Wednesday, May 24, 2006

He will never understand me........most probably he will never even try to.
He will never talk to me about things that really concern me....most probably he will never even try to.

Will he ever understand what that worried look on my face means?
Will he ever know what goes on in my mind?
Many years down the line will I really really smile when I think about him?
Maybe I should stop looking for something that would make me love him more.
But I cannot help it if I want to.

Ruchi(in the rubbishest of moods)


Sayesha said...

Kya hua baby? :(

Kaun hai yeh dhakkan jo tujhe samajhta nahin hai?? :(

Raam Pyari said...

arre yaar...:(
mat pooch!

aMyth! said...

uh oh...
sunny days ain't here to stay?

Pradyot said...

Chill ho ja yaar... load mat le. Hota hai.

Raam Pyari said...

amyth mein kya karoon!!!
kutch na kutch gadbad ho jata hai...

praddy: haan..i gess u are rite...
i wish'he' was some boyfriend who cud be dumped!X(
but tht sadly is not the case!!

Anonymous said...

Tough case 4 me to understand:(!But everyone is different..i mean..may b he understands u n cares for u but in his own way n u re failing to understand him this time.may b.Again u re expecting him to do the things in UR way.Calm down,u ll get ur answers sooner or later:)!-Ms.Happening!!!

niv said...

yeh sab post kab aaye??
abhi toh nahi the..
yar..kya hua?? :(
waiting to meet u online..
take care..and chirrup..dont be down..

Raam Pyari said...

creepu beti: i no i no...
teri baaton mein sense hota , waise;)

niv:meine ek din mein 3 posts likhe yaar!!!!
mera no bharosaz!!!!
abb all is gud gud:D

Rebellion said...

Ruchi dear...

If he does.. good for him..
If he doesn't.. us idiot ka worst luck chal raha hoga..
Chaddo bacchha.. he doesn't deserve to come in your thoughts..
Tusi fikar not.. tusi bas hasya karo :)

Take care,

PS: Btw.. who is 'HE'

Anonymous said...

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