Thursday, May 11, 2006

plz just ignore

I cant sleep.Everything looks extremely bleak at the moment.I feel extremely extreme looser...
I might have to work next year..I dont wnat to
i dont i dont i dont i dont
i dont i dont i dont
i simply do not
The only way out is CAT..and I ...
gosh its so futile to even write about it...simply put I lack brains.
Maybe I do not have them at all.
yess, thats the case.I do not have brains.
Now, dunn give me the-'arre-you-are-thetopper' kind of crap.
thats rubbish.
I get a gud percentage cuz of three things:
1. i slog,slog slog slog slog.
2. my teachers think i am the best thing that has ever happened to my college...they probbably think i have halo round mmy brainless head. they think i am the most responsible most hardworking homo sapien on thi splanet..i got four 49/50z in the marks that the teachers can give.
3. other students refuse to study.

so coming back to my brainless self....I am inflicting great tortures on my brainless self by riting CAT.. coz u kow wat..u need to have brains to get thru.
and as u mite have figured out by now, i sadly do not have a brain.
so this is in all probs gonna be another jee for me.....
meet me post whenever the results are declared for CAT...

each time i think abt leaving home for work my mind screams a 'NO'
i dont want to let that happen..i dont i dont i dont...
dont temme that i am doing myself no gud by thinking all this.
i know that
what do I do..i just dun want things to turn out the way i am sure they are going to turn out....
Seeing girls who were very average in padhai getting extremely gud offers I just wonder if it wud hve been a gud idea had i not slogged for the end sems here...
atleast i wudnt feel so frustrated...
atleast i wud know who to blame

i so wish i hd some brains.....
All thru my life I will slog and slog and slog.....
thats my destiny.
i get to slog
others get other stuff

i hate evrything rite now.

i dont wanna leave home to work in some silly company that will amke me work like a servant and pay me like one too.
theres no use of being use....
u begin to expect things that will never happen......