Monday, March 13, 2006


I think she is a funny girl.....she knows that she is naive, believes people easily and she also knows that she would feel heart broken if someone would betray her trust.
No, nothing of that kind has happened to her.
gud for her:)
But she knows that she is too she has to be cautious.
This confuses her , befuddles her..
Sometimes she thinks that she ends up being too cautious ...then again she does not know...
she does not know...
I feel sorry for her.
I know she wishes like crazy that she were the i-dont-care types, but she is not.
She knows she is an emotional fool but she tries to make best of a miserable situation.
This irks her, irritates her, frustrates her..I know this for a fact.
I don't think she is a bad girl...and I wish her the best.
I think she needs to cheer up.She needs to be happier, cuz she has a lot to be grateful for.
and yess...
I also think she should think less....maybe she is indeed her happiest with her books, people scare her.
They so totally scare her.



!xobile said...
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!xobile said...

this reminds me very much of someone I know.. haha what a coincidence!


that girl shud think more and try not to be an escapist and should obviously trust less.. but she shouldn't worry for she'll know the traits of life when she needs to.. it is just that she must do exactly what she feels is right from inside.. and may that be believing others or not...

Shekhar said...


This girl sounds like me.

Raam Pyari said...

wat a coincidence na re????

//it is just that she must do exactly what she feels is right from inside

no yaar..she has no faith in her own decisions either...woh ladki total rubbish hai!!

shekhar :
these kind of ppl are okay fr ppl round them but bherry bad for themselves:(

Priyank said...

first of all tell me, what was it? a blog or guess-who-is-she type puzzle for your friends?

I think your she is actually s/he. as s/he has a bit of everyone of us.

Raam Pyari said...

priyank : hehe....naah re!!
lets just say..
she has a lot of me!!

ranjan said...

Hey MW :),

U know..its said a normal person uses less than 5% of his total brain-power...tussi toh above normal ho, par tension leke use kerne ka noo faayda !!!

!xobile said...

nahi re nahi!
apni decision nahi!
apni inner decision.. conscience kee..

woh kabhi galat nahi hoti ! kabhi bhi !

aise rubbish vubbish bolna nahi banta!

Shekhar said...


In sooth I know not why I am so sad...

But hey, I'm happy my existence has (hopefully) made you smile at some point in time.

Abhi said...

She believes people easily.
People scare her so much.

How can she trust people when they scare her ? Am sorry for being so analytical.Almost a manager.

Raam Pyari said...

ranjan: :(
sahi baat kahing, i know i know....but if it were as easy to do what u know to be right and proper... sigh*

putra: i know yaar..!!
theek ab se..
apane ko kabhi bhi rubbish nahi boling...unless boht hi jyadah kutch rubbish karring!

shekhar: sad kyuun hoying?????????????????

she is scared of people cuz she puts implicit trust in them , she gives them the power to hurt her...
but hopefully she will chnage now..
i hope she does:)

Anonymous said...

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