Saturday, September 24, 2011

From New YOrk City

So many people have asked me the same question- what is the difference between London and NYC? and finally I seem to have my answer. London is the quaint, antique street lamp with the yellow bulb and intricate carvings of an era gone by. NYC is a bright, jazzy neon sign. Which is better? You can take your pick:)

SO yesterday I went to see the Niagra falls. I was expecting it to be as over rated as most tourist spots are ( eg I found the EIffel TOwer to be massively over rated) but boy was I wrong! Absolutely totally wrong! I have never felt to captivated by the beauty of a place before. I really don't know how to put it in words.

WE got on the boat to go to the falls so that we could look at it. As I approached the falls I was stunned by the beauty. The water of pool was blue green. The water from the falls pure white. The force of the water pelting down -absolutely unimaginable. The noise from the falls distant but still oddly deafening. The sky a bright blue . As mist from the falls rose white birds flew around. The falls surrounded by white mist seemed so beautifully mysterious that I fell in love with that one scene right there and then. The white mist surrounding the blue and the green. Heavenly.

I don't do this normally but I stood there drenched from head to toe and memorized what my eyes were seeing. I clicked some pics too but I have realized that pics do little or no justice to the beauty of nature.

Then we climbed some bit of rocks near the falls to get a closer look. In a blue poncho, totally drenched and shivering I stopped dead in my tracks at one point.It was literally raining like crazy ( the supposed mist) and I had turned around to ask Sid to be careful as he tread the slippery grounds. I stopped mid sentence as i spotted a rainbow. Not huge, not even big but it began at my feet. I don't know if it is really that big a deal but I was stunned. A rainbow that is beginning at my feet, I repeated to myself. I stared at it for a long long time unable to take my eyes off was almost magical. To have a rainbow begin at your feet.I stood there and took in each bit of what my eyes were seeing.

I have

Saturday, September 03, 2011


What started 1.5 years back more as a hobby than anything else, is now a published book. 2 years back had you told me that I would one day be an author I would have looked incredulously at you.

Infact I know what I would have said. I would have said something like ‘yes, I will write my book, while on my way to the moon’. Some smart ass comment that would have seemed smart ass only to me.

Anyways (as always), I digrees.

So the book is out now. People are getting hands on their copies and the reviews are trickling in. It is such an amazing feeling to read a great review (thankfully ALL reviews have been fantastic so far). I read what readers have to say about TIB and feel my heart warm into a fuzzy ball of warm chocolate.

I then read it again and then again. I look at the words you have written and wonder which parts of the book made you think that way. You teared up? Where? You laughed? What made you laugh?

Reading about how TIB has made readers smile, laugh and tear up is more gratifying that anything I have ever experienced. Readers have commented how they have been up way past midnight because they could not put down the book. One lady complained of a terrible head ache the next day because she was up till so late reading TIB. I know atleast three readers who mailed and gave the retailers an earful because they had not delivered the book on time. Another reader wants her Mum to read TIB. Another has already given it to his Mum. Another has just bought another copy for his Mum. Another reader is thinking of going down the arranged marriage route after reading TIB. Another reader went to office on Saturday (he never does that) because he was keen to get a copy as soon as possible. A senior from B school tells me how TIB is the first time in a long long time he has read a book in one go.

I am amazed at how positively people have reacted to TIB. Touch wood.

All the hard work of the last year and a half is worth these comments. Absolutely, totally, completely worth every bit of this.

Thank you to my dear readers. Thank you so much for liking TIB. I hope you continue to like and love TIB.

Again. Thank you.