Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Post 8: Thursday


The city of a hundred Spires.
The land of the Franz Kafka.
Beautiful, beautiful Prague.

For all those of you who are not married and would like to honeymoon in Europe, Prague is my recommendation. Venice comes a close second.

Anyways what a day Friday was when I was leaving for Prague. I just had TONS of work and it was only 20 minutes before leaving the house that I stopped working, threw in a first set of clothes I could find and voila I was ready to go abroad!

The flight itself was uneventful and I spent most of the time reading my book.

As we sat in the taxi,at about 9 o' clock in the night, I eagerly looked around. Not much. What was the hype about, I wondered. We drove a little further. Still nothing. Looked like a big barren European city to me. And a little further and the city opened itself like a flower.

The cemented roads in the outskirts of the city gave way to charming cobbled streets, the white street lights were replaced with the warm yellow of the street lamps. Prague had me captivated from the word Go!

Our hotel was on a quaint cobbled street leading to a hill, lit pretty in yellow, small dainty shops on either side-closed but their colorful wares on display even at the late hour. Only later did I find out that it was actually wonderful location as it was about 5 minutes from both the Castle and Charles Bridge (both are major tourist destinations). The hotel was called 'The Golden Wheel' was a very interesting mix of the old and the new. On our arrival we found a note from the hotel staff welcoming my husband to the hotel. Right, they did not welcome me. But never mind, they made up for it with the lovely views from outside the window.

As Sid settled to sleep, it hit me. I had missed breakfast, I had not had lunch and now I was skipping dinner too! And so I proclaimed to the already sleepy Sid that I wanted to find something for myself to eat. And I set out alone. I walked uphill. And I walked. And I walked. All shops that were open only sold alcohol. I glanced at my watch- 10:35 pm. Not bad, I said to myself only to immediately realise that due to time difference it was actually 11:35pm local time! That freaked me out. Alone, in an unknown country at almost midnight!

Oh My God!

Being the drama queen that I am (and totally ignoring the fact that I had a functional phone in my pocket with the lovely google map and Sid's number should that be required) I decided that I was in mortal danger. The old touristy uncles and auntys passed by with their silver hair and walking sticks, but I was convinced that my life was at stake.

The theatrical bollywood fan in me toyed with the possibility that i was already lost. But well, I could still see my hotel down the road, so that did not really work. Anyways, I turned around and decided to make my way back to the hotel without any food, lest I did get lost. Bhooka Bharat.

And as soon as I decided that there was no food in the whole of Czech Republic for me at that hour lo and behold! I saw a little place, almost hidden that I had missed. Almost right infront of the hotel. So much like me to not see the shop in front of my hotel and walk hundreds of kilometres. Uphill. Lovely.

Smacking my head, I walked in. An angry looking girl was sweeping the floor. My heart jumped with joy. No, not because I had just seen a grumpy Czech girl sweeping the floor but because my eyes found food! As I played with the sandwiches, I tried to figure out what was vegetarian and what was not. Unable to understand Czech (ofcourse! Duh), I turned to the grumpy girl to ask her if the sandwich in my hand was veg.

'I dont speak English!', she said angrily in perfect english.

I almost laughed out loud in her face right then. She gave me a queer look and continued with her work.

I hastily paid for the most vegetarian looking sandwich that I could find and hurried out. Walked across the road and entered the safe heaven of 'Hotel Golden Wheel'.

A little later, exhausted, I slumped into my lovely white huge bed. Exhausted but very content. I had in one hand a sandwich which Sid confirmed was only bread and cheese and cucumber. And in the other I had my book. I flipped the page, took a bite and read the words and I mentally itched for dawn to break so that I could see how the city looked like in the morning...

To be continued....

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Post 7:

Has it ever happened to you?

that you went up to a lady and in conversation asked her if she were pregnant and she said no?

that someasked you if you were pregnant and you had to say no because you bloody hell are not pregnant?

I can say ' No, it has not happened to me' for the former. I wish I could say that for the latter.

On that note, bye bye. I am travelling today and cannot post. Will post in detail on Tuesday.

For those interested I am 5'2 in height but have never weighed more than 50kgs in my life so far.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Post 6

So we went to Morocco in December last year. It was Sid's 30th birthday, we had just returned from India, it was Christmas time and we had nothing better to do in London. It was also my gift for Sid's birthday. In Morocco, we decided to spend all our time in this small place called Marrakesh which is a hotspot for European tourists. Pretty and exotic. And also tiny. Sid said it was going to be a relaxed holiday. I thought wistfully of a 'relaxed' holiday and readily agreed. So far so good.

We read and read about the city before we went there. Not much to see or do, we booked ourselves in a pretty Riad (traditional Moroccan house turned into a hotel). Sid reiterated that this was going to be a relaxed holiday. Again so far so good.

