Monday, October 28, 2013

A Meme!

Sunday Stealing meme and my answers

1.Are you a young heart or an old soul?
Young heart. Silly things: a throaty laugh, rain, balloons, toddlers, fluffed up cake- they make me happy.

2. What makes someone a best friend?
If they can be happy for you when good things happen and sad for you when bad things do. The former is much more difficult than the latter.

3. What Christmas present do you remember the most?

None. I don't celebrate Christmas.

4. Tell me a movie/song/TV show/playbook that has changed your life.

None. People have changed/ shaped me not movies/ songs or playbooks.

5. Name one physical feature that you like about yourself and one that you dislike.
Well, I have been told that I have expressive eyes and would have liked to be a little taller.  Other than that, I firmly believe that we are all beautiful.

6. Can money buy happiness?
No but it can buy comfort and a lot of other things.

7. What’s more important in a relationship: physical attraction or emotional connection? 
At least one of the above is abs necessary.

8. Is there anyone close to you that you know you can’t trust? 
For the longest time ever, I did, but now I have proactively culled such people out of my life. Inherently, however, I do not trust a lot of people.

9. Where was your favorite place to go when you were a little kid? 
The servant’s quarter. Old books were left discarded there and I would spend hours going through them. Geeky, I know.

10. Have you spent a night in the hospital?
Yes, I have. More than one and I am still trying hard to forget them though it is almost one whole year now.

11. Do you enjoy being only with 1-2 friends or with a large group of people? 
Earlier it was the former. But once bitten twice shy so now I keep myself surrounded with  loads of fun people, none of whom I am exceptionally close to. Safer, easier and more fun.

12. Have you ever been bullied? 

13. If your partner wanted to wait until marriage until having sex, would you stay in that relationship?

14. Do you believe in God? 

15. Out of all the social networks in the world why use a blog? 
Once I start speaking/ writing it is tough to stop. Twiiter and FB status updates just do not suffice.

16. What is your quirkiest habit?
I have to, have to, have to be on the left of the other person I am walking with.

17. What is normal? Are you normal?
I don’t know what normal is. I do not think I am normal.

18. Someone close to you is dying! You have the choice to let this person live for 10 more years but if you do you cause the death of 10 strangers.
Save that person who is close to me. I am very selfish that way.

19. What is one thing you could never forgive?
Lying. Consistently.

20. When you’re alone in your own home, do you talk out loud to yourself?
Yes. I am mad. I do that in office too, so it is no secret. People sitting next to me are used to it and just mumble a ‘you are doing it again' and I try and shut up. 

21. Who is your favorite super hero?

Don’t have one.

22. Could you be in a long distance relationship?
Was in one for about a year. It is not easy.

23. Do you know what makes you happy?
Yes. I love few people but I love them ferociously. Seeing them happy, safe and healthy makes me happy.

24. Who was your first crush?
First major crush was a senior in college (obviously)

25. Where is your favorite place to go out and eat?
I love MaPo Tofu and Royal China!

26. Are you an early bird or night owl?
I can be either but prefer to be the night owl; mostly because I cant sleep peacefully till I get the work done.

27. Give me an unpopular opinion you have.

28. Do you believe in giving kids medals and trophies for participation?
No. Win it to deserve it.

29. What song best describes your life right now?

30. How do you express your creativity?

31. Give me the story of your life in 6 words. 
I work very hard.





Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Random updates

I am alive and well, thank you for asking. I have been writing like a woman possessed, only not on the blog (More on than sooner rather than later, watch this space for news *wink* *wink*). Right, so I know I have been absolutely horrible with the blog. Now is the time to set it right by...well...putting up a post!

Random updates are as follows:

  • In a matter of 1 hour 15 minutes I did the following: cooked daal, 2 vegetables, 11 rotis. I also did the dishes and threw out the rubbish. Am I superwoman or am I superwoman is the question.
  • Sid is on his way home from the Nordics. He should get a citizenship, I think, given the amount of time he spends here.  Being the good Indian wife that I am , hot, home cooked food will be waiting for him.
  • Talking of food, I have begun to bake a lot! I find it extremely therapeutic even though I do not have a sweet tooth at all. The solution is then simple- I bake exclusively for friends, mostly for their birthdays. Here are two of my bakes, baked for two different friends.

  • I went to India recently and it was the most heavenly 2 weeks. *sigh* Just a dull ache now remains, reminding me of the subtle joys of being at home.
  • It is getting very cold here now, I went out today wearing a sweater, a woolen scarf and a long thick coat. And still found myself shivering! :/
  • When I shiver, my teeth chatter, like really actually chatter. Does that happen to anyone else? or is just in the comics....and
  • Interestingly (not sure if that is the right word), I took the wrong trains both when going to work and when coming back. I must have been in some winter induced daze.
  • I met a friend after 8 long years last night! We were not great friends in engineering college, I mean I never disliked her, far from it, but we never really got talking. And I really enjoyed her company last night! Here is to friendship!
  • Talking of new friends, one must also talk about old ones. Some friendships have a date stamp on them and they die a slow/ sudden death. I have learnt it the hard way that there is an upper cap on the number of times you can forgive someone. If they continue the person they are, you will have to end it. Sad and heart breaking but I have also reaslied that I do not wish to have negative energy in my life Jealous, insecure people with huge complexes are best left outside of the sphere of people you interact with on a daily basis.
  • Oh, by the way, I met Amitabh Bachchan in Amsterdam. Yeah! Have a look at his autograph and feel free to die of jealousy.

  • Work has become very very very busy and hectic. I am enjoying it and learning new things so, so far so good.
  • A doctor I met today almost spat out his coffee when I told him my real age. He thought I was about 8 years younger than my actual age. I have not stopped grinning since.
  • So we have travelled to Lanzarote (Spain), Salzbourg (Austria), Mombasa (Kenya), The Masai Mara(Kenya), Scotland, Istanbul (turkey) so far this year. And I just came back from a work trip. I am however, already itching to go and the next stop is going to be Croatia in November. I am uncharacteristically excited about it. I was dragged around the globe for 2.5 years by Sid before I truly began to enjoy travelling. And now that the bug has bitten me, it is amusing to say the least.

That's the random list. I shall be back with more...and I promise that I will try and blog more regularly.