Friday, December 29, 2006


My Mum is by far one of the most amazing women I know.She is also the kindest and the gentlest person on this planet.

There are two tiny girls who work at our place.Their Mum used to work with us but now that she keeps ill, Ma gets the house work done by her two daughters .

Ma spends the time in kitchen teaching them numbers and alphabets and even english poems as they mop the floor or whatever.

So one fine day, Shilpi, the elder of the two asked Mum what 'happy birthday' was.As Mum tried to explain to her the concept of birthdays, Shilpi said that she has never had a brithday party of her own.

So, today Mum organised Shilpi and Shalu's combined birthday party!!
7 of their bestest friends were invited for the party.
I was intially very skeptical of what was supposedly happening and quite unwilling to be part of it all.. is always the case, I hate it when Mum has to do stuff on her own, so I reluctantly gave in and helped Mum select the gift and decide on the 'menu' of the paty ;).

So at 2:30 today , all 7 of Shilpiz friends and cousins trooped in.The intial unease that all of them felt on entering an unfamiliar house was quite obvious. No one would speak much and most of them continued to stare at the floor.

But gradually as the food came out, they came out of their shells.There were biscuits ,toffees ,cakes , wafers , namkeen and what not.

Post the food, the smiling faces:) Shilpi in the yellow frock Mum gifted her, and Shalu in the pink one.

And then the aunties of the aas pass ka houses started peeping in as we all of us started clapping and cheering at random.
Infact 4 of my neighbours also came in, to join in the festivities.

And here are the two birthday girls taking the gift package [;)] which consists of brand new sweaters , scarves and hairbands for both of them.You can see the card as well, on top of the gift !

It was fun, and yess ..

My Mum Rocks!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Bad Memories

Earlier when I used to chance upon blogs which vaguely spoke of the sensex, I would lovingly press the tiny 'X' on the top right of the screen.But now, when I see the words sensex/FDI/Retail etc etc I give a whoop of joy, my face lights up and my joy knows no bounds.

As they say, life is funny.

The TIME guys apparently want me to give mock inetrviews with collar microphones , so that the entire interview can be recorded and I will get a decent idea about voice modulation and all the related blah.Jeez mann, If that was not enogh ,the second mock interview will be recorded on camera!!


I think I will be more comfortable just going for the silly interview for IIFT and messing it up rather than doing all these funny things and then messing it up!

Talking about the camera it strikes me that I have never blogged about a phase , a very important one, of my life.

The time when I was a regular face on the regional Doordarshan channel.

Err...okay , I was not exactly regular..umm...well..okay, I just did a two minute thing on Doordarshan but the important thing is that I was on tv!!!
It all started with my Mum who was actually a regular face on Doordarshan at that time.So one fine day, one of her directors suddenly decided that he wanted to start an extremely silly distance education program during the summer vacations.

Haah! Which child in a remote corner of the state ,after watching 'Turrrum Turrrum' the parrot(?) for half an hour would get mighty enthu about the addition of fractions and sit and watch any educational program for 2 hours.

Anyways, as they also say, this world is based on hopes.Even mighty stupid and silly ones.

So, the director[ who was ,a couple of years later ,sent to prison for taking bribes offered, btw!] had fancy ideas.
And to put his deadly plan in action he needed to advertise the educational program .And for that he needed 2 teenagers, preferably a boy and a girl.
And he shared this with my Mum.


Now any woman who has two teenaged children, one boy and one girl ,will get certain ideas into her head on hearing this.
And this is exactly what happened with my Mum. We must not blame her per se for this , mebbe it was the 'maa ka pyaar' which made her do this.

So a few days later, in a small dark room, balancing precariously on our respective stool sat my brother and I.
I was told to look into the camera in front of me and to not shake my head so much and say the following lines:

Kya aapko apani padhai yaad aa rahi hai? kya aap saath ke bachcho se aagey nikala chahate hai ?*smug , superior luk*
Agar haan , to aaiyye hamare saath , apane vichar hame bataiyye, bataiyye aap kya dekhna chahate hai yahan parr.
Agar aap likhatein hai , to apni kahaniyaan hame bhejiye.
Agar aap chitra banate hai toh apane rang birange chitra hame bhejiye.
aapka aur hamara lamba aur sundar saath rahega.

To hame patra likhye.
Hamra pata hai
blah blaha blah blah
shunya shunya chaar shunya shunya cheh.

Yess I have actually done that 'shunya shunya shunya char' crap X(

However the worst part was the fact that all throughout the one hour I was fumbling to get those stupid lines correct while making the stupidest of mistakes, my Dad was in the other room watching every bit of it!

Jeez yaar.

Okay the even worse part was yet to come. The next day I went to collect my cheque *coy, smug luk*.
The guy who was riting the cheque asked me my name.When I told him that he took up and a pen and started riting on the blank cheque.
He began with 'K'.