We created an itinerary for ourselves which consisted of things we wanted to see in Marrakesh. The half a centimeter long list had some 5-6 items on it. Very gallantly Sid said that we will visit all those 5-6 places at a leisurely pace...spread them across 4 days...do one thing a day... because...yes, you guessed it right, it was to be a relaxed holiday. So far so good.

We reached Marrakesh at about 10 in the morning. Left immediately. Walked straight for 9 hours. Saw some 7-8 things overachieveing straight away our target of 5-6 things. I came back D.E.A.D tired. And the next day, Sid ready at 8:30 in the morning to go out and explore has the cheek to ask me what kind of a place I have brought him to as there is nothing to do/see.

Th next day we walked for 11 hours. The two days after that were spent entirely in the Atlas Mountains during the days and in the main square at nights. Needless to add, each day I came back to our Riad and crashed in like half a micro second.

Anyways, we leave for Prague tomorrow.

'Excite about Prague?', Sid asked me yesterday.

'Very', I say politely.

'You...know..', says Sid thinking a little bit, ' lets make this a relaxed holiday'


Next Post: Sunday!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Post No: 5
Day: Tuesday
Confidence about completing the Marathon at the beginning of the marathon: Very High
Confidence about completing the Marathon now: Medium-low

How many medicines should you carry when travelling?

So as the regulars here know, Sid and I went to beautiful Italy for the Easter weekend. I generally do not carry medicines. My Mum-in-law called me up and as we discussed my preparations for the upcoming Italy trip and she warned me to take all possible medicines. After all, it was going to be a 10 day trip and it is best to be cautious.

I agreed. And then promptly forgot all about it. Then on the day we were leaving and I was reluctantly packing, when I saw my medicine box. Mum-in-law's voice rang in my ears, i reasoned that I had so far never ever needed ANY medicine on any trip so why carry extra things, but MIL's voice rang louder and I succumbed.

In fact I overdid it. I packed medicines for fever, stomach upset, head ache, nausea, cramps, multivitamins, antibiotics, anti allergic, pain killers. I even picked up medicine for a minor medical condition that I had had some 3 years ago.

I think I packed more medicines than clothes.

Anyways, what I also did was that I spoke to Italians in Office who told me of the glorious sunny weather that awaited me in Italy. Impressed I took out all my shorts, skirts, dresses and threw them gleefully in the suitcase. Nothing below the knee - that was the mantra. However just as I was leaving, at the insistence of Sid, I hurriedly picked up my fawn coloured Zara jacket. For London only basically. Once the plane would take off it would be sunny, bright Italy.

Fair enough.

Or Maybe not.

As I stepped out of the plane and looked around it was drizzling, bleak and grey. Seemed a lot like London to me.

And that is how it remained pretty much all through out the ten days and across Italy. All throughout the 10 days I was in Italy, it was grey, bleak and raining. Of course, needless to add, weather back in London was gorgeously sunny. Two things happened because of this unfortunate weather condition:

1. In each and every photograph taken in Italy, you will see me in the same jacket. The same jacket. And jeans. While I was carrying two they were both blue so I was perpetually in my Italy uniform. Zara jacket and blue jeans.

It could have been ONE day's pictures. All the pictures in the same jacket. All. A-L-L. Do you even know what a disaster that is? NO wonder there were no pics on FB, none were shared via picasa with friends and relatives. *Sigh*

2. I fell sick- Yes, i fell sick. For the first time since I came to London. I caught a cold. Took decold for that. Then had a head ache. Took the medicine for head ache. Then felt nauseous. Took that medicine. Then Dad who is a doctor called to say I should immediately get on a antibiotic course. Took that medicine. Mum, who thinks she is a doctor called to say that I should immediately start on a course of multivitamins. Did that.
Bro who is a doctor in the making called to say that I should start a course of Vitamin C as it helps fight infection. Mum, who like i said thinks she is a doctor, called again to tell me to take an anti allergic as sometimes fever is because of an allergy. Did that.

By the end of 3 days, I had used ALL the medicines I had got except for the one for the medical condition I had had 3 years ago.

'Who knows by the end of the trip I might need that', I said to Sid in the midst of sneezing and coughing.

'Come on!', said Sid chiding me.

And guess what? By nightfall I had to take the first dosage for the medical condition from 3 years ago which had, out of the blue resurfaced.


Question for Readers:
For the upcoming trip to Prague, do I be cautious and take all the medicines again? And then end up using them all *Shudder*

Or not take anything like on previous trips and nothing will happen because there are no medicines to treat it if it does?

Pause, think and then answer. You answer can decide whether Sid has a good trip or no. *Serious, meaningful look*

Saturday, June 18, 2011


A day Early

I am a day early (Oh my God, the dedication I have for this blog marathon!) I know. But I have reasons for the impatience.

Its about the book, I have been super secretive about on the blog. It is also about my identity I have been super secretive about on the blog.

This impatiently written post will deal with both the issues.

Dear, dear readers, my biggest supporters, my unknown friends. It is towards you that I feel a weird sense of attachment, a very marked sense of loyalty. I announced my book on Facebook on late friday night, India time. Since then there has been an outpouring of support that has touched me and amazed me.

