Tuesday, September 09, 2008

So, the tri has dragged on to 12 weeks now.I am in the last week of the 4th trimester now.This will be followed by one week of exam, another week of port visit , one more week of home and the second last trimester here would begin.
I hated this place when I first came here and today I hate the thought that I would be leaving this place in another 6 months time.It scares me real bad.It is funny how I hated it so much and how much I love it right now.
Anyways, todays has been a lazy day, I have been feeling very lazy of late and am a little unwell too.I just had one class.An extended type of economics is dealt with in the class. The proff!! I so totally think I am in love with him and his way of teaching!!! He is ossum!!!The way he starst of with micro, puts in a little bit of macro and ends with developmental….aaaahhhhh…nothing like it. I swear I do not even miss half a sentence of what he says in class, I am so impressed with what he teaches!
Apart from this, I know things have been weird of late, I just want some strength..I need it so bad….I want someone out there to support me a little bit coz I am very tired of taking it all in…..I want to breathe easy…breathe easy once more….
Love to all