Thursday, November 23, 2006

Another broken dream..
As the key to the VA section changes, the changes happening are such that my total score has nose dived.

so, in all probability, I say good bye to a dream I had been nurturing for over 2 years and slogging for for the past 8 months.

All those all india double digit ranks in VA in almost each AIMCAT and each SIMCAT I wrote and now my VA score.

Why does this always happen with me. When I wrote JEE ,I had decided that I will never let that happen to me again..but naah...someone up there has a major problem with me.

Do I feel like getting up and studying for the next MBA entrance Exam?

Do I feel like studying for the end sems ?

Do I feel like ever openeing a book again?

I am angry, at myself for not having delivered at the right time.
I am kinda upset that poeple who were doing terribly all throughout are getting better scores than I am
I am sad coz once again I have to let go of naother dream.

Zindagi ki yehi reet hai...
kahi haar , kahi jeet hai...

Sunday, November 19, 2006

There is life post billi..!!!!

(Pics taken on the 18th:) )

I look at the calendar and then at the watch, and I cannot believe that I have lived to tell the tale...

Well, to begin with, facts first...there is a lot of confusion regarding my scores thanks to the varying results being put up by the various sites...I might be in the 'getting a call' bracket but one cannot be sure,obvio...

Anywyaz...even as my mind is swamped by millions of doubts, I must add that being able to even comtemplate the possibility of getting a call is wonderful for me..
Anywayz...that is another story all together..

Preparing for CAT has been a diffrent experience all together, I have never really been a part of something like this ever before..

CAT has been a person in my life...
I have loved it,hated it..

And now it is over:)
A job well done, it is now time to move on..

Thankyou people for wishing me luck...

A detailed post later, am too tired right now...

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

So, I blog.


1. I hate the 'shusheel kanya' look that I perpetually have.

2. The ladka dikhai of a cousin happened at my place.
I got along better with the guy than my cousin did.Ahem.

2.5 Thankfully the shaadi[ladka and cousin] is fixed but the sasur jee has been speaking verrry highly of poor moi.

2.75 I think my cousin is plotting my murder.

3.I spent half an hour with myself in the garden yesterday..there were too many things happening in my head .The semi biting chill was so refreshing.It cleared my head.

3.5 It is nice to not think.

3.75 If it is too cold, I do not think.

3.90 I am planning to shift to Antarctica.

4.My shorts fascinate my maid.

4.5 No wonder she keeps trying to peep upar.

4.75 In case someone wants to buy a gift for me,Cycle shorts would be very nice.

4.90 And very useful also.

5.Nights and early mornings are getting cold now.Mum took out the wollens yesterday and each time that happens , I rediscover sooooo many clothes:)
Found an OSSUUMMM jacket my uncle got for me from Chicago.

6.I am single and so blissfully , happily single. Jeez man, single girls rock!!

7. I do not have an iota of faith in the crap called love.
And I bow before God and thank him for that.

8.Things do not always look right , do they?

9. Sometimes, I wonder if I should have become a doctor.I think I will always wonder.

9.5 But many people continue to live simply coz of that one decision I made.

10. I hate aunties who think I will make suhseel bahu for their iit 9 pointer sons.
10.25 Sometimes, I think I have something against IIT.

11. I am feeing very happy and light at this moment.
And nothing ultra good has happened.
I am happy coz I have no reason to be sad.

12. Saw Jaan-e-mann. I loved it and do not care if everyone else thinks it was ruubish. I had a good 3 hours.

13.I love movies that make me laugh.

14.Most girls strain their ears to listen to any comment that might come from luchchas and lafangas standing by.

14.5 most girls feel disgusted when the comment is not clearly audible.What a waste of a comment.
14.75 All girls hate it when no comment happens when one is expected.

15.when one gilr meets another girl for the first time, she looks her from head to toe.If she is fashion conscious she is classified as 'too loud /too m,uch into makeup wakeup ,i never put on so much makeup 'category.
If she is simply dressed, she is a 'behenji'.

16.Girls are bitches.Atleast most of them can be.

17.All men are d*gs. No exception what soever.

And with that solemn thought I end this post.