Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Tagged again !!!

Everything on my screen is bloated right now!And i dont wish to do yenithing about it.No I do not!
Okay, okay.. I shall not sulk here although mood toh boht hai sulk karane ka...

Anywayz, as the title of this post rightfully sayz, i have indeed been tagged again. This time by Fellow Martian , Shekhar.
Yess, in case you are wonderiing, both of us are from Mars (many of you wonder which city i am frm , now atleast you have the right planet!!) and it is in the memory of the time we spent together in the gallis and mohallas of Mars that I am honoring this tag the moment i could lay my hands on some time....Apane Mars ki yaad mein..*faraway, thoughtful look*

^^&%$%$%#@## ,
!@#@$#^&^*&* ,

I just said something very very wise and profound in Hiloip, our language there, I see Shekhar nodding his head, wondering how i always manage to say such brilliantly wise things. Its okay, Fellow Martian, I am known to do great things.

Coming to the tag, I am supposed to list a few things I hate. A lot of people who have been tagged have described things that they do not like, but we Martians, aah..well...happen to be different...
So i'll talk only about things i usual this is going to be an impromtu post so once again you guys get ready to bear badddd grammar and horrendiz spellings.

1.I hate people who take bribes.I really do, cheating the system, making money the wrong way..all this does not go down well with me.This one time , this guy came to check the electricity meter at our place and he offered to reduce reading by a huge amount.My Dad had to just ask him how he would go about it for me to burst into unstoppable tears(i was in class 7 then). I knew if my father would let the guy do this I would never be able to like my father and that broke my 13 yr old heart.
Some jobs do not pay much.It is okay to not have the most expensive diamonds.....thoda hai toh koi probs nahi. Thode ki hi zarorat hotti hai

Anyways my father told that guy to buzz off , so I can happily like him:) Not like the guy, you earthlings (!!!!!! ufff!!!!)like my father!!!

2.I hate arguments.Not only vicious , acerbic, caustic ones but normal ones also wherein loads of chillana goes on.I cannot stand it. Most of the time I run away from any situation that has any potential of leading to an argument.

3. I hate noise.Like today in the morning , when I was studying in my room , I simply could not bear the sound of the TV in the other room, Dad talking on the phone in the lobby.I clamped my ears shut and switched off the TV and closed my room before i could breathe easy again.......

4.okay, let me be a bit honest here, i hate doing badly in exams..:( I simply loathe it....but *deep sigh!* my results are expected any time now and ...*anuder deep sigh*

Okay no more air left in my lungs .Time to breathe in!!!!

5.I hate seeing Ma unhappy.I cannot bear it.Simple.

6.I hate tanned feet.I dont have nay problems with other people with tanned feet but i dont like them myself.

Now since i ahve been living on Earth, amidst you earthlings, some of ur earthipana has rubbed off on me!!!!!!!
So I'll just mention one thing I dislike. Okay I obvioulsy dislike many things but I'll mention only one here.
I totally dislike flirts.Nothing puts me off as much as flirts.I somehow find most of them extremelt insincere and sincerity is something I more than cherish.....

Hmmm...yeh toh ho gaya..cannot think of naything else for the time being....
But i wish to write more.....hmmm...well things are getting a bit crazy on my front here.I hardly seem to have much time on my hands these days.....and I so totally hate it!!!!I ahve been feeling a bit tired off late, infact I set the alarm for a religious five a.m yesterday. Got up at 5, studied till 5:30.
Said "what the hell!!" to myself and went bak to sleep only to get up at 10 followed by a mad dash for a class that begins at 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am so damn tired even right now!!!Its like i can sleep , sleep , sleep and sleep some more.

I wonder why i cant say something like" hey, Mr Watch,why dont you stop working for the next 2 hrs while I catch up on some sleep???"

I have not even read Hindu for the past 3-4 days!!!I have no idea where the hours go..:(..I dont remeber watching any TV other than about one hour of Black this other day( It was juts soooooooo awesome!!!) and this the first time in 2-3 days that i am online for more than half an hour

Anyways next 2-3 dys are going to be light and if my schedule is tight then it is coz I made choices that make it this way.Many , many people are millionz of times more busy than I am! So not a big deal! right??!!

Chalo, I think I'll read something today, its been a while since I read a book and I can finish something in the next 2-3 days as well.....

Haan....who do i tag????
2.Shreyansh: this would ensure another post!!!inne dino se nahi likha hai!
3. Amit: Cuz I laffed the loudest I have in recent times when i read his "Allah meharbaan toh gadha bhi pehalwaan"
Btw, this other day some one said something in college to which I intended to say this only...its a completely differnt matter that i ended up saying:

Gadha meharbaan to allah bhi pehalwaan!

May the holy Light of Planet Mars guide you all!


Shekhar said...

Ekdum understanding what u writing in angreji n mars ki 'hamari' waali bhasha. Jug jug (not opposite of balti balti, 'ug' as in suraj 'ug'a...) jiyo. me thoda sa incoherent becoz sleeping 7 hrs in past 48; alive n sleeping sone jaaying. khuda khair karing.

jhamura said...

Bache... if you had passed this tag to me, I'd say only 1 line
"I love to love and I hate to hate".

Suds said...

Hey MW, Is is possible to transfer sleep. I mean, U know I cannot sleep. I am awake almost till 2-3am and then getup and go to office at 7:00am. I wish I could sleep like u...:)

"thoda hai toh koi probs nahi. Thode ki hi zarorat hotti hai" How true. :) That was a touching incident.:) Enjoy

Shreyansh said...

U passed on the tag to me.
With exams round the corner , it will take me some time to come up with a comprehensive list.

Btw , do something about point no.2 . Will help u in some IIM GDs. :)

abhinav said...

haha.teri sabse upar wali post hai na , wo padi.Most of the times , IIM , degrees , naukri , yeh sab career ka masala seems to make no sense to me.but then ma ka fone ata hai n i talk to her n the world looks so beautiful.I write a funny sms to a friend and she laughs and things look fine.So pata nahi life mein kya karunga n kya nahi , but life is in these million fr some big things u think will make life meaningful , but keep adding meaning to life in the thousands of moments u live every day.pata hain , i think even i need sleep now.

MW said...

yess, i hope khuda khair karing as well!!

jhamure :ek line mein tag ka answer???
oh me gawd!!
too much ho tussi!:D

sudhir bhaiya: hehe..leh lo, plz leh lo!!!

inna sone bhi nahi achcha hota hai!!!

shreyansh : yess!!
infact, u know i was about to write that in point no 2!!!!!
my mother keeps asking to be a bit more argumentative in case i really wanna get thru a gud b school!!
kya zamana aa gaya hai!
ma bolti hai beta , lad! thoda aur lad!
ATB for exams!
and yess plz take your time:)

abhi : yaar, abhi you always make sense!
some times my chotu sa brain puts up biig biig questions but even as i wz riting them down i realised that thetre wz no point in them....poochane se answer toh nahi hi milega naa...
and usual..
i totally agree with the concept of life being in a million pieces...
tum sahi bolate ho.

ranjan said...
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ruchi said...
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