Thursday, May 11, 2006

The eleventh day of May 2006
I did:
1. 2 hrs of CAT ki padhai .
2. 3 chapters in ERP.
3. Revised one whole unit in ERP.

I have to do:

1.An entire unit of OB.
2.One more of SPM(S/W project Mamangement.)

Its 10:10 p.m.

Today onwards no more CAT ki padhai.
hmmm..I have to concentrate on btech and placements now...cummon I will be an emotional wreck if I do not get myself placed properly !
I know it!!!!

Mountains saunter into my mind often these days.....mountains are so terribly my thing..i know it will sound silly, but i feel they call out to in I pine and crave for them at times...when ever i picture something nice, it always has a mountain in the background...
I wonder why ..
Have you seen those tiny mountain rivers, their crystal clear waters.....the smooth round pebbles at the bed of the river....
the clouds enetering your room one fine morning , the winding roads, the cheap bargains , the honeymooning couples ...
Flowers, nice pretty ones...dancing in the winds...
Horses, woolens,lakes,pahadi girls with chingy eyes
Wooden houses, women working hard, healthy strong looking people,happy faces...

I feel free when I am amidst mountains.I am a different person, I am.I feel alive.I sense life in my being.
I feel like hugging the mountains.
I love the people of the mountains.
I do not know them but I feel they are my own.

The concrete jungle I live in is really not my place...running after every half a a mark, finishing assignments , riting tests....

When I am up there, I feel I am home.
simply coz I AM home.

I wonder why I connect this way with the trees, the flowers, the rooads, the horses there ...I wonder what is there in those mountains that attracts me to them soooo bad.
I wonder why I am so different amidst my beloved mountains.
I wonder why they make me so happy.

Maybe someday I will live there.


ranjan said...

Mebbe u were a mountain in ur last birth :P , kya pata..mountains ki bhi souls hoti hongi [they call out and all naa :P]..hehe :), best of luck fer everything !

Meena said...

Ohh yea!! Mountains are so pleasing... I can almost feel the serenity!

Best of luck on the padhai!! And fear not, hardwork pays well... in cash, I mean! :o)

Alok Singh said...

There are 5 kinds of people in this world:
Who make things happen,
Who think they make things happen,
Who watch things happen,
Who wonder what happened,
Who dont know if anything happened!
choose one for u

The man who makes no mistakes does not usually make anything. I'm proud to be imperfect; I make mistakes.

Raam Pyari said...

ranjan: hheheh..yess, mebbe!!!

meena jee namaste meena jee,
thankoo for the encouraging words.

thank you, Alok,Ii think both of us know my answer.
Am okay now:)

Shekhar said...

Your post so reminded me of the time I went to Darjeeling with two school friends of mine. That was the MOST awesome holiday I ever had. :))

ruchi said...

kabhi bolg karna uske baare mein...
i went to simla with school frnds..only i was in school then;)

Rebellion said...


Was just going thru your post again, trying to analyze your thoughts! I reached to the conclusion that you're just a little too frustrated with the current happenings of your life! Mountains call you coz they're pleasingly peaceful and right now you're very very much in need of some peace.. peace of mind :)

Don't worry.. everything will be jussst fine soon! Try to spend some time with friends admist nature, probably a nice flowery garden or beach or something... am sure you'll feel better! But hey, please don't go there alone haan.. coz then possiblity is that you'd end up getting more depressed thinking & feeling lone!

Keep smiling dear,
Take care,

Rebellion said...

Hey Ruchi...

This comment is for your previous post.. (Plz ignore).

Know its easy to say & hard to practise! With the kind of frame of mind you were in while writing it, I'd be one stupid preacher if I'l say 'Be positive' but thats the fact dear..

I believe the world is cruel, it'll try to let you down and only you can stop them from doing so, only you can prove them wrong :)

//Seeing girls who were very average in padhai getting extremely gud offers I just wonder if it wud hve been a gud idea had i not slogged

Bacchha.. such girls get thru only by luck which doesn't last for life! You'll get thru with your hardwork, intelligence accompanied with luck (Now don't gimme that luk which says "is ladki ko samajh mein nahi aata hai when I said am brainless?" coz I very obidiently went by your title & IGNORED that part) :P:P:P

Don't hate anything dear...
Try not expecting much...
But don't lose hope... Your life, you work, they'll rock, am sure :)

God Bless You,
Take care,

Raam Pyari said...

I read ur comment just now..

tuday is the 20th of may, its been many days since i posted these depressd posts...

but your words are very comforting.
I dnt think I can say much rite now..i really cannot...

thank you so much for having taken out time to think about my mental state...
thank you..
therez a ceratin kind of serenity in your words that calms me .
thank you.

Rebellion said...

Read your reply to my comment just now! Won't say much except to.. 'Glad it made you feel better'.. even if just a bit :)

Keep Smiling Always,
God Bless you,
Take care,