Friday, March 24, 2006

15 minutes of unadulterated stupidity!

Okay...15 minutes.Only!
Not a minute more!
I mean, i just have 15 minutes to blog, so i'll put all the rubbish that i feel like putting here!
okay, I am in a funny mood.
I mean , i am not trying to be funny, I am in a weird mood.There is SOOOOOO much of work to be done.
jidharr nazar daalon wohi kaam pada hai!
*sob, sob*
I have to do something about my sleeping habits...I need to sleep more! Less sleep does not do well for me...Hence and therefore I have decided, no matter, unless I am not studying, I shall be off to bed latest by 11.
I have been feeling tired lately *deep sigh!* infact tuday as I entered the lecture theatre for the last lecture for the day , this guy(who has ..well..pretty much managed a single digit rank in GATE) welcomed me with a gosh-you-are-looking-so-tired !!!
And once he said that , i started feeling all the more tired!:D
Silly , silly me!!
Okay I am a bit overworked right now, i guess, but I am content, my life is full..
Full with work...full with people who matter..

I want to buy a pretty dress right now. (yh! I know I am crazy)
I want to laugh like crazy right now.
I want to watch a NICE movie right now.
I want to work, work , work!!!
I want to start liking fruits.
I want to restart working out!
I want to live ....
Inafct I often think this.......
If I were to die tomm, I would be so terribly sad, cz like what have I done in these years???
and some more padhai!!!
total waste of a life!
I want to start classical dance once again...I just hope I dont just keep hoping I will!
I want to live in the mountains.
I want to own a wooden bookstore.
I want that bukstore to have a NICE section for kids.
I want to go to my bukstore each day during the mountain monsoons.
I want to hear the sound of the raindrops falling against the wooden ceiling.
I want an ice cream shop (a teeeeeny one, mind you!) to open right next to my bukstore.
I want to eat an ice cream when it is raining!
I want the mountain mists...

I just looovvvee mountains!

hey bhagvaan!!! what have i ritten???
dunno, doesnt make sense to me.....I know it wont to you either..*deep sigh!*
how about putting up a sensible post once in while...
you read it and think about stuff other than how silly a girl can be!
tuff luck, buddy!:D
maybe a sensible post next time..
till then....
MOuntain walker!
Mountain dew.
ufff..over and out!!


vf said...

lol !!u need some rest :p
and nw tht u hv pointed out... we spend the best days of our lives trying to ensure tht we can spend the rest of our lives in peace... n when tht peace finally arrives, we get married :D so one never is out of the rut :p:p

Shekhar said...

I ABSOLUTELY loved this post. If this is your definition of an insensible post, I seriously suggest you write more of such 'insensible' posts. And may God give you the opportunity one day to live your 'silly' wishes. Amen.

And once again, can't resist saying this..a chak-de-phatte kinda post. JHAKAAS !!

Aj said...

Oh man !
"jidharr nazar daalon wohi kaam pada hai!"

Idhar najar daalo... ek wella subah 5 baje tumhara post pad rha hai aur has rha hai :)

Waise I finally got time to come on blogging circle after so many dayz

I too feel like wanting to do lot many things thz dayz

Chalo abhi toh subah going for swimming. god somebody wake me up at 7... its 5 am now :)


!xobile said...

abe apna naam bhi bhool gayi


Sumit Tada said...

He he he the only time when I "studied" was near the end of +2.........and I can really understand how u are feeling....although i had one more crazy habbit.....i used to "sing" loudly what i was studying and dunno why it used to reduce my tesnion (and increase the BP of ppl around me)

Sumit Tada said...

Why dont you allow comments on certain posts??
Now this comment is about the post above this one...........
Ok, I dont have any rights to give suggestions but still I cant stop myself from saying this.....just think what will happen if your worst fears come true? Cant you afford that?? Wont there be any way ahead?? I know it may seem rubbish but it worked very well for me. Because when you know that even in the worst-case-scenarion you can still manage, there wont be any fears......and then you can try your best!!!

