Friday, June 23, 2006

missing bhai a lot .
I wish september would hurry up and come!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Kindly write your answer in points

*A cousin is shifting base to Kota to prepare for Medical exams and another is going to America...

*Last night I had a dream where in I saw bhaiyya leaving and I felt so terribly sad:(
*I hate Venn diagrams.

*While I am at it, I might add that I also happen to hate P and C beeeegg time!!!!!

*There is this terribly cute bag I saw at the mall a few months ago and now(!!!!) I want to buy it!!!!

*I am in terrible need of a pedicure , will get it done on Sunday

*Have to write an AIMCAT on sunday.In both the previous ones , I managed to not clear the quant cut off....which is sad, so am going to use a different strategy this sunday to get those silly 8-9 marks required to clear the cut off!!!!

*Am planning to go for a movie this Sunday, simply cuz one needs to have something to look forward to.

*have been getting this feeling that I am wasting my youth!!!!!ahem...

*I generally avoid using a pen, I prefer pencils to pens any day!!!

*Am not reading anything!!!

*Saw Gangster a few dyas back(piracy rox!! yayyyyyyyy) the girl is not so gud, as in I had heard that she is ossum and the suchlike...the Ahuja guy is terribly gud!!;)

*okay....I have to confess this right now.
(looks for cover and gets ready to make herself lost )I have been watching a rubbish soap of late.
The rubbish name of the rubbish soap is 'Kasam se'
Its terribly rubbish! Utter crap actually, but but but but tbut but..I like it and I watch it also.
In my defence , I must say that I do realize my folly and am ashamed of it .
And here I rest my case.
(serious look)
(looks around for a second and then as ppl advance towards her with their fists raised, Raam pyarri runs for her life!)

Over n Out!

P.S. I hereby try to promise that no matter who I am angry at, what I am going thru I will try to not delete my blog! I will try to understand that this is a blog and is in no way resposible for most things that happen in my life.
Also, I will try to understand that my blog is not a living thing, and by deleteing it, I am not doing myself any good.

P.S Lemme add that I did not publish by blog this time, ashaitan bandarr did! So, if u guys get to jhello me fer some more time its not my fault, bandarr ko pakdo!:D

I lost the smilethesmile URL *breaks into tears*

Friday, June 16, 2006

To hell and back

To cut a long story short , I am placed.

I am not going to take names, but it is normal software firm without a bond which is exactly what I wanted. And after meeting the team and all, even if I have to spend time with these guys it is going to be all right .

Now the 'hell' part of the thing . I study in a government college and as is the case with most governmnet colleges, TCS came visiting campus first. Since I am the department topper there was a huge probability that I would be taken but then TCS has a two year bond , even the sound of which made me feel stiffled

But then not sitting for TCS was indeed a big risk, what if the next company did not take me ?
And other than this one guy who and I did the whole 'thinking thing' together, NO one else was letting TCS be.

7 hours.

Thats the number of hours I was either on the fone with someone discussing this , or thinking about it reasoning it for myself...
Friends, seniors...gosh there are sooo many people who listened patiently to me ranting about this silly thing!!!
Pacing the drawing room for 7 non stop hours , is, believe me guys, not a joke!!
So, finally amongst a batch of 380 students, 2 of us( me and my friend) did not sit for TCS.

Getting placed is an experience in itself....there is good in it and bad as when the results of the written round were to be announced I was in the hostel with 4 other girls and we all siiting , very quiet, waiting for the news of the results to be announced....then it came.A spoke to S ,"Kya, aur kisi ka nahi hua?? Ruchi ka hi hua hai? pls ek aar chek karr doh..shayad mera naam miss kar diya ho, plz dekh loh"
So, I did get through the written round, but I was surrounded with people who did not make it thru. Girls broke down into tears...and I did not know what to say or do!
I mean, i kind of hated myself for getting through. The sheer dejection on the faces of these girls was enough to make me feel wreteched...I was terrible.Had I stayed there a minute longer I would ahve broken into teras myself.....I got the news at 3:25p.m and I was told that my interview was scheduled for 3:30 and I was to simply rush to the TPO and not waste even a second in changing into formals .

But well...I completely refused to do this, changed into a formal cotton(pink:) ) salwaar suit and even took my own sweet time putting on the kajal and only then stepped out of the hostel....
The huge 100 kms walk to the TPO from the hostel was so terribly 100 kms!!It would not end!!!I used that time to call up bhai who was very anxious about my written results as I had really messsed it up...
The interview scheduled for 3:30 sharp happend at around 5 sharp.
I was getting so restless there and the wait seemed never ending . It was such an experience to be part of the multitude waiting to give their interviews. The guys who had been placed in TCS had come as well to provide help and support to the people sititing for the interview. These guys were helping us with questions, helping other guys with their ties, with the files, if someone was hungry they would go and get them, something was like so...err...umm.... something...
You know how tense I can get and as I would heave a deep sigh I would look up to see a TCS placed guy looking at me , then he would come over and tell me that it is going to be okay...sab theek hoga...
It can be so comforting...guys and girls coming up to you and giving their own tips and all not even friends aquaintances coming forward to help each was amazing...

