Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Silver Earwear

Pardon my all apparent insanity but thats what I call the stuff one wears in one's ears.
okay now moving on.....
A day ago I was speaking to my friend, Nivindya, and she was telling me how happy her mum was when she presented her with stuff she had bought with her own money on a recent trip.And that set off a chain OF thoughts ...
I have never earned money as yet.Okay I have , when I was very little , but I shall not go into the details coz then Mani will have a grand time pulling my leg,accusing me of being a 'Jackie'. Dont even ask me what a 'jackie ' is...

Anyways, thats not the point of the post.First salaries....
thats the point of this post.When you get your first salary ..mmmmm....it must be so awesome!!!!
You spend it on people who are most important to you!!A couple of people I know have started earning but only once someone has bought something for me with their first salary.
And how unexpected was that!.

Some of you might remember me talking about my neighbour's wedding.Lets call her di.
Di lived right across the street .We are on VERY friendly terms with her family. Now she is happily married to an engg who is minting loads of money, but then she was mostly broke.
She had just finished her Msc, Nutrition, when she got this real teeny , real real real teeny job.
It was to pay her real real real teeny as well.
This one evening , the day she had gotten her first salary, I was sitting cross- legged on my bed studying when she came in my room with a cheery

" Dekh mein tere liye kya layi!!!!!!!!!!"

In her hands she dangled a pair of silver ear ware.

" meri pehli salary se, tere liye",she said with the broadest smile.

Generally when someone gifts me something, I make it a point to let that person know how much I appreciate their gesture but at that time I cud hardly say a word.

Okay yeah! you all know how senti I can be, but I was really very very moved at that time, still am each time I think about it.
She was just a normal friend for me, who would bore me with stories of how she was sure that the shopkeeper was flirtng with her, but I must be atleast a teeny bit important for her cuz she spent a portion of her teeny salary on me!

THe ear ware is simple, not at all the very expensive types..but I was soo touched!!!
I think I gave her a hug...you know one has to hug all the time, aunties, cousins, blah and some more blah, but that was one of the few times when i hugged someone cuz I really really really wanted to....it was sooo sweet of her.
INfact I think if she had said something remotely senti that time i would have started to cry also!!!

See, you get a hundred crore and get a gift for a neighbour, fair enough, but you get a teeeeeeny salry and then too you manage to get something for a neighbour makes it SO much more special.That makes so special that that neighbour will sit and blog about it a grand two years later.:)

Thats the ONLY time someone got me something with their first salary.Second, third, fourth slaries dont matter that much.Although most people I know have started earning two people still remain!!
Latika and Bhai , both have yet to earn. Latika, if you are reading this, I hope certain things are clear to you!!ahem ahem...

So, that silver earwear is my most precious bit of jewellery...Its broken now, it broke some time back, so i cannot wear it, but I cannot possibly throw it. It stays with me in a pretty pink box which contains all my collection and it shall remain there for a long time....

Thank you , di,
Thank you.

heres a picture of the silver ear ware...

and yess...the red nail paint is in preparation for today's Holi. I dont use draculaish colours.*serious look*

and yess...I am guilty as charged of wearing bright yellow capris...they are my love:D

HAPPY HOLI!!!!!!!!!


Shekhar said...

Happy Holi hai ji...

MW said...

thankoo ji...

Shekhar said...

*whistles and then sings*

Yeh bholapan tumhara, yeh shararat aur yeh shaukhi,

Zaroorat kya tumhe talwaar ki, teeron ki, khanjar ki ?

Nazar bhar ke jise dekho, woh khud hi mar jaaye...


!xobile said...


arre good yaar..
aapko 1st sal se kisi ne gift diya.. ze to mast hai..
mere ko bhi kisi ne aaj tak 1st sal se gift nahi diya :(

khair anyways! mai khud hee apni 1st salary se khud ko gift de dunga!!
(and dont worry.. aapko bhi chahe woh bronze earwear hee kyu na ho)

waise hindi filim mien mast hota hai
hero ke naukri lagti hai (clerk shlerk types)
to woh apni pehle salary se
pitaji ke liye safari,
maa ke liye saari,
behen ke liye choodiya
aur chote bhai ke liye khilona laata hai.. yeh fix hota hai...
hehehe... aap kya karogi apni 1st sal ka ?

Raam Pyari said...

oyeeeee!!!! shekhar!!! mein hi miling tang kheechane ke liye???
sudhar jaa, sudhar jaa!!

putra: hehe..filmi scene max phunny hoying re:D
dekh , ab baat chaling toh i will say ki jab first salary miling toh mein tujhe bhi koi gift courier karring:)
agar chotu salary hoying toh gift bhi chotu hoying, but i know u wont mind:)
ab ek saal wait karring for ur gift:)

niv said...

umm..technical glitch.i havent startd earning as yet also.haven't recieved a salary ever.

