Tuesday, November 22, 2011


My bad. I know I have not been posting on blogger. The reason is simple. I have started writing in my diary again. Yes, yes, much like Kasturi:) I came from India 2 weeks back and it already seems like it was ages ago when I was in India last. There are a lot of things that have happened since which have kept me extremely busy. The India trip was amazing. The highlights: 1. I got to launch my book! Yeaaaayyy! It was absolutely amazing to stand on the little stage in the Crosswords book store in Select city mall, Delhi posing with my book as people clicked pictures. It was lovely because I got to sign my first few copies. It was lovely because my mom, dad and bhai could make it to the event. It was lovely because a lot of people who had read the book could make it to the event! 2. Gave my first in person interview. Living in London had ensured that all my interviews till then had been conducted on the phone or via email. A lovely lady from Hindustan times came over to my place to take my interview. It was a nice experience. 3. Took part in a live chat! On rediff. That was like super cool. So many people asked questions that I did not know when the hour was up. I still had questions pouring in. 4. I got to speak to more than 500 students , ask them questions, answer their questions…just generally speak to them, talk to them about my book et al. Lovely! It is a good thing that I enjoy public speaking :P 5. Tried my hand at making Momos. And before you ask they turned out really well  6. Met up with some friends. Always amazing to catch up. 7. Gave my brother a haircut. Do not ask how that turned out :P 8. Went shopping with my Mum and dad- the simple of pleasures of life 9. Got pic clicked with all five of us in it. Love that pic! The list could go on. However, the surprise this time was that while it was aweful to leave home, it was not that bad to come back to London. I love London in the winters. The foggy, bleak, grey and damp London. I just love it. Plus London is now all decked up for Christmas and there is such an air about Christmas time that it is infectious! This will me my first Christmas in London. Last year we were travelling in Morocco during this time and I am looking forward to being in the UK for Christmas. Fingers crossed for a white Christmas :) Love RM