Then the interview happend.
I was addressing the HR guy as 'sir' and he asked me to call him by his name and it was so wierd!!
The interview passed smoothly without a single tech question!!!!
Can you beat that!!!

MOst of the time we were talking about my articles that have appeared in the newspaper and all that....
IN the end the HR guy says" so , ruchi, I hope you will take our offer!"
Hell!!! Obvio I would!!

Then follwed some 5 hours of solid waiting! I have never been in college at nine in the night and even while I was there I was trying t keep in my mind all the details..I was trying to make a memory, you see;)
The TCS guys and gals stayed with us till the end...loads of jokes and mazaas later the panel said it was ready to anounce the results and would we please assemble in Lecture Theatre 21..
All of us trooped to LT-21 and thats when I got considerably jittery.The whole day had been so wrought with tension that even the thought of having to go thru all this again if I did not get thru this compnay was terribly scary.

The HR team was like really cool, with loads of "yayyy guys' and 'gimme that million dollar smile guys' etc etc goin on.One of the HR guys provided us with background music as one the reps brought the final list with him.And they started announcing the names....
One by one, in no particular order..
And you should have seen the euphoria when the names were being announced...whenever the name of any popular guy/gal was announced we clapped like crazy!!! guys piled on top of each other...slapped each others backs , the HR guys ( who were siting on the stairs while all us sat on chairs!) cheered and clapped like crazy along with us...For the record , for the first time in my life I saw two guys kissing..hehe..on the cheeks!!
My name was announced towards the end and it was such a relief to hear them (wrongly) pronounce my name!

One of my friends,N, whom I have mentioned often on this blog , and who also happens to be an intelligent girl ,did not make it thru.She was sitting right next to me and as the 3rd last name was announced, she whispered, " Mera nahi hua , ruchi"
And I was like, "abhi doh naam aur bache hai" But then the next two names were also not hers.
Never have I stared so hard at someone hoping that he would take a particular name..but that did not happen...
As soon as the last name was announced, N , just got up and left immediately. I did not know what to say. Almost everyone was buzy with their cells ...I had brought dad's cell( I have lost mine, btw but that is another post in itself!) and there were loads of people I had to call up.But I sat there ,still, unable to grasp what had happened to N, for a long time. It was only after a considerable time that I fished for my cell and made the essential calls...

But then loads of congratulations followed..
There I was , outside the academic block, at 10:30 in the night, tired but essentially happy, using both hands to congratulate people and be congratulated as well..
Loads of guys came to me with a 'bola tha na tera hoga 'handshake...
But there is this guy in class, he is a nice guy really , a hard core Jain who wouldnt eat 'aloo' also, who came to me and said ," Ruchi, yaar main tere liye boht khush hu "
Simple words.
But they were said so earnestly that had I been one of those girls who are okay with hugging guys, I would have given him 3 hugs!!
Girls who had not made it thru were crying real bad and that is why also this experience was a bit hellish..

I am placed now and now I can go back to CAT ki padhai achche se...
I am relaxed after many days and everything is light and nice and for once I am breathing easy...the end sems+pracs+placements..its finally over for me...
I got the compnay I wanted, took a risk and thank Gawd it did not backfire....
It's nothing terribly ossumm but am okay with everything...
All the best to all those who have not been placed....
And a million thanks to Blogger friends also who helped me decide in favour of my company and made me believe in myself a teeny bit more.

Friday, June 09, 2006

When I cannot think of anything, 'mp3' comes to mind.
I dunno why, but it does..It is indeed a bit odd..since I do not even have a MP3 player..

Today, finally ,my house is quiet. Two sets of mama jeez and their faimilies had come for one whole week.. then, at times I had longed for quiet and now i find myself longing for the constant chatter and laughter that my home was resounding with till some time back.

From being the sole and proud owner of a double bed , I had been sharing my room and hence the double bed with 4(!!!!!) people!!!
I have a thirteen year old cousin who can blabber without stopping for hours on end!! (When she was 10, she gave me loads of gyan about how babies are born and also presented me with a detailed list of problems an older cousin had faced while delivering her baby.)

