Monday, May 15, 2006

ohhoo..maxx depressed posts ho gayi...
ab nahi!!!
tomm I'll post a nice happy post.
till then bye bye and be gud


P.S.--A big welcome to the gentleman/lady from Hebei, China, who , as my tracker tells me, came bak to my blog yesterday, after a loooonnngggggg time..
I do not know you at all (though u know me very well, obviously...) but just a few days ago I was wondering if all was okay at your end and LO!u are bakk!!!!
Blogger is funny!
And I am extremely silly!
*happy sigh!*
NIce to have u bak:)

P.S#2---A big welcome to my bahin from singafurrr who visited hamar blog after a along time. There is one problem .
She posts regularly. No, thats not a problem.Now the problem is that each time I go to her blog I kinda expecta new post.
*two minutes after a having read a new post, i again go to sayeshaz*
"jeez!!!! Wohi old post!!!???!!!!"

*two hours later, no new post*
":O:O:O yeh kya!!!"

*twenty hours later and no new post*
"iz she okay?? kutch hua toh nahi"

*two days later*
":(( :(( :((

P.S.#3--A beeg red carpet welcome for Alok jee, who visted my blog , today, after many days.Alok jee deserves the red carpet coz, he has indeed been a regular visitor of my blog and is amongst the top contenders of the "Bestest Reader of Blogging All The Way three dots Award"

*applause for Alok jee*

*Alok jee steps out of his HUGEEEEEEE sleek blak car, girls shreik like mad, the media goes crazy, sounds of"ALLLLLOOOOOOKKKKKKKKKKKKK" all around*

p.s#4----Welcummm to 'x' urf mani urf money !!!!!!! innne dinoh baaad mani!!!! innne dinoh baaad!!!!!!
*khushi ke aasoon!!!!*

p.s.#5: shruti-----welcum!!!!!! pehli barrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
thanda lengi ya garam.
okokokokok... aapko serious waala welcum, cuz u are here for the first time :D

p.s#6: chotu singh!!!!!!!!!
meri cujjn!!!!!!!
aa , aa, tu toh hamesha welcummm hai!!!! after all hum donoh ki ulti khopadi hai...maxxx sahi baithak hogi!!!!


niv said...

sorrie yar..havent been online for smetime..sigh..dont ask!
neway..our stupid online schedules arent bloody matching..stupid time difference!
ill hang arnd for sme time today nd wait fer ya..lets see!

Anonymous said...

Aha! Gud to see U back!!Waiting for happy post!

..anyways thrs something for u:-


See manmohan singh is talking of brain drain now!huh!-Ms.Happening!!!

Sayesha said...

Kyun re? Apni Singapore wali bahin ko toh aisa warm welcome nahin diya??? Ghar ki murgi daal baraabar? Huh huh huh? :/

Alok Singh said...

mein bhi bahut dinon baad aaya hoon
mera red carpet swagat kahan hai
lookng forward to ur happy post
aur suna
bacche billi aur press. cooker ka kya haal hai
auryeh topata hona chahiye ki woh chinese aunty hai ke uncle

Sayesha said...

Hahahaha! Yeh hui na baat! ;)

shruti said...

yup yup..PS 4 joining the list of ur readers

!xobile said...

humka bhi walkum kijiye na

aMyth! said...

a happy last :)

n u had a good time at my blog? that's funny ;) i just have a handful of readers, some who reads expecting to find something interesting sometime...and others who reads coz i call 'em up and say "yo babe..i have posted. go read and comment"..


keep smiling..keep posting...
u happy! ;)

Kishley said...

hahahaha :) cute post ram pyaari ji :)

Alok Singh said...


aMyth! said...

*two days later*
":(( :(( :((

loved this part :)

ranjan said...

Haha :), u should have red-carpet welcomed urself to "fun" posts as well :)...

Suds said...

Are ye kya ho raha hai, ye kya ho gaya hai..:( kuch din yahan nahi aya toh apne toh Nam hi badal diya...:( Anyway enjoy...

pandora said...

and no red carpet for me???for ur cuzzzin?? haan.
*angry looks*


Anonymous said...

ab to tommorrow bhi yesterday ban chuka hai!!..happy post kahaan hai?...jaldi karo warna hum sab raam ko pyare ho jaayenge;)!-Ms.Happening!

Raam Pyari said...

niv: baat ho gayi..ab sab happy ho gaya hai!!

creepu beti sharm bhi nee aayi unko yeh sabb bolate hue!!!
hey bhagvaan!! ab they have no right to say all this now!!!

amyth: heheh...i remembr there was once i time my wud agree to comment on my blog only if i promised to clean his room each day for the next 2 days!!!

kishley : arre waah!! app bhi inne dinoh baad!!!!

ranjan heheh...haan welcum bak my gud mood:D

suds bhaiya inne dinoh baaaddddddddddd
*wipes away tears of sheer joy!!*
samay ke saath badala padta hai, bhaiya;)

Raam Pyari said...

those people whose comments have not been replied to, kindly chek the post.....