Monday, April 25, 2022

So what do you do?

So what do you do if you cannot 'make it happen'?

For the longest part of my life, I've felt strongly that if you put in the right effort, you will get what you want. The universe conspires and all that, you know...It is just April, but the year has already taught me a big lesson in humility. Actually not one, but a few. Sometimes, no matter how much you try, how ever much effort you put in, you do NOT get what you want. 

What do you do then? 

I'm struggling a bit with that question at the moment. I think the answer is that you go with the flow. You learn to be content with how things are, no matter how they are.  You find joy and pleasure in smaller things. 

You understand that life is a blessing even when you don't get what you want. 

You make yourself understand that because how else do you find your peace, find another goal and get started again because who knows - maybe this one will materialise?

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