Friday, March 31, 2006

kit-kat time

I am taking a break from blogging....No it is NOT cuz of anything in is just that I need to take a break.
I will return...yess, i think I will return.
I dunt know how long my break will last, no idea what so ever...You guys are the sweetest people..take gud care of yourselves...
Maybe I will continue peeping into ur lives thru ur blogs but this place is gonna be quiet, for some time atleast.

buhbye and take care:)

Saturday, March 25, 2006

I need a break. I need a break.I needa break.I need a break. I need a break.I need a break.I need a break.I need a break.I need a break.I need a break.I need a break.I need a break.I need a break.I need a break.I need a break.I need a break.

I am taking a break but it really is NOT helping.

The hell with the wretched placements!
The hell with projects
the hell with Btech!!!!

Friday, March 24, 2006

15 minutes of unadulterated stupidity!

Okay...15 minutes.Only!
Not a minute more!
I mean, i just have 15 minutes to blog, so i'll put all the rubbish that i feel like putting here!
okay, I am in a funny mood.
I mean , i am not trying to be funny, I am in a weird mood.There is SOOOOOO much of work to be done.
jidharr nazar daalon wohi kaam pada hai!
*sob, sob*
I have to do something about my sleeping habits...I need to sleep more! Less sleep does not do well for me...Hence and therefore I have decided, no matter, unless I am not studying, I shall be off to bed latest by 11.
I have been feeling tired lately *deep sigh!* infact tuday as I entered the lecture theatre for the last lecture for the day , this guy(who has ..well..pretty much managed a single digit rank in GATE) welcomed me with a gosh-you-are-looking-so-tired !!!
And once he said that , i started feeling all the more tired!:D
Silly , silly me!!
Okay I am a bit overworked right now, i guess, but I am content, my life is full..
Full with work...full with people who matter..

I want to buy a pretty dress right now. (yh! I know I am crazy)
I want to laugh like crazy right now.
I want to watch a NICE movie right now.
I want to work, work , work!!!
I want to start liking fruits.
I want to restart working out!
I want to live ....
Inafct I often think this.......
If I were to die tomm, I would be so terribly sad, cz like what have I done in these years???
and some more padhai!!!
total waste of a life!
I want to start classical dance once again...I just hope I dont just keep hoping I will!
I want to live in the mountains.
I want to own a wooden bookstore.
I want that bukstore to have a NICE section for kids.
I want to go to my bukstore each day during the mountain monsoons.
I want to hear the sound of the raindrops falling against the wooden ceiling.
I want an ice cream shop (a teeeeeny one, mind you!) to open right next to my bukstore.
I want to eat an ice cream when it is raining!
I want the mountain mists...

I just looovvvee mountains!

hey bhagvaan!!! what have i ritten???
dunno, doesnt make sense to me.....I know it wont to you either..*deep sigh!*
how about putting up a sensible post once in while...
you read it and think about stuff other than how silly a girl can be!
tuff luck, buddy!:D
maybe a sensible post next time..
till then....
MOuntain walker!
Mountain dew.
ufff..over and out!!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Tagged!!!!, ek bar finn:D

This time its Sumit jee.I have to write about five things I will do with my first salary....
Hmmm..nice to think of money in my, here I go...

1.)Take Mum out for shopping: She is difficult to please in terms of gifts, she is wayy too finnicky!So, I will take her out, splurge on her.If she likes two say sarees equally, I'll the more expensive one for her!She'll be treated like a royal that day, Wait for that day,Ma, just wait:D

2.)Get an ultra cool handset for Bhai: Okay if the latest and coolest set is for 5oK and my salary considerable amount less than that then I guess I will have to wait for some time and save and then get him a nice set.
He does not want me to waste time in an MBA, wants me to earn so that he can splurge..
lage raho bhai, lage raho!!

3.)Something for my father: you can see, I am at a loss..I cant think of anything for him..dunno what I could buy for idea ppl but I would def get something for my father, what ? no idea:D

4.) I will buy something for my nani. I so hope she is around when I get my first salary.

