Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The end terms begin on Monday.
The first tri has almost come to an end now...as they say, time flies...It sure has in my case.
I do not blof at all these days, and today only I got a particularly conerned mail from a bog reader, which kinda woke me up to my responsibilities towards this blog :P

My schedules here are very tight. Like today only, I had classes from 9 till 6:30..have a tets tomm, 3-4 marketing projects have to be done, an entire psychology project has to be dealt with and I am yet to start with padhai for the end terms.

Today was our last class for a particular subject.The proff in question is an intersting case study actually.He began by hitting us where it hurt us the most and he ended with hitting us where it hurt the most but somewhere along the way, we as a class actually ended up liking him better than any other proff here.

He screamed at us, shouted at us, refuted each point we had to say, disagreed with each of our opinions, used abusive language in class....the list actually is endless.

He would throw us out if he acught us yawing in class and the first day he came , he screamed ta the entire class for an hour coz we did not stand in class as we gave our introductions.

But gradually as we became used to his ways, his classes started becoming fun. Things he said , about life in general, made great sense to me, infact I paid greatest attention to him when he talked aboout his life or was some gyaan about life.

As parting words today Proff had just one thing to say.

He said that he saw great potential in each and everyone of us. If we did not reach the top, it would be coz of only one reason. The reason would be we ourselves.

The whole class clapped and cheered for him as we came to the end of the course with him.....
Cheers and have a good rakhee...