Friday, January 15, 2010

River Thames.

Rives Thames flows right next to my house. In the last one week I have been in London, the one thing I have absolutely totally and completely fallen in love with is the Thames.

Our drawing room has wall sized windows looking into the river and I have started spending a lot of my time when S is not at home right next to the them.
The weather of London is as fickle as a loose minded girl. It changes in like a split second and trust me I am not exxageerating at all! Sitting by the window, in the comfort of my bright yellow razai, with the room heating on, I enjoy looking at whatever the weather has to offer. Rain. Snow. Winds. bright sunshine. Weak sun.

I can see a row of houses on the other side of the river lined a safe distance from it. If I crane my neck a little bit I can also see the big huge office buildings on the other end. Most importantly, however, I keep seeing people running on the banks.

I love that. I do not feel lonely, I keep doing my work and when ever I feel a little bored of what I am doing I peep out to see what the joggers are upto. They are quite a mad lot. You will see joggers/ runners in shorts when the temperature is a good -2 degrees and its snowing!

Some times young mothers get their kids in strollers and walk by the river. That’s a pleasant sight. At times giggly girls walk hand in hand. Sometime there is an artist who sits by the river with his canvas captivated by the river and the beauty that it offers.

Then there are the cyclists! In bright green or oarange. London is sparsely populated. Coming from the country I come from where there are more people than there is space, the river bank and the people that keep coming to run/ jog/ stroll make me miss the hustle and bustle of home a lot less.


Lady Hope said...


i have been reading yr posts for a while missed ur writing while u were on your weding break. congratulations on yr wedding! wishing the best for u!

keep writing!

Dewdrop said...

Wow, it would be so exciting to have River Thames flow right across your window.

Congrats of the marriage :)