Friday, April 24, 2009

Introductions : )

Bloggers, meet Sid
Sid, meet the Bloggers
: )

Every couple has a story. I wanted to share ours with you.

When our parents got us talking I was totally not ready for it. When I met him first, I just went there to find reasons I could cite in front of my Mum and Dad and ask them to not bug me about him. However, as luck /destiny would have it I simply could not find one good enough. One meeting is too less a time, I figured, and decided to give him more time :P

But somewhere along the way, I still do not know when or how, I started waiting for his calls which came at odd hours as we live on different continents , I started sneaking out of useless lectures to take his call; he had started becoming important.

I took a lot of time before I said anything simply because I take time to think and decide. I don’t know where he got that patience from. Apart from an occasional sentence, he never forced me to give him an answer. Finally in an overcrowded South Indian restaurant, where there was such a din that Sid could not hear me the first time I said it, I told him indirectly that I believed he was the guy for me.

We got engaged some time back. : )

Sid and I have or rather, had, little in common.

Sid and I come from different states, have never been in the same schools or colleges and are very different temperamentally

Sid spent his childhood and the years after in different parts of the country and the world. I have lived in precisely 2 cities. 23 years in one and the next 2 in another.

Sid has therefore studied in more schools than I have had the occasion to visit.

Sid is what we used call a ‘def kid’, a term we used to refer to those kids in schools whose parents were in the defence services. My exposure to them, before I met Sid, and the defence forces in general has been limited to one girl [ yess, just ONE girl].

Sid loves F1 and the ‘kumbhakaran’ reincarnate that he can be on weekends, he manages to wake up at odd hours to catch a race. For me, uhh..welll…F1 came into existence when I met Sid.

Sid, in his words, ‘runs before he walks’ and I walk an extra 10 miles even when I know fully well that I can run better than others.

I am the biggest maggu on the planet, Sid thankfully is not : )

Sid is my teen age crush, college crush, first love –all that rolled into one and more. Sometimes I wonder what makes Sid and me click despite of our many obvious differences. I think it is just that. The differences are superficial- underneath we are pretty much similar. Both of us are essentially easy going and hard working people.

I love him for so many things: the mole on his chin; the black, honest eyes; the confidence; the love he showers on me. But mostly because he is fast turning out to be my best friend. He has been with me through a lot of things in the little time that we have known each other and I can easily sense a good, strong friendship brewing.

I respect him for so many things. This is very important, I always knew I could not love a man if I could not respect him! In fact with Sid it is so bad that professionally I want to be the female version of Sid! He eh ehe

Sid and I live on different continents and ours has been a long distance relationship since day one. It makes it a little tough knowing that you wont see the other for another 60 odd days but we have learnt to deal with it. It has been beautiful so far inspite of the thousands of miles that generally and obstinately stand between us :)

You guys have been with me through thick and thin and I just could not let all this happen in my life without giving you guys and update on it : )