Friday, January 29, 2010

The importance of speaking nicely!

Of late I have realized how important it is to speak nicely to people around you. Specially if they are important in your life. You might do all the right things but by speaking in an incorrect manner that might be too harsh, too aggressive you just take it all away.

I wonder why the way you speak makes all the diffrence in the world. I cannot find an answer. Maybe it is just me -I have been raised that way. I remember being scolded if I ever spoke rudely to anyone. I have realized through my interaction with others that I am not alone. No one likes to be spoken rudely but unfortunately people don’t think twice before being rude.

When you say/ do something bad to a person, he or she will take a long time to forget it. Really long time. Maybe he or she will never forget it. As they say, it is easier to forget something nice someone has done to you than it is to forget something bad said / done.

My mum speaks to me with too much of love in her voice. She showers love on me and sometimes, now specialy when I think of how nicely she ALWAYS speaks to me I just feel such a huge lump in my throat. I never realized that all people are not that way. I miss mum terribly. And I miss her solely because of how much she used to love me. It does not, at times, makes sense to me to be so far away from her.
I miss the last one year at home. I had a great job that was paying me really well for little or no work. I had great friends at office who were absolutely wonderful and I had mum and dad. I guess it is just one of those days…I cant stop thinking about my Mum. I would give anything to be with her right now. …………..


akanksha said...
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akanksha said...

With little work at office, I have been going through your blog in chronological order for past two days, and , I must say, what a journey it has been!!!! It was more like reading a book and I am hooked to it like anything!

Haven't really left my comments anywhere, thinking I would, comment on the latest post...But could not resist myself when I saw "0 comments" on this amazing post.

Just one line, I would like to mention here , used in a cliched manner everywhere, but so true as well- God couldn't be everywhere so he created Maa :-)

Love your blog! Back to reading now:-)

Btw, somehow, I get the feeling you're from Lucknow,even though I don't think you've mentioned it anywhere...Do let me know if that is correct.

Enjoy your stay in India!