Ekta Kapoor had not happened by then and I had little knowledge of how important a part of the daily soap diet of the ammaz of the entire nation this letter would soon become .Hence I had little respect for this noble letter 'k' being used when my name officially began with an 'R'.

"Arrrrreeeeee!!!!! Abhi bataya toh!!!My name is Ruchi M."
*followed by a maxxx superior look*

The guy gave me disgusted look and continued writting.

I conituned to look at the cheque as he wrote the following words :

Kumari Ruchi M.

Double Jeez

Enough of bad memories for a day.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Some people *sigh*

For the second time in the time that I have blogged, someone other than poor moi wrote on my blog instead of me.

To emulate my style of riting, the post had 2 imporatant parts.
1. It was anti-men[heheh]
2. It was overtly sensitive.

Imagine the shock I got when on openeing my blog today, I see not only a brand new post but also a very acerbic and gussa type of a comment from whoami as well...

At first I even replied to his comment but then it was absurd defending something I had not written that I started laughing out loud.
Hence the decision to remove the post.

I am a bit surprised .Bachcha khachcha are not things I have ever spoken about here, neither do I write about stuff like PMS ,yet nobody really noticed the difference.
But then the post wasnot up for a long time so I guess...

A couple of months back, my friend, a fellow blogger and I decided to write something on each others blog and see if poeple could get the difference. I had planned blogging about the whole episode as well.

Well ,as per the plan ,my friend wrote on my blog. If you guys remember it, it was a story about a witch, again he too tried to emulated my style of writing.

Many of you read it and said what a nice story it was. :P
I distictly remember A Myth being the only person who noticed some kind of a difference.


I was supposed to write a huge post on it but somehow it never happened.So when today I came face to face with another person having put up a very funny type of a post here, I had to remove it and blog about it immediately.

And yess,my style of writting is anti men, it certainly is emotional but it is also non controversial.

So chill , all those men /boys who read it.Relax your ruffled feathers.
shanti , Om Shanti.

And no, I am not giving my Id and password to ANY one now.
hehe..silly things happen.

BUhbie.and see you later.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

23rd of December , 2006.

I divide today into two halves.
The first one was so up late, helped Ma at home, read a lot and after a long time was feeling soo relaxed..

The second started with a call from an uncle congratulating me.
My first 'call'....
IIFT calls me :), am one of the 1117 people IIFT has called for GD/PI...

Totally unexpected..but its ossummm..I never believed I will get a single call but atleast that is not going to happen now!!

Today morning was so was sucha refreshing change that I cannot even begin to describe it...
Things have so hectic for such a long time now.Infact I think I had more time on my hands before CAT ...cuz then I had started pretending that I am not doing Btech.Had simply stopped studying opr bothering with it.

It was only once CAT was over, and I had dutifully messed it up that I woke up...exams were just round the corner and nothing had been done.Hell, I was not even sure of the names of some of my courses.

So, I had effectively one and half weeks to prepare for the end sems[generally I keep the last week for the 2nd or the 3rd revision, ahem].

Add to that the fact that I had to make unlimited submissions , complete innumerable assginments, give presentaions, get files made, give vivae, write some pending mid sems, get project topics finalised..and all that blah...all that and 2 MBA entrance exams to be appear for just 2 days before the end sems began..

Two days before the exams began, I spent an entire day rushing from one centre to the other giving MBA entrances and wondering if any of it was worth it.

There were times I just broke down and cried coz of the sheer pressure I was under.The amount of work that was alwayz there to be done scared and frightened me no end.

Another thing was that all through the 7 semesters I have here, I have been on the receiving end of only appreciation from proffz, but here was one semester when none of this happened.
Infact, one proff even asked me how many marks I feel he should give me considering the fact that I had hardly attended any of his classes.
In another case after I gave a presentation, the proff asked my was nt there in the register.
Coz I had not even attended a single class...[very few classes actually took place but people in general had atleast 3 presents]
Jeez maan, they atleast had their names on the list.

So began my exams...It seemed as if an unending ocean of exams stretched before were hardly prepared and was badly scared.

There were moments when I just wanteda day's just relax and unwind , to have no worry..but well...honey, when your books have not been touched and you have an exam the next day, a long relaxing break may not be sucha gud idea..

So, I worked and worked and worked...and finally yesterday my exams came to an end.
Today was therefore the most relaxed I have felt in ages....
Snug and warm amongst ancient and friendly razaaiz i relished this morning as no other...

However by mid day , the IIFT results were put up. It is ossum to have someone call you up with a 'congratullllllaaaaaaationnnnnnnnnssss'
and you are like,"thankyou but...errrr..for what??"

Anywayz..I have messed up most of my exams as results will tell ..I will keep you guys posted..will share the good and the bad news coz you guys have been there with me all throughout.

Am going back to my book now:)

Friday, December 22, 2006

Miracles do happen

Yess they do.

