Wednesday, January 13, 2010

London Fashion

The problem is that if you are new to London, no matter how (Sensibly) fashion conscious you have been in india, you WILL look out of place. Anyone with the littlest of brains can have one look at you and figure out that you are new to this place. Its ok to stand out if are looking ten times better than the rest of the junta, but not the coolest to stand out because you look like a misfit.

However, as I realized yesterday, just a little bit of sensible shopping can help you out here. That was the main reason why I went shopping yesterday. I got myself a pair of boots. That is like absolutely essential. Even grandmothers wear boots. The babes were I guess born in them, carrying a couple more in their baby hands!

Another essential item is a pair of woolen tights. That is like super essesntial here for the dresses and all. It is surprising how just a little bit of shopping can help you fit in so easily.

Everything is 50% off right now. I don’t think shop owners have an option- its so bad. Iike bathroom fittings are 50% off, clothes are 50% off and hand cream is 50% off. I find most items expensive at 50% rates, so I don’t really know how I will feel about shopping once the sale is off and all the stuff is back to the normal super expensive rates. Sigh!

Okay, women in London are very well dressed. By very I mean like VERY. Most of them are so perfectly turned out that if it weren’t rude I would just stare at them. May be it is the shadi effect but I just realized that I have not really paid any attention to how good/ bad the men look! Anyways, so the women and the girls have perfect make up, the dresses are absolutely drop dead gorgeous….

And most of them are just so so so tall! Trust me I saw a girl a few days back who was atleat 7 feet! She just would not end! And she looked just like those women they show on high fashion TV!

Anyways, I guess I have a lot to learn in terms of everything…..sometimes I feel glad I don’t have work right now. There is just so much to take in.


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