Tuesday, January 12, 2010


So it almost brought me to tears yesterday. In all the enthusiasm of being at home alone for the first time I had made a huge list of things to including emptying 2 suitcases, settling my cupboard, cleaning the entire house, cooking lunch for a friend who was coming over and cooking dinner for S’s friend.

I had been on my feet for some 12 hours straight when I first got a chance to sit down. I was just so absolutely dead tired. I took a breather and as I sat down with some dirty utensils in my hand, my thoughts went back to ma and how so many times she had done so many things for us without even letting us know how tired she must have been. And how no one realises it.

So, though I will never muster up I don’t know what to go upto her and tell her this, I would like her to know that now I can understand how much work she has been doing for us over the years. And, though it is quite late, I want to thank her in my head.

Thank you Ma.


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Haddock said...

Yep......its only when we go through the same grind, do we realize how much our parents have done for us.