Sunday, May 07, 2006

Deep breaths.
Anything for a break.


P.S. To change my mood I am putting up something nice.
someone sent some shirts and a jacket a couple of years ago when she was living in a far away city .Along with it came scraps of paper, bearing details like when what should be worn and how!
I have ALL of them with me even now ( like I have everything associated with 'us' )and yesterday while looking for something else , I chanced upon them once more.
Here is one of them .

I am one lucky girl, aint I?


Anonymous said...

Choooooooo chweettttt!!
Few months ago my best cousin showed me one such scrap of paper i gave him 2-3 yrs was soo touching!!..aur pata hai he always keeps tht with him in his wallet..lucky he!:))!

Enjoy d break! lucky angel;)!-Ms.Happening!!

Raam Pyari said...

creepu beti!!!!!!!!!
aaj toh sunday hai!!!!!!
kaisa hua eggjammmmmm????
bata , bata, forannnn bata!!!

//my best cousin friend suna man cujjn bhi!!!
gud gud!!

ranjan said...

hehe :)...memories..u know..*sigh*

dotty_pixie said...

*are you following the instructions?*
*more hugs*
*big grin*

Shekhar said...

I have tonnes of such material back home. Believe it or not, there are almost 5 drawers all over my room, in addition to the old school bags/suitcases stuffed with such stuff below my bed. I could NEVAAA throw them away. Nah!!

aMyth! said...

:) guess everybody has something or the other like this to cherish.. i do too. not many. but i sure do have a few :)

ruchi said...

ranjan-panjan: haan jee..memories...


shekhar: aaah,,,me sees me is nt the wonly one!!!
and heyyy
5 suitcases???!!!

amyth: arre naah!!
few hona is as gud as 'many' hona!!

amit said...

really sweet n nice...

ruchi said...

areeee!!!!! amit jeee appp!!!!
bhelcumm bhelcummm!!
*strict luk, maxxx waala*
inne din kahan the???

dotty_pixie said...

sorie yar..
hav been wrkin in colg havent been on msngr.
howz ur wrk goin?
shud meet u online soon.

Rebellion said...

That was very very verrrrrrrry cute dear :)

//"I am one lucky girl, aint I?"
Touch Wood :D

Take care,
Dost :D