Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Cannot Sleep...

Well, I am damn tired, my eyes are heavy and I yawn a dainty yawn once in a while..but I am not able to sleep.So, i thought I will blog for some time...hopefully I shall bore myself asleep by writing something really brain dead here....
Now i was supposed to untag myself, you see Sumit ( use cut paste here for the two links in this post...the rubbish thing is not working on my blogger!!!..grrrrr) has tagged me..but my brain is clogged, clogged big time! I can only speak rubbish right now, boring rubbish that will make me feel sleepy....
So, the tag shall be dealt with later...
OKay and by the way, I shall now take a liberty with a fellow blogger. I am going to put a link here without asking for the bollger's permission I hope he wont mind.
Read this (
It is simple and sans nonsense.
Interpret it the way you wish to.
Think of your own goals....
And see if it makes as much sense to you as it did to me.

And okay, this is NOT the rubbish I meant to write!!!!!!So now coming to soporific rubbish...
Well...It was sooooo windy tuday!!!I could barely manage my dress and my hair!:D

I love Ma's hands.I love the way her fingers taper...but what i love most are her feet!! I simply adore them!!
I don't care if they are dirty or muddy or anything I just adore them!!
Ma has a scientific reason for my abnormal fascination for her feet.
Me and my bhai are just an year apart hence Ma had a tuff time managing the two of us when we were real tiny!.When she had to put both of us to bed she wud pat my brother with her hands and me (since I was the older one) with her feet!!!

We never had the banal lullabyz...Mum made them up at the spur of the moment.I so totally recall them.Sometimes she would sing tables for us!
yess!two ki table, three ki table...hehe..
BUt most of the times she would sing songs that had a story.

They were stories sung by her, It always had either me or bhai or both of us in the lead.There would be animals who would come to us for help, where the bears and lions failed, me and bhai would rise to the occassion!!There would be dacoits we wud bash up, girls we wud help.No one who came for help was turned down , no matter how difficult it might be to face the monster all set to attack their village.

Then there was this story titled "Cigarette peene waali ladki "
yess!!(and it was not sung to us, it was like a normal story)

It was about this unruly girl who would not eat fruits , not listen to her mummy, and amongst other such horrific things, would also smoke cigarettes!!!
This story was reserved for the afternoons. Me and bhai would come back from school and Ma would tell us this story in parts each day as we ate our food. One steel plate.Full of daal chawal and sabzi and ma wud feed us with her hands.
No spoons .Ek kaur mera, ek bhai ka.
If we ate green vegetables the story wud be extended for five more minutes after lunch got over.

Sometimes I think of all the love my mother surrounds me and bhai with...
I can think of hundred things she did or does that make me feel loved.I owe so much of myself to her.I bug her at times. I don't make tea for her and she gets pissed off
When she is upset she pours her heart out to me. When I feel defeated, she is the one whom I go to. When my exams are round the corner she always gets this HUGE bag of chocolates for me so that i can munch on them whenever I feel like.She thinks that all the gundaz of this planet are plotting to kidnap her beautiful daughter.
She is the wisest person I know.
She is the wisest person for many people I know.
I can talk to her about soooo many things!
A guy wrote poetry for me???:O I will have a jolly good time telling Ma about it.
She'll tease me about guys.INfact lo and behold !!I also tease her about guys!!
I know that till Ma is with me I am never alone.
Me and Bhai
We were her world.
We are her world.
And all she wants in return is that both of us should love each other. Unconditionally.
Don't worry Ma, we dont say that to each other , we never will, i guess.But I love him and I know for a fact that he loves me .Infact I know that he loves me more than he loves you.

Take care


Shreyansh said...

I tried hard to find the rubbish, about which u so obsessively reiterated, in the post and the only rubbish I managed to find was the word itself. :)

A pleasant and cute post!

Shekhar said...

What a cute n silly post !! N hey, the silly part of it is the BIGGEST compliment. :D You are like so awesome in this post.

Aur oye ladki, you put up a link to my blog without my permission. What NONSENSE !! I'm bugged. Now, the next time I meet you, you owe me a BIIIIIIG chocolate.. *evil grin* he he he...

//Sometimes she would sing tables for us!

You're like soo made for this CAT preparation. Ha ha.'s are?

niv said...

well,that was a nice post.aunty zindabad!
dear aunty,thanku for pestering ruchi to feed me when i come over.thanku for all the chais.thanku for wishing i get a good hubby soon:).thanku for allowing ur daughter to be seen in my disturbing presence.i love you too aunty.:)

and you..i know u won't turn out nething like aunty..and what is this?you've stopped commenting on my posts?hmmm..
neway,gtg now.later..:)

MW said...

shreyansh : :)

shekhar: naah !!loved that post of yours:)

niv: ab boht ho gaya, aa jao:(

!xobile said...

arre aap to apni ma pe senti ho fultu..
yaar se jo mummy hoti hai na badi peculiar hoti hai... aur hamesha utna love karti hai jitna ham return nahi kar paate.. gussa bhi karti hai lekin poore time worry bhi karti rehti hai..

mai poochta hu mummy, aap aise kyu behave karte ho... to bolti hain kee beta tere ko nahi samajh aayega kabhi...

yaar se jo mummy hoti hai na badi peculiar hoti hai... but ayyo amma... sab se mast hoti hai...

niv said...

today is my last day at Levi's.ohh..i'm goin to miss this place..have actualy fallen in lov wid it..(in retrospect)
ok..will talk to u soon.
nd thnx for commentin on postz..hehe..i realy thot id lost my most reliable loyal commenter..sigh sigh.:)

Planck said...

Awww... that is such a sweet post...

Raam Pyari said...

beta zee: oyeee!!! inna sweet sa comment????
yeh kya hogaya??!!!!
meri mummy bhi yehi bolati hai, i thinks mummyz worldwide aisihi hoti hai!!!

niv: hehe...
innna wadda ilzaaaammm
naah !! I remain ur most faithful commenter!!
yeh haq mujhse mat cheeno!!!!

sneha: oohh hi sneha!!!!
nice to see u here!!!
me seez u too are an 'awwwww'-ing gurl!!

ranjan said...

ollie :), auntie ji and unki perfect daughter :), does auntie ji like pink as well :D ?

MW said...

nooooo mummy likes yellow!!
yellow yellow dirty fellow waala yellow!!!

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