all excited about it. Really really looking forward to it :)
  •  I am also planning a surprise for someone...I love planning surprises! Yohoooo!
  • I have cut off all carbs from dinner in an attempt to lose 1.3 kilos of weight.
  • I made chocolate and pistachio cake for Sid (and a friend) today and ate half of it myself. I think I am now overweight by 3.3 kilos. *Sigh* Here is a picture of the warm, soft and absolutely delicious cake fresh from the oven :
  • I have started experimenting with nail paint colors. Instead of the usual pinks and reds I am now using oranges, purples and (lo and behold) ornage and purples! I know- does not sound too appetizing but well, better to do it and regret it than not do it ;)
  • I read a John Grisham in Istanbul and have just ordered 'Game of Thrones'. I also really really want to read ( I mean re rereread) The Harry Potter books. And Pride and Prejudice. Sometimes I crave these books as if they are long lost friends...
  •  On weekends when I should sleep till ten, I am generally up by 7. Arrrggghhh. The unfairness.
And as randomly as this list began, it ends ;)