Friday, March 03, 2006

The slow and steady wins the race.

Patience and hard work.
patience and hard work.
There wont be magic but things will improve.


Shekhar said...

Amen. May the light of planet Mars guide you, sweet angel. :)

ruchi said...

thanks shekhar:)

nivindya said...

i try and drop in on ur blog whenevr i cn.(i have limited access to th net..sigh!)i cn see loads has been goin on?
yes,there won't be any magic but there is magic in everything if only you look for it.that said,looking is the hardest part,rite?
still,i hope evrything looks up very very soon.keep ur spirit up.

i shud be bak on the 12th.
this place is crazy,nobdy knwz what to do wid me..hehe.oh well,i'm used to this!seriously,feel like sucha third wheel..i gues itz part o being new.

on the brighter side.
hotel is great,food is great,itz snowing!!but loadz of shops around so i love strolling around them.french people are nice,nd the language is jus awesome!
ok well,more when i get bak.
i've anyway writtn practically a letter here.:)
au revoir!
(yeah expect loadz more french frm me..ahem!)
(yeah rite!)

ruchi said...

12th toh boht farr hai....
yaar, I have been feeling sooooo miserable thses past few days, tum aa jao toh shayad i'll start feeling better...
Anywayz bhery glad to know u are havig a gud time!
atleast one of us shud naa....

Pradyot said...

Seems like some moonwalker just came over to the bright side of the moon. Good to see you smile

Kishley said...

dunno abt patience ( i dont possess that virtue ) but hardwork definitel pays.. keep it going.. best of luck for everything :)

ruchi said...

praddy prajji!! : hehe...naah u are a bit late :D
:) se :( bhi ho gaya beech mein!!

You guys can be so nice at times:)

kishley hey!!welcome to my place!!!
thanku and amazing blog hai aapka!:)

Aj said...

Yea pretty true.
I know I am not talented but more a hard worker :) so I achieve things the other way round.

Regarding "things will improve."
My Take on this is
Things r 'never' bad !
They are good and not good.
remember the glass half full and

Aj said...

.. glass half empty .. depending on the way you look at it.

Priyank said...

Nice blog!

I landed to your blog by google blog search (The string being "Ankita IIT",incidentally, I was searching for different Ankita, who is in IIT).

Your blog made a nice reading and I truly enjoyed reading it!
(esp the first blog: how big 8" pizza is, and Mr. Moon walker blog).

Thanks for the good time, I spent on your blog.

PS.Blogger count 1077-1086 were due to me, so unique count would be just one.

Raam Pyari said...

aj : haan..same here!!!
i toh dun even have brains but then i can work hard,so i gess...thats wats most important....

hehe, believe me things are not so 'good', they are indeed badd!:D

priyank : arre baap re! puri phd karr di blogger count parr

glad u liked my place...keep visiting!
and ohhh i forgot!!
welcome to mah blog:D

lopa said...

la la

ashish said...

phir se koi "kumbh ka mela" ka mela lag gaya kya X(

long time no see :(

monwalker said...

lopa: i ma sorry but are you speaking Holip????

ashish!!!!!!!: bhaiyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
yeh tum kahan the ab tak????