Some of my regular readers might recollect a very emotional post I had written about my brother...things had gone horribly wrong for him, and they were most unfair...
They did not make sense..not at all..
Okay maybe the stuff was not as big, but then I guess it was...

Anywayz, the post had too much of myself and my brother and I later removed it.
The point here is that there was little or mebbe no hope of things correcting themselves..
It had never happened before.

I cannot give the details here , as it is his life and his problem...but I will say that the past 2 months had been rotten for my brother.
I swayed between guilt trips and rotten lows thinking about him..

Guilt trips coz suddenly, apparently I had much more than him and lemme tell you I hated every bit of it.

Yesterday, a quiet evening at home was transformed into one of the tremendest of excitements.
One simple call from Banglore.
and everything thing changed.

It is a miracle.It has never happened before..there is no precedent for this.
My brother got star treatment yesterady night.
The celebrations at his med school began at 5:30 and finished at 2.
He got soo many messages that he had to simply delete loads w/o reading them coz others had to be accepted in the inbox.

I have been smiling since 5 yesterday..I have not been able to believe that this has happened.

I am grinning from ear to the happiest i have ever been simply coz my brother is happy:)

This is nothing short of a miracle.
I witnessed a miracle:)

Will put up a readable post tomm night if my link is working!

P.S. Missed you , blog!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Crajee raam pyari, The STUDENT..

I am going crazy. There is too much of work but lets not talk about that...
So, coming to other important matters:-

1.Made faces at a chutku sa boy in the bus today.
1.5 The boy was too dignified errr...shy to return the gesture.Ahem.

2.Gave a viva for a project yesterday.I did not even know the topic of our supposedly totally ready project.

3.Said a very dignified very pleased and very superior 'very good' to the Bioinformatics proff when he told me that he had compiled some important stuff for us.
3.1 Almost added' my boy'.
3.2 Almost patted his round shoulders.

4.Gave a presentation today. My group was the last group which meant that I would have to wait till around 5 to stand up and speak rubbish.

4.5 Took deep breaths and told the Proff that I was feeling claustophobic.
4.6 Proff got ultra concerned and asked me why I was not wearing a sweater.
4.7 Then asked me to give my presentation immediately so that I could go home and rest.
4.8 *innocent i-am-an-angel look*

5. A term paper had to be submitted. I wanted to write atleast 8 pages.Was unable to find enough material. So have actually written 'blah blah blah blah blah' in a few places.

6.Again asked the waiter how big the 8 inch pizza was.
6.1 The same waiter.

7.Thanks to a fellow blogger , I have a ready made project in hand, it is based on sudoku.Had to get the topic finalized.Was not sure if the proff would find it difficult enough for a btp.

7.5 Hence felt very relieved when the proff looked at me , a bit perplexed and said," What exactly is a su-ko-du.

7.6 Totally luuurrrvvveee ignorant proffzz.!

8. Felt alarmed when a angry guest faculty screamed at me on the fone.
8.2 Her exact and may I add, extremely threatening words were," Mera bass chale toh poore IT final year koh chaaku bhonk dungi".
8.3 Heard yesterday that she is supposed to have attempted suicide twice.
8.4 Kinda knew that before hand.

9. Went to the H.O.D a few weeks back to talk about a tech event.
9.1 RP: Sir, event ka naam hoga 'xxxx, the CONFLUENCE.'
9.2 TBDHOD[The brain Dead H.OD.] (making an ugly face) : tch no , kutch aur sochiye,Yeh naam toh boht kharab hai(another ugly face).

I pretend to think as I stare with disbelief at the 2-3 hairs on the tip of his nose

9.3 TBDHOD: sochiye sochiye
I pretend to think harder as I notice that the hairs stand almost erect on his nose and are totally white

9.4 TBDHOD: uhh..chodiye , mein hi batata hu, What about 'XXX, the FEST'?!!!
9.5RP(raam pyaari) :Wow!! Sirr, that is so nice and totally different from what I had thought of...thats very nice sirr.

TBDHOD beams and the hairs on the tip of nose wiggle a little bit and I shudder a little bit.
Day before yesterday.
TBDHOD: haan, so we have finalized everything, right?

RP( major I-am-your-secretary look) : yess sir, everything is done. May I go now?

TBDHOD: hmm...yess you may, one sec, what was the name again?

RP(major I-am-your-very-efficient-secretary look):'XXX, the FEST'

TBDHOD: FEST????? tchh tchhh..what utter crap!!! Kuct aur sochiye bhai log, ek naaam tak dhang ka nahi soch sakate..itane saal hogaye but still you cannot do a single thing sensibly..Fest kahan hai yeh?!!Sochiye..

RP pretends to think and is remined of the nose and the hairs.Another shudder and with that a brainwave.

RP:!!!!! SIRRRR!!!!
TBDHOD: what???
TBDHOD:HANNNNNNNN!!!!Now that is a nice name!!!vERY good!!!

TBDHOD beams.
RP beams.