But I have been thinking about my readers who still dont even know the name of the book! The follwoing few lines will change that!

Please go to the following link. 'Like' the page so that you can get regualr updates apart from the ones I will def put up on the blog :)

Here is how the book will look like. Copyright applies, ofcourse :)

Very simply, you have encouraged me to write and have knowingly/ unknowingly played a big role in this.

Thank you.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Getting a post out of Sid.

So before I decided to start the blog marathon I asked Sid if he would be willing to
write a blog post. Sid readily agreed. Biwi happy.I even made nice Biryani for Sid after a gruelling day at work.

Anyways, so today after dinner Sid and I sat down. With 'Rattan ka Rajkumar' on on the telly in the background, my iphone in his hand, Sid seemed to be in a good mood.

Seizing the opportunity with both hands, I batted my eye lids and reminded Sid that he had to write a post.

Sid nodded his head, not looking up from the iphone. Batting of eye lids wasted. Anyways.

'You have to write a post, you should better start writing, it will take some time', I warned.

'I will dictate. You write', came the royal response.

Amused, I agreed. He will dictate and I will write! Would I get a post out of Sid so soon? I was amazed at my good luck.

I hastily opened up blogger. All set to type.

'Yes, please?', I said delicately after 3 minutes during which Sid had not even looked up from the iphone.

'Hmmm...', said Sid, 'write now'

'OK', I said.

'Dear Readers,hope you are doing well. I am good' came the first bit.

This was followed by a pause of 20 minutes which involved heavy thinking, playing angry birds, watching TV. I prodded further and this is what came out

'Jack and Jill went up the hill'

Then Sid said that he had 'written' enough for the day.


Again, why exactly did I say yes to marrying Sid?


PS: Next Post-Sunday! You have been very good with your encouragement. Thank you and please keep it coming. I am trying my best by keeping one post ready in advance. *Pat on my back*

Added later: Bloggers, worry natt! This post in no way means that we will not get a post form him. It just means it will be difficult to get one out of him. Muhahahahahaha.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday, Post 2

Office Story

So, we have only recently shifted to a new office closer to central London. I met a colleague (who works very closely with the President of the company)in the kitchen post a very heavy lunch.

The conversation that ensued was as follows:

Colleague A: Hi.
Me: Hi

A: How are you?
Me: Very good, Thank you. You like the new office?

A: Oh yes, it is lovely, isnt it?
Me: Yes, isnt it?

Me: I just wish we had an XYZ room
A: We will!
Me : really ? (very amazed that the company was actually thinking of it)

A: yes!
Me: Wow! I mean really Wow!
*I shake my head, very impressed*

A: It is going to be amazing.
Me: I have no doubt!

A: Really!
Me: Really!

Me (wondering if i should actually say this): I think I will be in it all the time.
A: I think the President is going to be in it all the time!
Me( shocked but still polite): Really! How nice.

*I start to think somehting is not right about the conversation*

A: Yeah, she is going to be in it ALL THE TIME
Me: Are you sure?

A: Ofcourse!
Me: Hmmm..

A: OK then, see you around.
Me: Yes, sure, see you around.

I strikes me as I make my way back to my desk. What A was talking about was a TP room (telepresence room, which is a lot like Teleconfrencing).

What I was talking about was a sleeping room.


Next post: Thursday!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Blog Marathon Attempt 3:
Post 1

This is actually pathetic. Really it is. I have tried marathons twice before and failed both times.

Like most people who have failed to do something, I have excuses. But I am too smart to tell you about the excuses in this post.

Muhahahaha. I will make an entire post out of those excuses. See, I am getting smarter now.

Anyways, I am going to attempt another blog Marathon now. But I am going to take it easier. Not promise anything grand that I cannot deliver. So following are the rules:

1. I will put up posts on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays only. Post One done! Ha. Ha.
2. The marathon should last for a month.
3. There will be guest posts (including the first one ever from Sid who for the uninitiated, is my beloved husband)
4. There are some interesting posts lined up
5. There are going to be some interesting revealations (hopefully, they will be interesting)
6. Sad posts are not going to be allowed. We will all be happy and jolly but not gay. Ha ha. Okay, that was a really lame joke. Ignore it if you found it too repulsive.

What do you have to do?

The following:
1. If you have not subscribed to the RSS feeds, please do. It encourages the writer in me.
2. You lurkers who do not comment, yes you, comment. It encourages the writer in me.
3. You regular commentor, yes you. Please continue commenting. It encourages the writer in me.
4.In general, encourage me with words. It is my job to start and yours to ensure that I finish. Muahahahhahahha. I have really become very smart! See I tricked you all into taking the blame if I fail to finish this Marathon. *Superior Smirk*

And with the rules set, with your blessings, I seek to embark on this journey again. May the force be with me.


Next Post: Tuesday!