Monday, December 08, 2008

Some of my earliest memories


This other day I don’t why but I started thinking real hard trying to figure out my earliest memory. I spent considerable time on it and was completely lost thinking about it….I thought I will share them with you.


1.      Wearing a white frock with pink polka dots on it and dancing in the rain in this huge verandah at home as Dad clicked pictures of me. [I used to dance  a lot when I was younger, had almost completely stopped till some time back. However, I am planning to start again]

2.      Swinging on the white gate which led to our drive way, counting the cars that whizzed by, waiting for Dad to come back from his clinic.

3.      Dark and windy. It was very late in the night. Dad was not home yet. Mum was horribly scared. I had climbed the aforementioned gate and I remember wishing so bad that the next car would be Dad’s as I strained to hear the horn which I could and still can hear from atleast .75 of a kilometer.. [ you must remember these were ancient days where no mobile phones existed ] Nothing happened, it was just that there were too many patients that day and the phone was not working but I have never forgotten that night. This memory remains like a picture in my mind

4.      This girl called Geeta used to help Mum take care of me and Bhai. She was one of my first friends and we were ossum pals. She used to pick out the peas from rice for me so that I could eat the rice in peace

5.      The red lehenga I wore in Upper Prep for  my birthday. The first and the last time I wore oneJ

6.      My Mum used to put my brother and me to bed and to pre-empt any ladai, she used to sleep in between us. I remember this particular night like it were yesterday. My brother had this habit of telling a beeeeg long war story to some imaginary people who were very interested in it. So, there I was, trying to sleep , after as hard a day as any class one girl can have, while bhai continued with his story with all the sound effects. I remember complaining to mum.

7.      Mum’s silly bed time stories which always had a big monkey/elephant/giant who used to make life hell for these innocent villagers who then would come to either my brother or me for help and since we were super heroes of some order , we would in a matter of seconds after displaying not only great skill but also remarkable intelligence, annihilate the very existence of the monkey. Elephant/ giant.

8.      The big huge cradle which was as big as a double sized bed which was used by my cousin, me and finally my brother.

9.      Breaking into tears on seeing Mum cry. Ofcourse now I am not such a baby! Huh! Now I need to just see her look upset to start crying.*tries to look embarrassed*

10.  My parents think that we [ bhai and I] often used to fall asleep in the car.I don’t think I have ever fallen asleep in any car. I just pretended to be asleep as  I loved being carried back to my room in Dad’s arms as he tried all that he could to make sure that I did not ‘wake’ up.

11.  It used to be my favorite part of any Sunday. I used to get up late [around 8] and the whole room would be spotlessly clean and my Mum would be pottering around , looking so pretty in a saree with that red bindi on her forehead.

12.  Sitting in the garden with my Dad , about to leave for school. My Dad used to point out all the different flowers to me as I ate my breakfast

13.  “What do you think of all the time’, I had once asked my brother when I guess I was in class One or maybe younger

And now I think I can go on and on… they say , you never know when you are making a memory!