5.) I have two lovely friends.Nivindya gets something sweet and nice, something that she can keep...I have gifted her stupid things including
a) a white hanky with red lace (officially made by me for S.U.P.W., but actually made by a neighbour)and senti stuff written all over the cloth.I gave it to her when she was leaving for college, I think.....
b)This other time I made this really silly thing which took me like 2-3 hours to make, made it out of chart paper ..It had flaps and all and when you wud open the flaps a picture of me and her could be seen.
I made a similar one for Bhai some time bak for his budday ( It took me full four hours to make it, but it was a beauty
so, she gets somthing that can be used, like properly used.And so does Latika , poor poor girl for having to listen to all my crap.

a) Mani shall get a nice courier.It has been promised and I shall be waiting for mine to arrive in a couple of years time .Even if we are not in contact, mani, you had better hunt me down to send me that courier!!
b)Shekhar gets his chocolates:D
c)Last but certainly and certainly not the least, Ranjan jee gets something sweet and nice:)

P.S. Five was toooooooooo less!!!! I have soooo many plans!!!!
I hereby tag only 2 people ,they are both relatively new to my blog ,please take your time if your busy or anything...
1)Sumit ko wapis se...
2)priyank, write your quizes and then honour the tag.

Adios friends...
Gunite nite and sleep tight.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Silver Earwear

Pardon my all apparent insanity but thats what I call the stuff one wears in one's ears.
okay now moving on.....
A day ago I was speaking to my friend, Nivindya, and she was telling me how happy her mum was when she presented her with stuff she had bought with her own money on a recent trip.And that set off a chain OF thoughts ...
I have never earned money as yet.Okay I have , when I was very little , but I shall not go into the details coz then Mani will have a grand time pulling my leg,accusing me of being a 'Jackie'. Dont even ask me what a 'jackie ' is...

Anyways, thats not the point of the post.First salaries....
thats the point of this post.When you get your first salary must be so awesome!!!!
You spend it on people who are most important to you!!A couple of people I know have started earning but only once someone has bought something for me with their first salary.
And how unexpected was that!.

Some of you might remember me talking about my neighbour's wedding.Lets call her di.
Di lived right across the street .We are on VERY friendly terms with her family. Now she is happily married to an engg who is minting loads of money, but then she was mostly broke.
She had just finished her Msc, Nutrition, when she got this real teeny , real real real teeny job.
It was to pay her real real real teeny as well.
This one evening , the day she had gotten her first salary, I was sitting cross- legged on my bed studying when she came in my room with a cheery

" Dekh mein tere liye kya layi!!!!!!!!!!"

In her hands she dangled a pair of silver ear ware.

" meri pehli salary se, tere liye",she said with the broadest smile.

Generally when someone gifts me something, I make it a point to let that person know how much I appreciate their gesture but at that time I cud hardly say a word.

Okay yeah! you all know how senti I can be, but I was really very very moved at that time, still am each time I think about it.
She was just a normal friend for me, who would bore me with stories of how she was sure that the shopkeeper was flirtng with her, but I must be atleast a teeny bit important for her cuz she spent a portion of her teeny salary on me!

THe ear ware is simple, not at all the very expensive types..but I was soo touched!!!
I think I gave her a know one has to hug all the time, aunties, cousins, blah and some more blah, but that was one of the few times when i hugged someone cuz I really really really wanted was sooo sweet of her.
INfact I think if she had said something remotely senti that time i would have started to cry also!!!

See, you get a hundred crore and get a gift for a neighbour, fair enough, but you get a teeeeeeny salry and then too you manage to get something for a neighbour makes it SO much more special.That makes so special that that neighbour will sit and blog about it a grand two years later.:)

Thats the ONLY time someone got me something with their first salary.Second, third, fourth slaries dont matter that much.Although most people I know have started earning two people still remain!!
Latika and Bhai , both have yet to earn. Latika, if you are reading this, I hope certain things are clear to you!!ahem ahem...