!xobile said...

ayyoo amma!
arre kya ho gaya re ?

!xobile said...

i guess ur frustrated

!xobile said...

to kya huva... frust hona to humans kee aadat hai

!xobile said...

darne ka nahi kabhi bhi
if its not helping it will

!xobile said...


!xobile said...

Itniiiiiiiiiiii jaldi bhool gayi kya ?

!xobile said...

JJT bhi bhool gayi kya ?

!xobile said...

yeh bhool ke toone acha nahi kara yaar..
acha nahi kara

!xobile said...

theres no setbacks
only lessons

!xobile said...

ek Q solve nahi huva ?
do Q solve nahi huve ?
1000000 Q solve nahi huve ??

Koi nahi
try kar

!xobile said...

kyuki khel talent ka nahi
practice ka hai

!xobile said...

break lena achi baat hoti hai
lena banta hai

!xobile said...

aaj mani keh raha hai
Mani keh raha hai

Tujhe is sab ke chinta karne kee zaroorat nahi...

!xobile said...

aur tujhe to malum hee hoga kee jab mani kuch conviction se keh de to...

!xobile said...

chal frustapa chhor

aur padne beth jaa

!xobile said...

aur agar lage kee its not helping
to ek sentence yaad rakhna

"the fear of failure is ze biggest failure"

you want to be a failure or a topper ?

!xobile said...

and if u get scared of failure now, i will call you a 'pakka failure'
and remember.. i dont talk to pakka failures

!xobile said...

waah kya badiya speech deta hu mai

!xobile said...

theek hai thoda jackie to ho hee sakte hain na :D

!xobile said...

good.. ab smile karti rehna.

Raam Pyari said...

Mani, tu CRAZY hai

tune bol diya, toh ab i know i dunt need to worry!:)

you have proven ur mettle ek baar pehle hi , remembr!
I have total faith in you!
hehehe......tu crazy hai! but boht achcha waala crazy hai!:)

*motherly luk!*

niv said...

hain?werz the comment i put in ??itz not here??oh God..yeh kya ho raha hai?

Arun Pillai said...

enjoyed readin ur post.keep up good work

@niv said...

Yeh sab kismat ka khel hai!

Kishley said...

such a charming post.. :) ur restlessness is soo evident nd a bit contagious too :) now i too feel like doing a lot of things i ignored recently..

Raam Pyari said...

vf:hehe..yess you are rite.....I did take a break and after some gyan frm friends and family I am better now!
*serious luk*

shekhar: you always like my rubbish;)

sumit okay, ab se no 'no comments allowed' on my blg!
and yess I am ok now!

mani#!,#2....#20: hehe..tujhe toh reply karr diya!! alag se especially tujhe:D
I dunt give up that easily:D

nivindya: comment gayab??
:O :O
yeh kya ajuuba hai???
mein toh nonsense ho gayi!

arun: thankooo, I am gllad you like my rubbish!
*MW takes a bow*
and yess..
welcome to my blogggg!!!

kishley: and wat are the things you wud want to do, if there were no constraints???
bataiye plz!

!xobile said...

how fortunate I am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ek reply sirf mere liye!!!
wow! wow!!!!

mera autograph chaheye kisi ko ??

Shekhar said...

Since there is no option for a comment on the next post, so posting a comment here. :))

I guess lots of people need to take a break. Both, you and I. God bless.

ranjan said...

I want to a cannonball :D [Time you started listening to Savage Garden :))]

Raam Pyari said...

mani:haan haan sirf tere liye,baby tubelight!

shekhar: you sound dukhi-dukhi :(

I hope i am rong!

ranjan:tumhi kabhi ga karrr suna dena!:P

Raam Pyari said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Suds said...

Hey sis wht is this... Baapre itna saab ek sath soachegi toh kaise chalega..:) Enjoy

Suds said...

Hey sis wht is this... Baapre itna saab ek sath soachegi toh kaise chalega..:) Enjoy

MW said...

sudhir bhaiya ab no more useless ka sochana -wochana!
ab mein sudhar gayi!