Sunday, April 02, 2006

Two Things

2 things made be come bak in a mere 3 days!!!
1.soo many ppl have deleted blogs/stopped riting in the past few days..
Nivindya does nt want to continue with blogging.
Shekhar does nt either.
Priyank has deleted his blog!
I blog hopped to the girl who sold te world's blog and there..shez closing down too!!
(It mite be a 1st april thing but i dunno)
Anuther blog i frequent often,passively, is closed down too!!
Including me that makes it 6 people....

And i felt that this is a bit too much!!!!!!!!
So, to show my disapproval I have come back!!!

2. I am wayyy tooo depressed rite now!and riting down stuff makes me feel better...
My midsems begin tomm and I am not feeling well..:(
I dunt want to study...i hate studying when I have to study:( :( :(
I ahve been feeling really weird all morning, afetrnoon...and i know i shall continue to feel this wayy...
Sometimes I wonder...
like if I am feeling low, is it my sole responsibility to make myself feel better or like someone shud be there to do that for me???
I wish there was something..i dunno what..but something which understood me perfectly,who already knew what was going on in my mind.
something which would tell me that everything is okay.
something which could make me laugh rite now....
But all I have is a stupid ERP buk , letters in black staring at me , as I try hopelesly to mug up rubbish...
I dunno why but I ma feeling very tired.
I think I can slap someone right now!
Only problem is that there is no one whom I can slap.
okay okay hota bhi toh i wouldnot have, i know!
I hate everything rite now:(
okay..this is a bit too much!

Miss.M you better start talking sense.
dont study if you dont want to.
But while giving the paper tomm dont you dare curse yourself!! dont you dare dare dare hate yourself for not giving your best!
shut up and work!
Ther is just one thing you can do and now u do not wish to that either.

okay guys that waz my inner voice spekaing...i think i am gonna be sober for some time abhi...lemme study now!
time to take a few deep breaths....All is good.
All is good.
time to tell myself that I will njoi myself studin....yess, I will..its kinda fun to mug up also, right??
time to tell myself to start liking myself a bit more.
See, I will start at ERP till 8:30 then 2 hrs OB...thats about 11, then 1.5 hrs ERP or SPM...then tomm moring I will have time from 6 till 10:30..for OB again??
so thats going to be pretty okay, i gess....

I may nt be regular here...but


P.S. is blogging bad?


Anonymous said...


Sumit Tada said...

Yeh hui naa baat!!!
Pata hai from yesterday,whenever i tried to open your blog,I got the error message "404-page not found"......I thought you have removed your blog......and dunno why I felt very helpless, maybe as it was the only way to reach you.......I dont know why it seemed important to me but whenevr i opened firefox, i felt i was missing something.
I know now you have decided, not to remove it but still I wanted to tell you this, in case you change your mind.
BTW what are ERP,OB & SPM,haan subjects hain lekin full-form kya hai?? Aur haan we have our mid-sems from next monday, so i guess i will also be in a pretty similar situation very soon.....

Shekhar said...

As if stopping writing was not painful enough, I found out that you too were going to stop. You have no idea the agony that you put me through. But, it is nice to know that you're back. :))

One request, please don't stop blogging. It is really nice to read what you put down. You don't have to be regular...but just keep writing. PLEASE.

!xobile said...

arre yaar
exam to aate jaate rehte hain
chinta nahi karne ka

kabhi kam marks bhi aane chaheye

Pradyot said...

3 things...
a) Don't fret
b) welcome back
c) No.

Shreyansh said...

I listen to music to unwind .... but you toh dont listen to music otherwise i could tell you 50 songs to make you feel better.

Dont worry .. this phase will go soon. Just Chill !!
Aur haan Mids phod dena. Like Always.Good luck.

P.S. Next time you decide to take a break...dont give your blog a break ...dont delete it.:P
New readers might enjoy browsing ur previous posts.

Abhishek Upadhyay said...

Hey Moonwalker...
You are the chosen one(not everyone is moonwalker)...just get up from deep sombre and get into action..if you want to slap someone ..go ahead(may god bless you) least that will break some monotony...may be any thing else also...
If you want I will volunteer to have a slap from you...provided its soft like you...

Abhishek Upadhyay said...

what are you studying?

niv said...

hi..glad ur bak:)

the post echoed so many of my own u v.well know..
sometimes i wish i cud jut remove my brain so i wouldn't think so much..that's the jadh of all probz..:)
ok gtg now.
best of luck for ur ctz

Raam Pyari said...

anon cheers it is!!!:D

sumit: awww..that was sweet!!:)
OB=organisational beviour.
ERP=Enterprise resource planning.
SPM=S/W Project management.
rubbish subs hai, btw!

shekhar : yess i think you are rite..i will continue riting..dun worry:)
btw..if it is difficult to stay away from blogging then why stay away???????

x: kam marks??!!!!!!!!!!!!!
remembr you are speaking to a maggu!!!

1. yess, i know i shud nt fret..ab se I will not...hopefully!
3.hmmm.....i need to think abt it more.
and haan.. that wz nt amp3 player+mobile fone..its my bhaiz ..its justa mobile fone..mera waala toh ab inna ancient ho gaya hai ki it needs to be put in a museum:(

meri problem yeh hai ki..whenever something goes rong, i vent my anger on this blog..gussa aya??? blog delete karo types ho gaya hai....
sad as it may be...
btw...noo, infact gimme links to some gud songs..i shud atleast give mujeek a chance in my life..kutch toh hoga hi na cuz like soooo many ppl are so crazy abt it...

abhishek : apka swagat humare blog parr ek slap se???
arre nahi nahi!!!:D
atithi devoh bhavah!
I ma in 3rd yr Btech(I.T)

niv: yess..i am bak and so are you!!!!
thanks yaar..aaj ke cancel ho gaye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RUBBISH!!! inna gussa aaya mujhe!!!!

Shriedhar said...

to stay
bk .

n found sm gr8 reaasons for it :)
(this made me laugh)

Shreyansh said...


And if you can , get hold of Tracy Chapman's "Change". Cudnt find the link for this one.

DeePDiveR said...

hi...posting after a long time...are u fine? i wasnt

pandora said...

haha...and i was thinking of same to stop blogging!..ab samjhi why chamoak laal made such comment on my blog..hahah..

welcome back you. :)

pandora said...

champak laal* urf..chapaat :D

mw said...

shridhar: hehe..has loh has loh!

shreyansh: thankooooooooooooooooooooo
lemme listen to them a coupla times before i decide which i liked the best!

:O kya hua re???
and why have you stopped blogging????

neha: haan re...aaj kal boht jaan ke logon ne blogging band karr di hai!!
bheery bherry badddd!!