So, that silver earwear is my most precious bit of jewellery...Its broken now, it broke some time back, so i cannot wear it, but I cannot possibly throw it. It stays with me in a pretty pink box which contains all my collection and it shall remain there for a long time....

Thank you , di,
Thank you.

heres a picture of the silver ear ware...

and yess...the red nail paint is in preparation for today's Holi. I dont use draculaish colours.*serious look*

and yess...I am guilty as charged of wearing bright yellow capris...they are my love:D

HAPPY HOLI!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 13, 2006


I think she is a funny girl.....she knows that she is naive, believes people easily and she also knows that she would feel heart broken if someone would betray her trust.
No, nothing of that kind has happened to her.
gud for her:)
But she knows that she is too she has to be cautious.
This confuses her , befuddles her..
Sometimes she thinks that she ends up being too cautious ...then again she does not know...
she does not know...
I feel sorry for her.
I know she wishes like crazy that she were the i-dont-care types, but she is not.
She knows she is an emotional fool but she tries to make best of a miserable situation.
This irks her, irritates her, frustrates her..I know this for a fact.
I don't think she is a bad girl...and I wish her the best.
I think she needs to cheer up.She needs to be happier, cuz she has a lot to be grateful for.
and yess...
I also think she should think less....maybe she is indeed her happiest with her books, people scare her.
They so totally scare her.


Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Cannot Sleep...

Well, I am damn tired, my eyes are heavy and I yawn a dainty yawn once in a while..but I am not able to sleep.So, i thought I will blog for some time...hopefully I shall bore myself asleep by writing something really brain dead here....
Now i was supposed to untag myself, you see Sumit ( use cut paste here for the two links in this post...the rubbish thing is not working on my blogger!!!..grrrrr) has tagged me..but my brain is clogged, clogged big time! I can only speak rubbish right now, boring rubbish that will make me feel sleepy....
So, the tag shall be dealt with later...
OKay and by the way, I shall now take a liberty with a fellow blogger. I am going to put a link here without asking for the bollger's permission I hope he wont mind.
Read this (
It is simple and sans nonsense.
Interpret it the way you wish to.
Think of your own goals....
And see if it makes as much sense to you as it did to me.

And okay, this is NOT the rubbish I meant to write!!!!!!So now coming to soporific rubbish...
Well...It was sooooo windy tuday!!!I could barely manage my dress and my hair!:D

I love Ma's hands.I love the way her fingers taper...but what i love most are her feet!! I simply adore them!!
I don't care if they are dirty or muddy or anything I just adore them!!
Ma has a scientific reason for my abnormal fascination for her feet.
Me and my bhai are just an year apart hence Ma had a tuff time managing the two of us when we were real tiny!.When she had to put both of us to bed she wud pat my brother with her hands and me (since I was the older one) with her feet!!!

We never had the banal lullabyz...Mum made them up at the spur of the moment.I so totally recall them.Sometimes she would sing tables for us!
yess!two ki table, three ki table...hehe..
BUt most of the times she would sing songs that had a story.

They were stories sung by her, It always had either me or bhai or both of us in the lead.There would be animals who would come to us for help, where the bears and lions failed, me and bhai would rise to the occassion!!There would be dacoits we wud bash up, girls we wud help.No one who came for help was turned down , no matter how difficult it might be to face the monster all set to attack their village.

Then there was this story titled "Cigarette peene waali ladki "
yess!!(and it was not sung to us, it was like a normal story)

It was about this unruly girl who would not eat fruits , not listen to her mummy, and amongst other such horrific things, would also smoke cigarettes!!!
This story was reserved for the afternoons. Me and bhai would come back from school and Ma would tell us this story in parts each day as we ate our food. One steel plate.Full of daal chawal and sabzi and ma wud feed us with her hands.
No spoons .Ek kaur mera, ek bhai ka.
If we ate green vegetables the story wud be extended for five more minutes after lunch got over.

