Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Happy, Positive and/or energetic

So going forward, as often as I can, I am going to put down 6 things here that have made me happy, positive and/or energetic that day.

Idea is to ensure that the feel good hormones flow through your body and make you feel happy, positive and energetic even if you are not feeling that way when you start to write these down. Smart, eh? ;)

If you are reading this (that’s a lame thing to say, because obviously you are reading this), feel free to do the same. Mail me the links or put them in the comments section because as they say, positive hormones are infectious ( I did not make that up. Okay, I did) Lets share the good things , even if they are simple and tiny :)

So here I go:

1. So when i get out at my station, there is a guy who sells newspapers. We always smile at each other even though i never buy his newspaper.  It was nice to see him again today after such a long time.
2. Tried on shoes of a colleague. Loved them!

3. Met people in office after a long time as I was on leave and it was nice to see the familiar faces and catch up

4. We have ready made puris that mom in law cooked for us so that means that I don’t have to bother about cooking tonight!

5. I used my brand new Milton thermos flask today! Yay!

6. Got some compliments about my brand new, snazzy haircut! Double yay!



PS: Very shallow points but who cares ;)