Tuesday, September 13, 2005

why i shud marry at age 21.

Now i am not saying that i should marry at this age but i do have a lot of people around me who do point out the blessed virtues of an early marriage ( mainly aunties who should rightfully be sent to mental asylums , no pun intended. )
1. You get loads of new clothes---- hello.....????? new clothes, new clothes???? spoil my life for new clothes!!!!! I can get loads of new clothes at some pathetic sale at Ganna sansthan as well , why marry for it ???
2. If you marry young you have a better chance of getting a good guy----- see, if i'm a buddhi when i decide to marry, i'll marry a buddha! whats the big deal, huh? 'girte-padte' complete the pheraz, trembling voice mein say whatever has to said, take out fake teeth from thier saline solution when pics have to be taken, invite only 'buddhas' for the wedding , begin a new life at a brand new old age home.Seems fine to me...what say??
3. Its difficult to find guys for higly educated girls----( this ofcourse was said by this one aunty who was discouraging me from aiming for CAT.), Btech in any case is too much i guess . THis one is like real stupid... so girls should not study ( a very indignant ) hello????? The aunty concerned is kindly requested to return from 3rd century B.C wherein she seems to take pride in reposing,to good old 21st century A.D.
4. Coz this other cousin has gotten married---- now...she has gotten married, thats allright, its her life, but how can you ignore the fact that shes 32!!!!
( I am only in 3rd year right now....and have had to face a considerable number of aunties in full form...God only can give them strength to see me do my MBA, and marry real late, if at all !!!! However thank God for sensible parents who keep me away from the shadee -wadee ka chakkar!)

Saturday, September 03, 2005


Why is it that at times things happen in such a way that i feel totally helpless, i do see unfair things happening to people who are very important to me but then what can i do???? they feel better having told me of all their wordly problems but what about me?? I'm just so helpless ....the matters are such that i cannot find a solution for them... and everytime, hundreds of times a day, each time i come face to face with them i am again given a full blown account of those genuinely dumb problems.. What CAN i do except feel bad for them..?Things can go so terribly wrong at times..they can be so miserable , so bleak , so dark and the beauty of it all-------they are all man made!
I'm just so totally fed up with some things....
Collleg has begun..and is in full swing at that! Its just the same old story but the tension levels are high for a no. of reasons ,namely:

1. I am in third year ( you are supposed to gape and shriek at that, by the way) .
2.The campus placements begin at the end of this year.
3. So all throughout this year we shall be given graphic reasons why no (read NO) company will take us.
4. I am not that intersted in placements right now, but then i also know that if i do not get a placement i shall be howling and crying like crazy ( i wonder if that would qualify as abnormal behaviour.?)
5.What i am intersted in is MBA, so at times ( atleast ) i will have to study for CAT also. Thats added pressure...
6.I need to get a life...
7.I do not know how to get one.
8. i need to stop being such a looser...
9. I do not know how to stop being one..
I am just feeling extremely irritated at i dont know what..!!!!Well anyways i guess most people are bugged up about what s happening in their lives when they do not have any real cuase to be bugged up..I guess i'm just one of those people...