Sometimes I think of all the love my mother surrounds me and bhai with...
I can think of hundred things she did or does that make me feel loved.I owe so much of myself to her.I bug her at times. I don't make tea for her and she gets pissed off
When she is upset she pours her heart out to me. When I feel defeated, she is the one whom I go to. When my exams are round the corner she always gets this HUGE bag of chocolates for me so that i can munch on them whenever I feel like.She thinks that all the gundaz of this planet are plotting to kidnap her beautiful daughter.
She is the wisest person I know.
She is the wisest person for many people I know.
I can talk to her about soooo many things!
A guy wrote poetry for me???:O I will have a jolly good time telling Ma about it.
She'll tease me about guys.INfact lo and behold !!I also tease her about guys!!
I know that till Ma is with me I am never alone.
Me and Bhai
We were her world.
We are her world.
And all she wants in return is that both of us should love each other. Unconditionally.
Don't worry Ma, we dont say that to each other , we never will, i guess.But I love him and I know for a fact that he loves me .Infact I know that he loves me more than he loves you.

Take care

Monday, March 06, 2006


Sunday, March 05, 2006


This is Mr Shaan....
You know naa, i went to Bhopal for my father's conference . Shaan was there too;) These people had organised this dinner, okay...
To take these pictures, I had to make my way through a sea of skimpily dresssed women, with daaru ka glass in one hand and ciggs in the other!!!.
Ppl were dancing like crazy there!!!
But i wanted this picture.
I stood right next to the stage to get this!!

I had a conversation with Shaan.
I stood right next to the stage where shaan was singing ..err...that hum-tum wala song...okay..i think its the..'yeh ladikaan ladkon si kyoon nahi hoti' type of a thing..well..whatever! there he was singing the song...
I began the conversation.
I yelled
Since he was right next to where i was, he looked at me.
I mean, okay it was a one sided conversation, but we spoke..err..i mean atleast I spoke..err...i mean atleast I yelled...

I saw a fascinating performance by Ustaad Amzad Ali Khaan as well.
I have little or no info abt classical music but it was FASCINATING!!!!!!!
I did mot leave my seat even once during those two hours!
As in the case of Shaan, I went right upto where he was sitting to click his pic.
You see, Moonwalkers are adventurous people.
I'll put up his pic as and when i can make this pic thing work on my blogger.
My PC , you see, has attitude.
Loads of it.

Friday, March 03, 2006

The slow and steady wins the race.

Patience and hard work.
patience and hard work.
There wont be magic but things will improve.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

I finished reading Hp6 today ....and I am feeling xtremely depressed right now.....There has been a frown plastered on my face since I shut the book.Its a feeling similar to the one I felt when I read the Lord of the Ring, only this time feelings are mostly negative...
I fail to comprehend so many things...
I wonder why I am here?
Why are we all here?
To face hazaar problems?So many people are absolutely miserable.....kyon bura hota hai logo ke saath??

What is the purpose of my life?
Is it just to get some silly degree, eat , sleep and then one day,die?
Maybe it is useless to ponder over such things.Infact I think it indeed is..but then..
Words like 'courage', 'bravery' 'friendship', are they just meant to be used in books and movies?
Most things seem so useless right now...things that irk me, things that make me smile, nothing makes any sense....
When will I do something that I shall feel proud of? Will there be a day when i sit back and look at wat I have done and
..okay let it be..this is going no where..
maybe i just need a gud nightz sleep and 20-30 pages of PGW.


Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Tagged again !!!

Everything on my screen is bloated right now!And i dont wish to do yenithing about it.No I do not!
Okay, okay.. I shall not sulk here although mood toh boht hai sulk karane ka...

Anywayz, as the title of this post rightfully sayz, i have indeed been tagged again. This time by Fellow Martian , Shekhar.
Yess, in case you are wonderiing, both of us are from Mars (many of you wonder which city i am frm , now atleast you have the right planet!!) and it is in the memory of the time we spent together in the gallis and mohallas of Mars that I am honoring this tag the moment i could lay my hands on some time....Apane Mars ki yaad mein..*faraway, thoughtful look*

^^&%$%$%#@## ,
!@#@$#^&^*&* ,

I just said something very very wise and profound in Hiloip, our language there, I see Shekhar nodding his head, wondering how i always manage to say such brilliantly wise things. Its okay, Fellow Martian, I am known to do great things.

