Friday, March 31, 2006

kit-kat time

I am taking a break from blogging....No it is NOT cuz of anything in is just that I need to take a break.
I will return...yess, i think I will return.
I dunt know how long my break will last, no idea what so ever...You guys are the sweetest people..take gud care of yourselves...
Maybe I will continue peeping into ur lives thru ur blogs but this place is gonna be quiet, for some time atleast.

buhbye and take care:)


Abhi said...

Chill maar.Hope your Cat prep is smooth.Lemme know in case you need help.Mera IIM over.Going home.

Sumit Tada said...

Right time to do some serious stuff.........I also think I shud take a break from all "wela" stuff but kya karen dil hai ki manta nai..........
Yaar lekin last post kyun remove ki??? Itni achhi pic thi ;)..........aur hamari comments bhi :(
Chalo theek hai.....haan lekin ab padhna achha hoga, kahin yeh naa ho ki blogging bhi nai ki aur IIM mein bhi nai gaye!!
Best of luck for CAT....
Best of luck for placements (hope they wont be wretched)
Best of luck for projects (koi problem ho to bata dena :)
And finally best of luck for BTech........

niv said...

kya timing hai hamari rite??
:)(sad smile)

Priyank said...

Its time to bid adieu!

Just some parting words. It was really nice to had "blog friend ship" with you. I learnt quite a few things from this experience.

I think I will stop thinking of deleting blogger account. I found, I am not a good blogger!

(I lost my only reader towards the end, infact I have written some of the blog just because somebody reads it!)

All the best and adios.
Earth Walker.

MW said...

people, people, people..!!!! I am taking a break , I shall be bak to blogging in some time!!!,priyank why did u delete ur acc????? It is nt fair!!!!!!!
sumit, I shall keep u all updated with the latest in my life..nivindya, tumhare liye deep sigh!:D
abhi, gud yaar.....IIM khatam ho gaya...kutch din aunty ke pass ja karr unko pareshaan karo ab tum!

mw said...

and priyank, there is nuthing like a bad blogger!!!
infact i used to like ur blog a lot!!!
inni jaldi nahi delete karna tha naa..give it a chance atleast!
It was always nice to read wat went on in an honest mind!:(

Anonymous said...

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