Sumit Tada said...

Uaaaan *crying loudly*
Main itne dino baad tumhare blog pe aaya aur tumne abhi tak mera tag complete nai kiya?? lagta hai my tag wasnt good enuf....chalo koi baat nai ek aur tag haazir hai!!
Taking a cue from ur post.....
Write about five things that you will like to buy from ur first salary ;)

Shekhar said...

//jab first salary miling toh mein tujhe bhi koi gift courier karring

Uaaaan *crying*

Aur mujhe ?

Suds said...

Happy holi Sis. Hope u enjoyed holi.

Nice post, it reminded me of my first salary. Its been long time now. I guess 8-9 years.:) And u know the happiness u get seeing first salary is totally different from ones after that..:)


Raam Pyari said...

nivindya : arre noooooooo...not talking abt some beeg salary or anything of tat sort....this is just about the first time you get money in your hands cuz u did some work for any organistaion type of a thing:D
woh toh, u have done naa, as afr as i remembr, you toh did your internship also....maybe iam getting kaanfused but i gess u have...

shekhar: ek chocolate toh mil hi rahi hai!!! ab gift bhi chahiye???
lalach buri balaz hoying!!

shekhar: bala????? no bala is buri all are pretty;)

hehehe..i'll shuddup!! tumhe bhi gift!

sudir bhaiya :
happy holi, bhaiya:) :)

innne dinoh tak where were you???
no ataz and no pataz..and no new post also???

niv said...

sadly did not get paid for my internship.
but neway,i dnt consider myself as ever havin earned any money.
the day i do,well..the day i do..sigh.
just wantd to point it out to u coz u said u still know 2 ppl who havent startd earnin as yet.coz i havent started earnin as yet either.

Sumit Tada said...

U replied all ppl excpt me! *sob sob* *cant control tears in eyes*
If u dint like my tags, then i promise,wont tag u again....ok now???

pandora said...

ab main yahan attack kariing...boars still hoying and very jaldi going....\:D/

and beautiful post bhi hoying...salary abhi door hai..filhaal toh number pakadne hain :D

Shekhar said...

Ha ha. Mujhe pre-empt kar diya !!

Koi nahi. Aur haan, mujhe sirf chocolates bhi chalega, lekin bahut saara chahiye. (Am I not sounding like a greedy glut?) :D

Raam Pyari said...

sabse pehle sumit.

sumit: sorry sorry sorryo soryy sorry sorry sorry sorry
sorry...*pauses*sorry sorry sorryo soryy sorry sorry sorry sorry
sorry....*pauses*sorry sorry sorryo soryy sorry sorry sorry sorry
sorry.pauses*sorry sorry sorryo soryy sorry sorry sorry sorry

Raam Pyari said...

2nd numbr parr bhi sumit:
dunno how i did nt reply to you!!!!!!!!!
am sorry yaar!!!!!

Raam Pyari said...

3rd number par bhi sumit:D

your tag shall be honoured tonite itself!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kal subah chek karna.tag hazir hoga:D

ab no tears naaa???chalo......jaldi se smile karring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sumit Tada said...

Arey baap rey!! U can giv me tough competetion in being senti!!
Nai baba ab no tears........Only smiles :) :) :) :) :)
Aur haan kya tum saara din online rahti ho?? Itni jaldi replies!
Mujhe lagta thaa ek mere paas hi faltu time hai....
Chalo no issues no :))
BTW, from the counter on my blog, i can guess that u do visit it occasionally but...thode aur comments ho jaate to.....

Raam Pyari said...

Nivindya: the day you....arre simple ..u go and buy grand stuff for me!!!!!!

chotu singh: oyeeeeee!!!!
welcome hoying re, welcome hoying!!!!

boras finsh hone ko aaying, yeh toh gud hain....boraz ke nipatane parr boht khushi hoying naa???
aagey kya karane ka irada hai??
maths/bio..kutch decide karring ya abhi too early hoying???

shekhar: kripaya next post padhe, aapko samajh mein aayega ki apko chocolatess bheji jaayengi!!:D

sumit: done , tag done hoying,and still 20 mins for the day to end:D

VF said...

the gift is as beautiful as the hand holding it :D

Raam Pyari said...

Moonwalker blushes.

ranjan said...


I really cann say anything w/o getting into controversy..ab toh tum samajh hi gayi hogi :)..

Btw, woh ear-rings, aur woh haath aur woh yellow capris..kya kehne :P