Coming to the tag, I am supposed to list a few things I hate. A lot of people who have been tagged have described things that they do not like, but we Martians, aah..well...happen to be different...
So i'll talk only about things i usual this is going to be an impromtu post so once again you guys get ready to bear badddd grammar and horrendiz spellings.

1.I hate people who take bribes.I really do, cheating the system, making money the wrong way..all this does not go down well with me.This one time , this guy came to check the electricity meter at our place and he offered to reduce reading by a huge amount.My Dad had to just ask him how he would go about it for me to burst into unstoppable tears(i was in class 7 then). I knew if my father would let the guy do this I would never be able to like my father and that broke my 13 yr old heart.
Some jobs do not pay much.It is okay to not have the most expensive diamonds.....thoda hai toh koi probs nahi. Thode ki hi zarorat hotti hai

Anyways my father told that guy to buzz off , so I can happily like him:) Not like the guy, you earthlings (!!!!!! ufff!!!!)like my father!!!

2.I hate arguments.Not only vicious , acerbic, caustic ones but normal ones also wherein loads of chillana goes on.I cannot stand it. Most of the time I run away from any situation that has any potential of leading to an argument.

3. I hate noise.Like today in the morning , when I was studying in my room , I simply could not bear the sound of the TV in the other room, Dad talking on the phone in the lobby.I clamped my ears shut and switched off the TV and closed my room before i could breathe easy again.......

4.okay, let me be a bit honest here, i hate doing badly in exams..:( I simply loathe it....but *deep sigh!* my results are expected any time now and ...*anuder deep sigh*

Okay no more air left in my lungs .Time to breathe in!!!!

5.I hate seeing Ma unhappy.I cannot bear it.Simple.

6.I hate tanned feet.I dont have nay problems with other people with tanned feet but i dont like them myself.

Now since i ahve been living on Earth, amidst you earthlings, some of ur earthipana has rubbed off on me!!!!!!!
So I'll just mention one thing I dislike. Okay I obvioulsy dislike many things but I'll mention only one here.
I totally dislike flirts.Nothing puts me off as much as flirts.I somehow find most of them extremelt insincere and sincerity is something I more than cherish.....

Hmmm...yeh toh ho gaya..cannot think of naything else for the time being....
But i wish to write more.....hmmm...well things are getting a bit crazy on my front here.I hardly seem to have much time on my hands these days.....and I so totally hate it!!!!I ahve been feeling a bit tired off late, infact I set the alarm for a religious five a.m yesterday. Got up at 5, studied till 5:30.
Said "what the hell!!" to myself and went bak to sleep only to get up at 10 followed by a mad dash for a class that begins at 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am so damn tired even right now!!!Its like i can sleep , sleep , sleep and sleep some more.

I wonder why i cant say something like" hey, Mr Watch,why dont you stop working for the next 2 hrs while I catch up on some sleep???"

I have not even read Hindu for the past 3-4 days!!!I have no idea where the hours go..:(..I dont remeber watching any TV other than about one hour of Black this other day( It was juts soooooooo awesome!!!) and this the first time in 2-3 days that i am online for more than half an hour

Anyways next 2-3 dys are going to be light and if my schedule is tight then it is coz I made choices that make it this way.Many , many people are millionz of times more busy than I am! So not a big deal! right??!!

Chalo, I think I'll read something today, its been a while since I read a book and I can finish something in the next 2-3 days as well.....

Haan....who do i tag????
2.Shreyansh: this would ensure another post!!!inne dino se nahi likha hai!
3. Amit: Cuz I laffed the loudest I have in recent times when i read his "Allah meharbaan toh gadha bhi pehalwaan"
Btw, this other day some one said something in college to which I intended to say this only...its a completely differnt matter that i ended up saying:

Gadha meharbaan to allah bhi pehalwaan!

May the holy Light of Planet Mars guide you all!