Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Everybody knows you'd be wrong if you don't agree with me when I say that 'A cow is a beautiful animal'. But trust me when I say that gardens are better when it comes to looks. Sometimes I wish I was a maali. Taking care of the flowers, sowing seeds, adding manure, dirtying my hands in the mud errr... No I wish I was a zamindaarni with a beautiful garden and a sincere maali who'd look after the flowers, sow the seeds, dirty his hands and get me a gorgeous looking plot. There are only 7 kinds of flowers in this world. First are beautiful ones and rest I don't know.
But I think, photographers get more of them than zamindaarniz. Hmmm... Good point. Okay, Okay. I wish I was a photographer who could capture the beauty of the blossoms in my care. So let me tell you a small yet true tale of the photographer and her cam. It is a true story. Not recommended for people with weak hearts.

In the dark woods, she wandered alone. Oh wait! And her camera too! Both were together, yet alone! (Don't think too much about the alone-together possibility, just accept this quirk of nature).

She clicked the grass,

she clicked the trees,

she clicked the mice and even the bees. (waah!! mein poet ho gayi!!)

But suddenly, she heard a scary noise. Actually, the noise wasn't scary but she was scared of all noises whether they existed or no. More over, her camera aperture made too much of a noise in the soundless woods. She had to change the dumb thing. But ignoring the noises her camera so religiously made, she had to admit that it was a wonderful peice of technology. Joyfully she clicked this,

And this too..

And in all this clicking and admiration, she moved on looking into the camera and suddenly hit something hard. It was a gate, a heavy wooden gate made of the heaviest timberwood she'd ever seen. She was always game for adventure so she opened the gate and as soon as she did that, she realized she had reached the house of the wretched old witch who lived in the middle of the woods. She saw a long, evil, mean, yellow snake in the yard of the witch. She was scared.

Then she saw the magical artifical grass and trees the witch had grown. She got even more scared and started moving back. She stepped on something. She bent down to look at it...

What may look like a small stupid narangi or some other dumb fruit to the less enlightened, this actually was the egg of the golden dodo.

Yes ! The golden dodo!

And as soon as she went to pick it up, a wicked scary figure appeared. It was scarier than a pressure cooker !!!! Her eyes were even more puckish than a CAT. It was the wicked old witch of Wagonhorn herself!

But she did not lose her composure. And to her surprise, the old wrinkled witch started crying. She wailed loudly. She was alone. She had no one to love, no one to take care of, no one to talk to except the snakes and the trees and the mice... She was fed up with this life. This was the golden chance. The photographer quickly clicked the witch too and ran away from there as fast as she could. The witch followed her, but her athletic skills were too much for even her broom to match.

Later she found out, that this was the witch's trick she played on everyone in order to befriend the person and sacrifice him/her later. Whatever be the case, she was out of danger and was going to be rich because no one had ever captured the witch on film but it seems the witch was smarter than she seemed to be, for the pic came out like this...

It better to be a zamindaarni, I feel now. Huh!

P.S.--For those interested , I clicked the pics two days back , one fine morning when it was raining real real real bad.The post was somehow supposed to include all the pics.The witch's house with the snake is my own garden(it luks like a mini jungle, naa???). And all the flowers you see here are in my garden even as I type this.....

Welcumm to my place:)


!xobile said...

mast hai
zamindaarni hee ban ja!!

Shekhar said...


Had a good laugh reading this one. Keep writing. :))

Shekhar said... we have the makings of our very own Ms. Rowling amongst us ??

Raam Pyari said...

x: ab tu kehta hai toh bann hi jaati hoon!!!
mera imagination dekha tune??!!!

shekhar: re..its just the exam time stress manifesting itself in all this!!!

ranjan said...

Dudette :P

Anonymous said...

tum naaa
waise gud one!!

Anonymous said...

uff...hey bhagvaan apane hi blog parr anon comment!!!
the above coment was by me and was meant for Ranjan ji.

Suds said...

Hey Sis, Nice post and u have beautiful garden.:) Enjoy

Maverick said...

hey u need to change the date settings on ur camera.. the date is 3 yrs back...
BTW really wild imagination.... ;)

Kishley said...

hey u've got a lovely garden :) and lovely flowers.. The flowers you had in the background of the so-called witch are my fav.. they always remind me of two places.. one is my grandfather's home when he was alive.. he had loads of these pink n white flowers on the front gate.. and second place is my old college.. these flowers were at a li'l height n i wd always jump to get a few.. my frens, who are atleast 6 feet will smile at me but wont offer to get one :(

Alok Singh said...

kya baat hai raan payari
maaza aa gaya
tazgi ka ehsaas ho raha hai
zamindarini ram pyari ko alok ka slaam.
photos r damn gud
hats off 2 u

Raam Pyari said...

sudhir bhaiyya thank you:)

maverick: :D
yes, i no that..but am wayy too lazy to change it!!!
welcumm to my place..:)

kishley aah ,,,thats nice..both palces are nce places;)
i love this garden garden is a chotu sa garden but its my dadz mum and dad spend sucha lot of time with it that it is amazing!!!

alok: sallam salaam!!!!


aMyth! said...

oh! thought i suddenly got transported to the year 2003 and.... brrr... ok, u need to reset the clock in ue cam ;)

btw, that was a fun post. different from the few previous ones. refreshing :)

aMyth! said...

btw, the photos r a bit too wide i guess. it's pushed ur right panel down!!! according to ur template, it should b less than 480pixels..

(sorry, web desugner's mind at work here..heehee ;) )

niv said...

hey...such nice luks so peaceful and quiet!
ummm...i feel like I could sleep in ur garden..minus the wicked witch of course..
nice story also..:)

Anonymous said...

hahah! I wish u were my neighbour cz i have this weird habit of plucking flowers frm neighbour's gardenn :D!!-Ms.Happening!!!

Raam Pyari said...

amyth, the dejinerrrr:haan i know, i need to change the date*sigh*
am toooooo lazzzzyyyyyy

//btw, that was a fun post. different from the few previous ones. refreshing :)

hmmm...i'll tell ya something.

niv: heee..haan cum cumm..cum and sleep in my agredn:))
aana oth we will sit there atleast!

creepu betttiiii: :O:O:O
mere fool todegi???
bol bol bol

Anonymous said...

haan dii haan!!..wo chameli waale..aur unka gajra banakar india gate pe ya traffic lights pe bechungi..5 rupee ka ek:))!-Ms.Happening!!

Raam Pyari said...

tu churaye hue phool bechegi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
aaj se ghar se nikalana band!!!

aMyth! said...

//hmmm...i'll tell ya something.


Rebellion said...

WOW Ruchi..

A garden of your own :) Awesome :)
What a beautiful place, beauuuuutiful flowers.. I love nature :)

And must accept.. kya imagination thi yaar aapke issshtory mein :D
Enjoyed it.. It kinda took me back to my 'fairy tale' age :P

Nice one :)
Take care,

Raam Pyari said...

the myth sabrz..kao!

yesss..i love this place sooooo much myself!!

Anonymous said...

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