Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Lessons from 2012

2012.:) While there were definite highlights ( I traveled a lot, got an award for my first book etc) there were tough issues to deal with as well.

Tough times, however, teach us invaluable lessons. And here, to share with you guys, are the pearls of wisdom i have gathered :)
  1. Laugh at silly things.
  2. Do something creative. I write :)
  3. Time does not stop. The wind changes its direction, often without you even realizing it.Know this when things are bad. Keep your head cool. It might be bad, terribly bad, but if you hang in there, it WILL be alright. Never forget that.2012 taught me that.
  4. People change. You change. Accept that.
  5. People drift apart. People grow apart. Don't keep the grudge. Let them free. Let yourself free.
  6. It is sometimes NOT okay to run away from a situation you would much rather not be in.
  7. It might have been the toughest choice to make and you wonder if in the end it was worth it. And then, to your mind comes that one slow smile. You know you will never forget it for as long as you live. And you know it was all worth every bit.
  8. You know you should do this but you simply don't want to. Have at least one friend who has the guts to tell you exactly that without mincing words.
  9. Do things for others. Don't always think about yourself.
  10. There are some people you will never get along with. Stop trying and let them be.
  11. If things are not good, talking about it all the time to everyone won't help. Chose people whose advice you trust and listen to them.
  12. If things are not good, make sure you are talking with someone you trust. Don't keep it all inside.
  13. Don't do brash things. Remember that all actions have consequences. Some of these consequences can hurt the people you love the most.
  14. Siblings will remain your closest friends. Close friends sometimes begin to behave like siblings too :)
  15. It is okay to have the i-will-call-you-on-my-birthday-you-call-me-on-my-birthday relationship if that works with some people.
  16. There are some relationships that you can never break off completely. Know that. And learn to forgive such people when they mess up which according to you they will every once in a while.
  17. You can be receiving an award from the Chief Minister one night and be huddled outside of the neurosurgery ICU the next. Such is life. Man up and face it.
  18. Don't be scared of anything. Fear (of anything) cripples.
  19. Dance. I started that again after ...i dont know...more than a decade and the classes were typically the highlight of my days!
  20. Do things that give you joy. I write. I take walks. I talk to people. I know i sound like I am 200 years old, but so be it!
  21. Be kind to your body. It helps you quite a lot.
  22. Always be well dressed. Invest time, energy and effort into how you look. Note: Compliments never hurt ;)
  23. Don't think of negative things. When such thoughts wander into your head immediately distract yourself.
  24. Be grateful to those who help you.
  25. The biggest battles are the ones we fight with ourselves.
  26. Tell yourself that you are strong and a fighter. Tell yourself that.
  27. Pray. Have faith.
  28.  Be grateful for what you have. It is sad if you get to the value of what you had when it is lost.
  29. No one should be able to fault your work. Take pride in it.
  30. Keep nails well painted.
  31. Love and respect yourself. Only then will others.

I wish I will have a great 2013, as will my family, friends and readers:)