Well, she happens to be a beeg time darpok as well. At night she used to sleep right next to me, filling me up with latest family gossip as we lay waiting for the rest of the crowd to settle down ..I would never come to know when the lights dimmed , when the chatter stopped and when all of us fell asleep..but yess...sometime in the middle of the night a light hand would stealthily find its way to my head and stay lightly there for sometime...then the hand would quietly search for my hand under my head...genlty pull it away from me, straighten it and soon a light, brown head would be sleeping , peacefully dreaming its hundred dreams resting on my hand , as the pillow which had been an innocent cause of a not so innocent battle of sorts between two sisters lay unused.

Sometime back when I had visited my nani, where this cousin(M) lives as well, M and I went cycling once. Cycling after a long gap of many many years , on lane by our house, with M sitting pillion was , maybe, not a very good idea , as very soon I banged into the cycle of another fellow cycling enthusiast.

I fell on the road, and since I had grazed my knee real bad, big ,fat tears soon started on their long journey across my face. So, I was sitting on the road, knee bleeding and me crying when my eyes fell on M.
Her face red with anger, hand on her hips, finger pointing accusingly at the boy , M screamed out the following words-"tumhari himmat kaise hui meri didi koh rulane ki!!!"

Mama jee , unfortunately saw this from the balcony.
Even today he has a grand time telling anyone who would listen about a twenty year old girl who sat on the road and cried cuz she had grazed her knee while her 12 year old sister gave the boy responsible for the minor accident a piece of her mind.


Apart from M , another cousin, S was here as well. S is exactly a month older but somehow we do not really bond.No, we do not fight or anything of that sort. As in we share jokes and make small talk and all that, but we do not bond . I do not know why , though...
So when S was about to leave, my Mum got us to sit down together, made us hold hands and clasped our held hands between both of hers.
And she told us that each of us has just another brother. Thats not enough support. We need each other, we need to love each other, we need to be there for one another. She said that if S were to get through a college of her choice, I should feel as happy as I would were I to get thru my dream college and the same goes for S as well.
At times I tried to wiggle my hand out of my Mum and S's grasp but my Mum asked me to continue holding S's hand. She told me I will remember this till I live.
In a matter of a few minutes, and after loads of such things from Mum I could feel my hand relaxing in S's hand. I could feel hers becoming more relaxed as well....
My Mum turned to us and said" So, do the two of you promise to call each other up often from now on??"
S looked at me and I looked at her and somehow for the first time in our lives, as we sat on that fine afternoon in the dinning room holding hands, we connected...
Her pretty face broke into a smile.
I realised I was smiling too.
"yess", the two of us said.
Softly , but together.

Yess, Ma you are right, I will remember how you made me hold S's hand .

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Namaste jee
hello jee
okay jee
bye jee

EOP( End of post.)

Added later:

Okay, its official now, I cannot write unless I am feeling terribly sleepy!
I have my last practical tomm and I am dying for tomm to arrive cozthen I shall be able to spend as much time as I wish to with the lovely -shovely billi (CAT)

This brings me to a comment I received for the previous post. The fellow blogger seemed quite exasperated with my obsession with CAT and kindly asked me to get a life .
*clears her throat*

Well I guess I should cut paste the comment here if I wish to speak about it but I am wayy too lazy to do that.
CAT is very important for me . I know it is just an exam and in 'real ' life I 'pretend' to be real chill about it. It only here and when I am with my closest friends that I am open about how strongly I feel for this exam.

You know, I know very well I might not make it through , but I'll deal with it when it happens , but I need to work my bestest while I can.
If that means sitting with a Business mag while the rest of the class is in splits making fun of a proff , thats okay.
Very okay.
I cannot think of a sensible explanation for this . I do not give importance to money, I hate the concept of a 9 to 5 job , I hate everything a good B school religiously guarantees.
Yet , invariably , I find myself thinking about CAT.
I might be in the bus but my mind would be furiously calculating 15%of 9845 or something of that sort.
The simple reason why I think and hence write about CAT so much is coz , in simple words, I really wanna make it through.

I dont know if it will happen or not. In all possibility I will be sitting right here five and a half months from now telling you guys that I messed up CAT real bad and there is no chance of anything good happening.

But then there is another, albeit very very teeeny possibility of somethying good coming out of it.
I want to give that tiny possibility its fair chance .

Apart from that, as unbelievable as it may sound , I am actually enjoying the preparation .

uffff....there I go again, I had no intention of riting about CAT!!!!
Anyways I have to sleep now, my mum says I am the proud owner of terribly huge dark circles these days .
A glass of milk which Mum kept on my table about 2 hours ago remains untouched.
I have to somehow push it down my throat(ewwwkkk, chee cheee..i hate milk....),clean the mess my room is in, change the bed sheet, wash my feet, brush and then ....
aaahhhh..the land of dreams beckons