Thursday, January 14, 2010

The PhD application process

Okay, so I have applied for PhD in marketing. I submitted the application on 8th of January early morning, 3-4 hours before I was to leave home for the airport to catch my flight to London.

I had been working on the application almost ever since I left B-school which was March last year. I studied for and gave GMAT & TOEFl. Got a 740/800 and 115/120 in respectively. I only know how I managed to do all that along with a new job, the wedding preparations and the actual wedding. So with the exams done, the next step was to attack the application essays.

There were two. One was a ‘why PhD’ essay and the other was a thesis proposal. I spent a lot of time I had free in office to do research work for the latter. I would discuss the same with other Management trainees as well.

I was done with the first essay long back. However though I felt it was okay, there was indeed something missing. So, on 8th ( the last day of submission when I was staying with my in laws) I found a friend’s friend who was very good at reviewing essays and had offered to help me. He totally did not like my first essay but was thankfully happy with my second (which was more crucial as coming up with a new topic for PhD thesis in a couple of hours would have been next to impossible).

That day was quite mad. S was coming back from a 4 day official trip, we had to go pick him up and then do a lot of last minute packing, submit my essays and then get on the flight to London!

To start with it took us some 5 hours to go pick up S from the airport. A flat tyre on the fly over, and hyper congested roads were two big reasons why this happened. I came back to work on my essay. However, thankfully, I had to replace the whole thing and did not need to rewrite anything per se.

By 1 or maybe one thirty, I was done with my essay. I sent it to my friend who reviewed the whole thing and then we mailed it.

It has been a long process just applying for the PhD. I have just applied for one school. It is the best that can be offered here. I do not know if I am any good compared to the rest of the junta from round the globe who will also apply but I know I have worked hard on this.

More importantly this was one thing that kept me sane and quite and peaceful during the last 8-9 months when so much was happening in my life. Wish me luck , people. Getting an interview call alone would be big enough for me.

I will not know anything before March so for the time being it is all quiet and I am enjoying the ups and downs of domestic life.